Mont. District #3 Candidate Barshell in Hiding


Says he is living in fear for his life

Representative candidate Ceebee Barshell may be leading the race against his rival candidate Bill Twehway by 172 votes, but he alleges that his lead has caused numerous threats to his life.

He said he has lodged a complaint with the Liberia National Police (LNP).

In a telephone conversation from an undisclosed location, Barshell, who presently has accumulated 6,236 votes (24%), while his closest rival has 6,064 (23.4%), said since the National Elections Commission (NEC) announced its provisional results, he has received several threats from unknown persons.

Barshell said last Thursday some unidentified men visited his residence at about 2 a.m. and attempted to set his house on fire.

He blamed incumbent, Rep. Bill Twehway, as the one behind the series of threats, but Rep. Twehway has refuted the allegation.

During the campaign, Barshell claimed that Rep. Twehway and his supporters physically attacked his supporters, and Barshell believes that Twehway is behind the current threats against him.

“I have been receiving threats from unknown individuals who are supporters of Honorable Twehway since the campaign period in the district,” he alleged. ‘‘Twehway has been attacking me over and over in the media telling the public how I am not educated. It is unfortunate to hear him say that.”

Barshell said he is looking forward to the final results from NEC.

In a telephone conversation with the Daily Observer yesterday, Rep. Twehway described Barshell’s allegations against him as false and unfortunate.

He stated that Barshell had made “a confused statement because the NEC’s provisional results gave him a little hope.”

He explained that since he became a lawmaker in District #3 he has never engaged in any violent act, as has been portrayed by Barshell, and he is, therefore, “not moved by his fabrication.”

“‘I am quite sure that this man is definitely confused, but I tell you the truth, as I speak to you, the NEC is doing a recount of one precinct in the district and I can assure you that at the end of the recount I will emerge victorious,” he boasted.


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