New Senators: Tokpa Promises Collaboration, Joseph to Hold Concessionaires Accountable

Senators Joseph and Tokpa.

Authorities of the National Elections Commission (NEC) yesterday (August 13) officially certificated Senators (Dr.) Henrique Flomo Tokpa of Bong County and Saah Hardy Joseph of Montserrado County as provided for by the New Elections Law of Liberia.

At yesterday’s ceremony, Dr. Tokpa said that his duty at the Senate will not be tied around any selfish agenda, but the interest of the people of Bong County and the country at large.

“I will do my best to demonstrate my sincere commitment to ensuring that my good dreams for Bong are fulfilled. I understand the challenges and the numerous difficulties associated with politics at all levels, but what I can assure the people of Bong is that with God on our side, we shall succeed,” he said amid a thunderous applause from the audience.

He said contrary to Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor’s claim that he will oppose all of the ruling CDC’s plans for development or whatever, he has expressed his unflinching support to the Coalition and the opposition political parties for any agenda item that may seek to provide for the welfare of the nation.

“I am a Liberian first, and a son of Bong County, second. Bong is a political sub-division of Liberia, and as such, my concern is to work for the common good of my country through this popular mandate from my fellow Bong County people. I will not be a disappointment to those who have reposed confidence and trust in me to serve,” Tokpa said.

He defeated Representative Marvin Cole of the ruling CDC and four other contestants in the July 31 Senatorial By-elections in Bong County.

He promised that his paramount concern is that harmony, through development, will be the overriding element in his political career.

Saah Joseph, who won the Senatorial By-election while serving his role as sitting Representative of Montserrado District #13, promised to ensure that the delivery of basic social services for his people is not a day dream short of actuality.

“It will be my commitment at all times to ensure that the companies operating in Montserrado are encouraged to provide the social corporate benefits that belong to the people,” Joseph said.

He said that the quest, which took him to the House of Representatives is the same quest that drove him to the Upper House (Senate).

“I am not into this business because I want everything for myself, my family and friends; not that I want any lion’s share of our country’s wealth, while the majority of our fellow citizens suffer. What I have sought and continue to seek is improved living condition for every citizen,” Senator Joseph said.

He assured the people of Montserrado and the country at large that he will not fail to deliver on his promises.

“It is my prayer that more funds are made available to all government ministries and agencies, so as to allow them do well for our country. We will continue to lobby for support to the education sector  to allow our children learn under conducive conditions. We will always stand by the health sector as we have always done,” he reassured.

While delivering the certificates to Tokpa and Joseph, NEC Chair, Cllr. Jerome Kokoya, called on the two senators not to let the hopes and aspirations of their people go down the drain.

“In your able hands the people have entrusted their power. Use it wisely and deliver on your commitments as assured during political campaign days. Be the agents of change you would love to see in others that you will be serving,” Kokoya told the duo.

He expressed gratitude that there was no complaint from anywhere accusing the Commission of any wrongdoing during the conduct of the By-elections in the two counties.

With the certificates awarded, Tokpa and Joseph are now at liberty to begin their official duties at the House of Senate in keeping with the Constitution.


  1. We ‘ll pray that you succeed with such good plans and attitudes; but know senator that it is going to be a big And tough fight for you. Do you know why?, cause you are going to be like one good apple trying to survive in a basket of rotten ones.The lawmakers are only intend on securing their $15,000 plus salary with benefits while Liberia is falling apart. Their stealing has no limit, they steal from our poor people cause when we send our hard -earned money, they got the nerve to take 25% of it in US$dollars and giving worthless Liberian dollars to our people.It is not sitting well with us at all.Onething not to care about the people, but stealing from them is taking it to the lowest level.SHAME ON THEM!!! Oh sorry they don’t know such thing as shame,do they?

    • The native sons and daughters who are running the country today are worse than the Congau people who ran the country. Unfortunately, our indigenous citizens who blamed the Congau for their plight have now realized that their own kind are worse offenders. Liberians don’t trust their leaders and it’s terribly unfortunate. Where do we go from here? Who knows…all bets are off.

      • Mr. George, please stop the division. The 18 Congaus that ran Liberia from 1847 did promote division socially, economically and politically. Many seniors that are knowledgeable of Liberian leaderships, starting from the Tubman’s Administration to the Tolbert’s Administration saw the divisions. The NATIVES were marginalized socially and politically. Primary Education was divisive. Natives’ children were unable to attend certain schools in Liberia due to high cost TUITIONS. Political POSITIONS were limited to the Natives. For examples, the Natives were only given local political Positions, like Clan and Paramount Chiefs and the Natives Chiefs had their owned MANSION, where the President would meet them for few MINUTES and later returned to the Congaus’ Mansion. It was late in the 1900s that few Paramount Chiefs were allowed in the Liberian House of Representatives. Sir, the Congaus did not intend to develop Liberia base divisions and the Nation present conditions from 1847. Yes, I agree that due to low education, the Natives are below standard politically to govern Liberia. It will take years before this can be realized.

  2. Legislatures in democratic countries are for all intents and purposes the most important branch of government; hence principled, responsive, effective, and accountable legislators are the surest bet for good governance, tranquility. and unity. Perhaps, your first order of business, gentlemen, is to work toward further rationalization of government’s expenditure by helping reduce bonanza compensations of the few in the upper echelons while pervasive poverty destroys our people in many ways. Granted that unfulfilled promises by politicians are staple universally, in a fragile, factional, and fractious Liberia, ours must individually make a difference, even sacrifice – congratulations, Senators Joseph and Tokpa!


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