‘New’ University Launched Salala

Mr. Brian Smith poses with TNU president, Dr. Sonpon.

To arrive at the objective that education is neither a finite process nor can be initiated at the morning bell and terminated at dismissal, the Taongi National University (TNU), a world-class university with an aim to provide quality education for Liberians from across the 15 counties, was over the weekend launched in Salala, Bong County, District #6.

According to its brochure, the TNU is a world-class university on the horizon, working very hard to meet and exceed global academic excellence. The TNU, which is based in Liberia, is accredited by the International Education Professional Accreditation Association and is also an affiliate of many top world-class universities. The university system provides for Baccalaureate, Masters and Doctorate Degree Programs in many disciplines.  Accordingly, it has already met the necessary requirements the National Commission on Higher Education has set; henceforth, it is accredited to operate in any part of the country.

TNU will offer degree programs in many areas of disciplines, encompassing a wide range of education levels and interests. The university, according to Brian Smith, the special envoy of the Prime Minister of the state of Dominion, Melchizedek (DoM), is to explore opportunities for business that would be beneficial to partners and the Liberian people.

DoM is an Ecclesiastical, Sovereign, Independent society having a Dictatorial Monarchy based on the rule of law and fundamental principles of brotherly love and peaceful co-existence with all societies within the family of nations and its peoples. The Melchizedek people seek to enhance its integration and recognition across the globe as well as continue cooperative efforts to work with all societies as the world move into the future.

The Prime Minister of the DoM is the head of state and the head of executive power. He/she shall care for the interests of the people, safeguard the independence of the society and the territorial integrity and safety of its sovereignty, abide by the provisions of the charter, and assume the authorities as prescribed in that charter.

The DoM’s politic system is structured with three branches of government so that all internal and international agreements, accords, and treaties are properly and effectively executed.

Mr. Smith said after a series of discussions with the Liberian government, legislators, and citizens to understand the area of business opportunities, education, agriculture and energy for sustainability were highlighted prior to launching the program over the weekend.

He said the immediate priorities for TNU were agricultural production and safe drinking water that will be “affordable for residents in Salala.”

Smith said that the project, established in Liberia, will be supported by members of the Dominion state, non-governmental organizations, the International Education Professional Accreditation Association (IEPAA) and other humanitarian individuals.

He strongly believes that education, as a fundamental human right, gives rise to stakeholders to do all in their power to ensure that people understand the importance and value of education.

Mr. Smith extended gratitude to the people of Salala for the traditional welcome and promised to keep their plight in mind.

TNU president Dr. Mike M. Sonpon called on the people of Salala to work cooperatively for the overall growth and development of the institution, “because it will first benefit the residents before extending across the country.”

Dr. Sonpon said the university has an international standard and is affordable for every parent, to ensure that their children are prepared for future job market.

He said the presence of TNU in lower Bong County will increase the competition and also help other higher learning institutions improve their services.

The TNU, he said, was established after observing that there is a huge illiteracy rate across the country; and they understand that Liberia can only be developed through a sound foundation of education.

He added, “Developing the minds of the young people is the only way Liberia can be on par with other developing nations.”

Bong County Senator Henry Yallah said the establishment of the university in Salala is an answer to the many years of prayers the residents have been offering to the Most high for a higher learning institution to be established in the district, to answer to the demand of the growing number of school-age up-coming youth.

Senator Yallah has pledged an initial scholarship support of 30 prospective students to attend the TNU.

As a mark of appreciation, residents gowned Mr. Smith and named him “Kolleh,” which means white person in the Kpelle language.


  1. From: F. Hney

    To: The People Of Liberia

    Re: Please Be Careful

    Date: 9-10-19

    Dear Fellow Liberians:

    Please be very, very careful as you deal with the TNU University. Take a minute or two to do a background check on the status of the State of Dominion and its founders.

    Thanks for your usual cooperation.

    F. Hney

  2. Right on!
    We’ve got tons of problems in our country. But, education is needed because a majority of the people are uneducated. If illiteracy continues unchecked, the illiterates who are in the majority, will make the country’s important decisions. That could devastate the country’s outlook for a very long time. We need reputable colleges and universities. We certainly don’t need institutions of higher learning that have a suspicions origin. My observation is in no way intended as an insult. However, the truth must be told. I cannot go any further on this subject. I don’t want to be accused of badmouthing the institution.

  3. This Dominion of Melchizedek is a non-existing country founded by a convicted felon, David Pedley. The country is essentially a rock that’s submerged beneath the South Pacific for a good portion of the day due to rising tides. The “Country” and it founders are well know for bank and financial fraud. Their “passport” is banned in every country in the world. I’m surprised that their “Prime Minister” would be allowed to visit Liberia – supposedly on the passport of the Dominion of Melchizedek. For its part, Taongi National University (TNU) is a world class diploma mill.

    The moment the Government of Liberia begin to communicate with the “country”, they document that as a recognition of their sovereignty. This is a fraud “Country” that is deeply rooted in banking and financial crime with a “world class diploma mill” (come let go get degree). If anyone from the NHEAL is reading this post, please do not grant accreditation to this Diploma Mill and if anyone from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is reading this post, please do not accord this “country” any recognition.

  4. A wise person once said, “A teacher affects eternity: he can never tell where his influence stops.”

    No doubt, there is a need for more quality education and more accredited higher institutions of learning in Liberia. However, it should not come at the expense of The Liberian Ministry of Education not doing their due diligence before accrediting an unknown religious institution to award post-secondary degree.

    A thorough background check of religious institution like Taongi National University (TNU) and other wealthy donors should not take advantage of Liberia’s poor economic status by establishing unaccredited institutions in Liberia to award Bachelors, Masters, and PhDs programs in Liberia. Let not Liberia devalue its already weak education system.

    In this new era of technology, I would advise the appropriate authority at The Liberian Ministry of Education, who are responsibility for authenticating degrees and awarding accreditation for higher education, to do their due diligence by looking deeper into this new university, Taongi National University (TNU), which is on the verge of being established in Salala, Lower Bong County of Liberia as a higher degree granting institution in Liberia.

    After doing some exhaustive research, does this newly established institution really meets the necessary criteria to be granted a university status in Liberia? If so, what standards were applied for them to obtain a Higher Education Accreditation Status as a University to operate in Liberia? What really is this: “The International Education Professional Accreditation Association (IEPAA)”? Is this an authentic accreditation?

    Taongi National University (TNU) so-called accreditation status (IEPAA) is found nowhere among the list of Higher Education Accreditation in the United States.

    I found out that the Chancellor of Taongi National University (TNU), is one Dr. Dewey E., Ph.D. FMC. It is very difficult of find information on him, or the Taongi National University except that he formerly headed a non-existing university called Freedom University and Seminary. From Google search, Dr. DeWey E. Painter Sr. is also listed as CEO of Mission Harvest America Inc. a non-profit organization with a P. O. Box in Jacksonville, Florida.

    I discovered from Taongi National University website, that Dr. Mike Sonpon has a Master’s degree in Systematic Theology and a Master Degree in Philosophy of Religion from Bethel Institute of Theology and Biblical Research, Osun state, Nigeria. He also has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology from Central University College, Accra, Ghana. Dr. Mike Sonpon was also awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Letters from the same Taongi National University which he is now purported to head as President…..very interesting indeed.

    Let’s not deprive our poor brothers and sisters in Liberia from obtaining quality education they deserve no matter their economic status. They are Liberia’ future. Our children need to be train well today in whatever field of their endeavors: be it STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), agriculture or the humanities.

    As the wise man said, “A teacher affects eternity: he can never tell where his influence stops.”

    Do your part Ministry of Education!!!!

  5. OMG , what’s actually wrong with Liberia? This is a SCUMBAG University from no where. Dominion of Melchizedek (DoM) doesn’t even exist , these are well known fraudster who are seeking recognition . Beware of the endtime!


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