New Radio Station Opens in Ganta


Ganta, the commercial hub of Nimba County, has once again been blessed with a new development package, this time with a new radio station called Radio Slehtorwon (a Dan expression meaning ‘for the sake of our land’

Radio Slehtorwon is situated directly opposite Radio Kagheamahn (RKFM), using the Lone Star Cell relay tower in Blagaypa, on the outskirts of Ganta.

The launch of the station, according to its management, comes in the wake of the holding of the 2017 presidential and legislative elections. But the idea that birthed the station, the management said, is to boost communications in the commercially booming city.
The birth of Radio Slehtorwon, which was spearheaded by the political movement of businessman turned politician Benoni Urey’s All Liberian Party (ALP), now brings to four the number of radio stations in the community.

During the test transmission on Saturday, June 11, the local chairperson of ALP, Bob Yini, said the station is open to all, regardless of political affiliation.

According to Mr. Yini, the party decided to open the station to serve as its mouthpiece, as well as for members of other political parties.

The range of Radio Slehtowon’s coverage has not been established, neither has it been assigned a frequency, but its reception nonetheless goes up to 20 kilometers from Ganta.

The financier of Radio Slehtorwon, Mr. Urey, began his political movement in Nimba County in 2013 with the launch of a controversial loan program, which nearly ended in dispute, following the failure of the movement to provide the promised loans on time. The movement ended up asking loan seekers to take ID cards that cost about L$600.

The controversy over the loan program brought Mr. Urey’s political interest in Nimba County to near total disrepute, as those who were compelled to take the ID cards were eventually disqualified from securing the promised loan.

Despite the failure of the loan scheme, the ALP Nimba County Chapter has constructed some culverts in most of the alleys in Ganta, thereby enhancing free movement of goods and services across the city.

The coming of the new radio station is likely to reawaken ALP’s popularity in the county, as it will serve as a medium to effectively communicate its messages thereby giving the party much needed political relevance in the area.

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