New Sanitation Company Created


Three young Liberian professionals have started a new company to help address the country’s sanitation problem, which is an issue that has plagued millions living and working in communities around the country and overwhelmed the capacity of government and the existing private contractors involved.

The PMG Sanitation Incorporated, which derives its name from the first names of Prince Penbaa, Morgan S. Kiawu and George K. Sirleaf, was launched over the weekend in Paynesville, outside Monrovia with several high profile officials attending.

During the launch, Mr. Sirleaf, acknowledged that the sanitation situation in the country is appalling and Liberians need to help government in its fight to make Monrovia a clean city.

He warned that the situation is very critical due to the exposure of the public to “human wastes splashing all over the streets in the communities as well as along the banks of the rivers surrounding Monrovia.”

Based on these conditions, the PMG will introduce a new way of collecting garbage from communities and will provide garbage containers to institutions and businesses in Monrovia to enhance the collection of their wastes, Mr. Sirleaf said.

“We actually brought this idea a month ago because of the waste management issue existing in our communities. We are trying to introduce a new system of garbage collection in the country because we understand that other people are collecting garbage, but we want to introduce a different method of the garbage collection,” assured Mr. Sirleaf.

According to him, the present method of garbage collection was not giving residents the desired results, “that is why we came together as young people to introduce a new system of collecting the refuse including providing education for community dwellers.”

Mr. Sirleaf said the PMG will be deeply involved in the collection of garbage, with a main focus on how to recycle the plastics as one other new method to help clean Monrovia and make it a green environment.

“We are not going to charge anyone to collect their garbage, but whatsoever they have, they can contribute to the growth of the company, because we cannot sit here all the time looking up to government and international partners for help without getting involved in our own development,” he said.

He called on young people in Paynesville, Gardnersville, and West Point to support the initiative.


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