New Leaders Take over SASAFU


Salala, Sanoyea, and Fuamah Districts Development Solidarity (SASAFU) Incorporated has endorsed a new leadership to steer the affairs of the organization until March 28, 2016.
Those confirmed into office by SASAFU Board Chairman are George Jonson, chairman, and D. Nailon Kaine, vice chair for administration. Others re-affirmed are Famata S. B. Kai, vice chair for operations and mobilization; Yarkpai J. C. Keller, secretary general; David Kankalan vice chair for fiscal affairs; Kollie Peterson, vice chair for men’s wing; Susanah Kaine, vice chair for women’s wing; Alex G. Nanoh, vice chair for youth wing; Rev. Amos Sackie, chaplain; and Viola Nanoh, treasurer.
The slots of chairman and vice chair for Administration were filled on Monday at a retreat organized by the people of Lower Bong County. The vacuum in SASAFU’s leadership was created recently due to the death of Momo B. H. Tehmeh, Jr., who served as chairman.
The retreat, chaired by Andrew S. Allakamenin, chairman of the board, co-chaired by John K. Sackie and other members of the board, brought together several prominent citizens of the county. They addressed issues of reconciliation and way forward for the organization.
Recommendations were advanced aimed at holding members together to succeed in meeting the organization objectives. Leaders were cautioned to be accountable and transparent, but not to be driven by political euphoria. They stressed the need to focus on advocacy for more development programs for the districts.
Due to unrelenting needs for development, economic empowerment, wealth creation, political balance in Bong County, coupled with other challenges amongst inhabitants of those from the lower part of the county, the residents unanimously agreed to unite themselves for the purpose of addressing some of their basic concerns since March 5, 2013.


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