Neyor Launches L$1M Shakie Kamara Scholarship in West Point

(L-r) Shakie’s Grandmother, Eva Kamara, Mr & Mrs Neyor others displaying a symbolic check_web.jpg

The chief executive officer and president of Morweh Energy Group in Liberia, Mr. Christopher Zeohn Neyor,  has launched the Shakie Kamara Memorial Scholarship Fund with LD$1 million as initial startup in West Point.

The scholarship begins from ABC through 12 grades and will operate on consciousness and the sphere of larger society.

Little Shakie Kamara, now known as the "West Point shooting victim,” died as a result of the severe injury he sustained during the August 20th, 2014 riot that broke out between the joined-Security Forces of the government of Liberia and residents of West Point, which was Ebola-quarantined.

The 16-year old Shakie was shot in his legs by one of the bullets while trying to escape. 

Mr. Neyor, who spoke last Tuesday during the establishment of the Scholarship Fund in West Point, told the audience that: “West Point has been hit hardest in this ravaging war against the deadly Ebola epidemic. A casualty of the West Point Ebola Quarantine was the untimely death of a teenager, Shakie Kamara, who was not even yet of voting age. This was a young man who had gone on an errand like most children of his age and was caught in a shootout.”

Neyor, who is an energy expert said: “We have come to identify with West Point in the fight against the Ebola virus that is taking a toll on our land. We have come to stand by West Point during this moment of pain and reflection from your quarantine nightmare. We have come to mourn with West Point for the loss of a youth who had all the possibilities of life before him. We have come to memorialize and immortalize Shakie Kamara.”

In attendance were the families of Shakie Kamara and Titus Nuaha, the other teenager who received a bullet in the stomach and is fighting for his life.

In his passionate speech, the Morweh Energy boss further stated, “We have also come to stand with the family of Titus Nauha, another victim of that devastating shootout, who is fighting for his life. We want to stand with the family so that  this young can live.”

He told the gathering, “Shakie Kamara and Titus Nauha represent the plight of our young children in slum communities and rural villages who are our future, but for whom so little is being  done to prepare them for that future.”

Mr. Neyor said launching the Shakie Kamara Memorial Scholarship Fund was a way of contributing to a new direction to rescue the children.

For her part, Attorney Tupee Enid Neyor, wife of Dr. Neyor presented purse of LD$50,000.00 to the Shakie Kamara family for sustainability and also presented additional LD$20,000.00 to Titus family for urgent medical care on behalf of the Neyors.

Mrs. Neyor then pledged to work with the family to get the wounded young man out of Liberia if necessary to save his life.

Meanwhile, Liberia Cultural Ambassador Julie Endee, executive director of Crusaders for Peace, who is a collaborating partner with Morweh Energy, presented a check of LD$50,000.00 to assist with the medical costs for Titus Nuaha.


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