New Online Platform for Auto Spare Parts in Liberia

Auto Parts Union members and iCafe boss, Caesar Morris after the launch of the platform.

In an effort to cater to vehicle owners looking for quality and affordable new and spare auto parts in the country, the chief executive officer (CEO) of iCafé, Caesar Morris, has unveiled a new online platform just for that.

The platform,, is a community service marketplace designed to help vehicle owners to easily buy vehicle parts from anywhere in the country. It also provides assistance with the vehicle registration/driver’s license application process as well as other useful information relating to vehicles.

According to Morris, the launch of the online spare parts platform is expected to solve and eliminate some of the challenges previously faced by vehicle owners when procuring genuine spare parts in Liberia.

Morris, who is a renowned information technologist, said currently there is no online auto part store in Liberia.

“Their inventory is not known by the public so vehicle owners’ mechanics go door-to-door looking for needed vehicle parts. Those are some of the contributing factors to traffic congestion in this city.

“As a company we thought it was important to help enhance the auto parts market by streamlining the vehicle parts search process using information technology.

“We want to make buying vehicle parts in Liberia easy and effective, thereby helping to reduce traffic congestion and give vehicle owners the competitive advantage on price and quality,” said Morris.

How the system works

Morris said vehicle owners can log on to the  website from their mobile phones or computers and complete the auto part order form.

After completing the form, Morris said the system then sends the vehicle owner’s request to all auto parts dealers via WhatsApp, adding, “Now anyone can easily find vehicle parts in Liberia using their smart phone or computer.”

The auto parts dealer/s with the available stock would then respond with the price and location; this same information is also sent back to the vehicle owner who made the request.

Morris said the app auto parts store owners use to take photos is called What3word photo and can be downloaded from play store.

Launching the new online service on Saturday, January 3 in Clara town, Morris said the internet has become an essential tool for marketing and advertising.

“A business can present itself to customers with the use of a website or online advertisements. Many businesses now use the internet as a means of making customers aware of their current promotions. This can be very beneficial to businesses that are targeting a younger audience,” he added.

He said that the internet also promotes development and enhances efficiency, “it’s not just for posting a photo on social media. It can be used for education – Liberians can be in Liberia and study in any part of the globe via the internet; health – Liberians can get world-class medical help (prescription, diagnosis) from top doctors from around the globe; agriculture – Liberian farmers can access world-class education and information on technological advancement from around the globe.”

He added: “We are hopeful this administration will put most government services online, as soon as possible. Liberians should be able to apply for University of Liberia(UL) and other government schools online. Liberians should be able to complete the birth certificate registration form, driver’s license registration form online. This is not rocket science, it’s possible! Let’s get it done! It will enhance efficiency and transparency.”

With the new system, Morris said vehicle owners will save time and money, “as this system guarantees the best possible price.”

Commending the efforts put in place by Morris and his team, several representatives from the Auto Parts Union promised to work with him to ensure that their products are sold on online.


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