New Laws on Water & Sewer, Economic Zone under House’s Review

Partial view of lawmakers voting for the President's Letters to be send in Committee's Room

A Joint Committee from the House of Representatives is critically reviewing two draft bills from President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to change certain provisions in the Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation and to nullify the Law of the Liberia Industrial Free Zone Authority, into the Special Economic Zones (SEZ) Act of 2017.

In the President’s letter to House Speaker Emmanuel J. Nuquay on the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation Act, it’s aimed to make the Corporation more viable in dealing with its responsibilities of providing safe water supply, sanitation and good hygiene at affordable cost in the country.

President Sirleaf argued that the new law is aimed to address ambiguities that precludes the Corporation from effectively ensuring the optimum development and use of water resources, revenue generation, sustainability and reduction in unemployment in the country.

“Mr. Speaker, this Act when passed into Law will allow the Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation to also more effectively provide safe water supply, sanitation and good hygiene at affordable cost, it will also help to reduce the burden of water borne and other related diseases, and provide sustainable, effective and efficient services.”

The President urged the lawmakers that water being an essential natural resource makes it important to remedy these challenges and create favorable conditions for the improvement in the water and sanitation conditions in the country.

“As government continuously commits to creating safe living conditions in addition to creating jobs, sustaining the economic environment and providing peace and security, the passage into Law of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation Act will demonstrate government’s commitment and implementation in that endeavor.

The House’s Plenary in it Tuesday’s session mandated the Joint Committee on Public Utilities, Judiciary, Ways, Means & Finance and Development Planning and Commerce to report in two weeks.

Meanwhile,  the Joint Committee is also analyzing a draft law to repeal the Public Authorities Law creating the Liberia Industrial Free Zone Authority to be known as the Special Economic Zones

The law is entitled “An Act to Repeal Chapter 5 of the Public Authorities Law creating the Liberia Industrial Free Zone Authority, and to enact in Lieu thereof a New Chapter 5 to be Known as the Special Economic Zones Act of 2017.”

In President’s letter  to House’s Speaker J. Emmanuel Nuquay, the President said the draft law seeks to establish the SEZ framework to promote industrial, commercial, manufacturing, agribusiness, forestry, renewable energy, petrochemical, electricity-generation, high-technology, scientific-research, trade, service, tourism and other professional activities in Liberia.

“It (the bill) will also act as platform to strengthen the competitiveness of the nation’s economy, create new employment opportunities, improve Liberians’ skills, upgrade the country’s infrastructure, and encourage private-sector development, amongst others,” the President wrote.

“This Act, when pass into law, will facilitate our economic recovery program and create self sustained business that will create jobs and relief Government of the unemployment burden.”


  1. This is a highly rhetorical piece of reporting that does not inform the reader of what the change truly is. Could you have provided us a synopsis of chapter 5 viv a vis the old and new legislations? Please follow up to enable your committed readers to grasp the essence of this amendment.

    Thanks though for your usual splendid reporting.

    • JMG; better yet, they should write LENGLISH; for a better understanding by a vast majority of Liberians. Maa Peepo wat yor tryeen to tell wee??? Yor gat to tork kit betta mehn. wee ain no wat yor tryeen to say O


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