NGCL Honors Juli Endee for Promoting Peace, Health and Culture

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Over the weekend, the National Governors’ Council of Liberia (NGCL) comprising traditional leaders, tribal chiefs and elders, honored Liberia’s Culture Ambassador and Executive Director of the Liberia Crusaders for Peace, Juli Endee, for her work in promoting peace, public health and culture in Liberia. Endee received her acclaim at a program held at Marvii Sonnii Public School in Clara Town, Monrovia.

Delivering a message from the governors’ council, NGCL executive James Mafarlon said that the council, during an executive meeting, unanimously voted to honor Ambassador Endee for the advocacy role she played during the height of the Ebola virus disease when she mobilized communities across the country to fight against the deadly virus.

Ms Endee through her Liberia Crusaders for Peace (LCP) is credited with encouraging traditional leaders and chiefs across the country to take the fight against Ebola seriously by spreading the prevention messages to their people.

The NGCL said in their statement that LCP was the first to reach out to their respective communities to encourage them to spread Ebola awareness and its preventive messages to all and “to specifically tell us that Ebola was everybody’s business and would require a concerted effort to eradicate it from the surface of the earth.”

“We recall how Ambassador Endee used her own money to teach us about Ebola prevention. And we carried that message to our people thereby increasing the level of awareness,” read the NGCL statement.

During the Ebola crisis the LCP in partnership with The Carter Center trained traditional leaders across the country, encouraging them to get involved in the dissemination of the Ebola sensitization messages because as traditional leaders their people greatly believe in them.

In her acceptance statement, Ambassador Endee expressed gratitude to the leadership of the NGCL for recognizing her role and those of others who fought against Ebola.

She used the occasion to caution the elders not to become complacent in their fight against Ebola, adding, “Though Ebola has ended, the need to continue the hand washing protocol put in place during the outbreak cannot be over emphasized.”

The Ambassador cautioned the elders to be mindful of how they handle their dead relatives until the entire sub-region is declared Ebola-free.

She said a peaceful and stable Liberia depends on the traditional leaders and the elders because they are the direct custodians of the country’s values and cultures.

Earlier, Montserrado County Electoral District #9 Representative Munah Pelham Youngblood underscored the importance of culture in any society.

She called on the government and its international partners to support the work of Ambassador Endee and the LCP.


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