Ngafuan Urges African Gov’ts to Prioritize Youth, Women Employment


Foreign Minister Augustine Ngafuan has expressed concern over political and economic problems and terrorist activities in some parts of Africa.

Minister Ngafuan registered his concerns over the weekend at celebrations marking the 54th anniversary of the African Union (AU) held under the auspices of the Liaison Office in Liberia.
He recalled the recent xenophobic attacks on fellow Africans by South Africans under the guise that the foreigners were taking over their jobs.

Minister Ngafuan described the actions by South Africans as ‘Africophobic’ that requires collective actions to discourage this behavior on the African Continent.
He also cited other instances of instability such as the disintegration of the Arab Republic of Libya, newly independent state of South Sudan, onslaught by Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria and Kenya by Al-Shabab.
Other areas of concern, Minister Ngafuan pointed out are the current political developments in Burundi and the high risk African voyage through the deadly Mediterranean Sea in their quest for greener pastures.
Commenting on the status of democracy in Africa, Minister Ngafuan reminded the assembly of diplomats that the presidential election held in the Federal Republic of Nigeria has elevated the democratic credentials of the African continent.

On women’s empowerment, Minister Ngafuan acknowledged that Liberia has demonstrated deep commitment by being the first nation in Africa to elect a female president in the full blown history of the continent.
He further added that troubling trends by African migrants dying in their hundreds while attempting to cross the Mediterrean Sea speaks volumes of the state of peace and security and youth employment in some parts of Africa.
He underscored the need for the African continent to begin addressing the embarrassing situation at every level by African leaders and other stakeholders.
He also stressed that African leaders and Africans themselves must go deep down into the root causes of the actual problems such as poverty and disease plaguing sectors of the African continent.

Minister Ngafuan asserted that many people living on the continent harbor the fear of armed conflicts as a result of joblessness. Many young people are vulnerable to unwholesome and deviant enticements.
He also cautioned that as Africans and their leaders aspire for development, Africans must ensure peace, security, youth employment, protection of rights of all persons on the continent.

He further called for Africans and their leaders to build institutions that would be not only respecter of man but the protector of the rule of law.
He further noted that Africans and their leaders must ensure technological advancement in order to consolidate the legacy of freedom of the African continent.

He also extolled the excellent and exemplary roles and assistance of several financial institutions and support in the unwavering fight against the just eradicated deadly Ebola virus disease from the country.
Minister Ngafuan named such institutions as African Development Bank (AfDB), World Bank, United States Agency for International Development, China, Nigeria, Ethiopia, United States of America, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and dozens of international medical agencies.
He on behalf of the government extended thanks and appreciation for financial and material contributions of partners in the fight against Ebola.


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