New ORANGE Promo Aims to Prove Network Strength


ORANGE LIBERIA has unveiled a new promotion, which the company says will encourage and reward customers who are using its voice and data services at certain points of the day as a way of demonstrating the full strength and capacity of the company’s network and its ability to handle unprecedented loads while improving quality.  The new promotion will give participating customers daily bonus credits and, once per month, one customer will walk away with a brand new vehicle.

ORANGE LIBERIA’S Chief Executive Officer Mamadou Coulibaly stated that his company is confident in the capacity of its network because of significant investments of more than 70 million United States dollars in network infrastructure in the last three years.

“We have made massive investments in coverage availability and quality, deploying more than one hundred sites across the country. Out of Montserrado, we have extended our coverage of voice and data services, notably bringing 4G-LTE in ten cities. In Montserrado, the densification of the network has improved services availability.

“After buying a new spectrum, an additional 4G-LTE dedicated network based on TDD technology has been deployed to offer high-speed fixed broadband services for homes and businesses with great quality. All these network investments have been complemented by an important investment in fiber to connect our sites as well as our customers and we are proud to say that we are the only mobile operator to roll out its own fiber in the country, developing long-term country infrastructure,” Mr. Coulibaly said.

He added that the company’s investments were a clear indicator that it remains a market leader on the Liberian telecommunications landscape and this comes first with a leadership on the network.

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Mr. Noel Chateau highlighted that the new promotion was being called the “Right on the dot” promotion. He explained that to participate and win prizes, Orange Liberia’s customers simply needed to make a call or activate a data session at the top of the round hour, at any of the 24 hours of the day.   Customers who made a successful call at the top of the hour that is answered by another customer would automatically receive a bonus of $2 credit to be used the next day. The credits would be divided between both the caller and the receiver, each of them receiving $1.

He explained that like the call credit bonus, subscribers who entered a 4G data session on the dot of an hour would receive 100 MB, with 50MB for themselves and 50MB to share with another subscriber of their choice.  Subscribers on 3G data services would receive 50 MB, with 25 MB for themselves and 25 MB to share with another subscriber of their choice, if they started browsing at the exactly at the top of the hour.

Mr. Chateau elaborated that the vehicle grand prize would simply go to the customer with the highest number of calls placed at the top of the hour, or the highest number of data sessions started at the top of the hour.  “Each time you hit the target of calling or entering a data session at the top of the hour, you receive one point,” explained Chateau, “at the end of the promotion period the individual who has received the most points drives away with the brand new vehicle. We will give away various models of different brands as the promotion is set to last several months.”

Observers note that Orange is taking a bold and unprecedented step to show off the capacity of its network by inviting an unrestricted number of subscribers to tap into the network and play massively with it during day and night.


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