‘Deceased Were Not Auditors’

Information Minister Ledgerhood J. Rennie (left) wants the world to believe that, none of the deceased including (clockwise) Albert Peters, Victoria Lamah, E. Barten Nyeswa and George Fahnboto, were auditors. Contrary to the Minister's assertion, with the exception of Mrs. Lamah, the three others were all auditors.

New Information Minister tells BBC

Barely two weeks after taking office, Liberia’s new Information Minister, Ledgerhood Rennie, has told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that while government regrets the mysterious deaths of four of its employees, there is no truth that the deceased were auditors. It may be recalled that four financial professionals of the Liberia Revenue Authority died mysteriously in recent days with the most recent death, the Director-General of the Internal Audit Agency, found at his residence on Saturday, October 10. Mr. Rennie who served as the Director-General for the Liberia Broadcasting System for several years, spanning from the administration of former Presidents Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and George Weah, said that Victoria Lamah, Albert Peters, and George F. Fahnboto all of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), and Emmanuel Barten Nyeswa, head of the Internal Audit Agency (IAA) were in no way auditors but merely a team of professional people. “Whenever one of our citizens fall in such a calamitous way, we are saddened and worried by that, but it is good to clarify that the people who are being referred to as auditors were actually not auditors,” he said. “They were professional Liberians working within the government at various agencies. But because of the level of their work, there has been speculation in the media about them being auditors. But actually, their remits were very different,” Rennie told the BBC. Albert Peters, who was also a professional auditor at the Ministry of Finance, transitioned to the LRA in the same capacity when the LRA became autonomous. At the time of his death, Peters served at the LRA as Assistant Commissioner for Internal Audit, Thomas Doe Nah, the LRA’s Commissioner General, told the Daily Observer. An unnamed source told the Daily Observer that, because Lamah (though not an auditor) exhibited mastery of the software platforms on which the LRA runs, she was made Manager for Tax Payer Services Division, with the responsibility to monitor the inflow of taxes, which she reportedly performed meticulously. “The Taxpayer services division is the face of the LRA,” the source said. “They generate the bill in all LRA systems for the payer to take to the bank for Deposit. They input all manual receipts from all LRA collectors in the various counties.” Prior to moving to the TPSD a few months ago, Lamah worked in the office of the LRA Commissioner-General, in the policy division. She was involved with the compilation of all the revenue figures from all across the country, which would then be analyzed and published on the LRA’s website. George F. Fahnboto was a professional auditor, who previously worked in this capacity at the General Auditing Commission and at the Ministry of Finance before joining the LRA in the large tax division. Emmanuel Barten Nyeswa, a certified fraud examiner, was head of the Internal Audit Agency. The deaths of these four in just eight days have impressed a sense of caution in people in and out of government whose job it is to investigate corruption in government and expose it.  Many believe that the four were killed in an attempt to destroy evidence that these financial experts might have found to be undermining the country’s Domestic Resource Mobilization efforts. That Minister Rennie went to great lengths to try to convince the BBC that the deceased were not auditors, is a strong indication that the government aims to change the narrative surrounding these deaths. By dressing down the deceased as mere professionals working in various agencies, Rennie is rhetorically dismissing the common thread connecting the deaths and perhaps rendering them as coincidental. In a similar, and perhaps more flippant response to the first two deaths (Peters and Lamah), President George Weah took to the pulpit of his Forky Klon Jlaleh Family Fellowship Church on October 4, 2020, and claimed the deaths were a result of a “boyfriend and girlfriend” issue and should therefore not be politicized. Perhaps in an attempt to redeem the President’s callous remarks, Minister Rennie expressed that the government is equally hurt by the mysterious deaths and that it is unnecessary for anyone to insinuate that the Weah administration does not care to know the actual root causes of the deaths of those officials and citizens who died in such a strange sequence. “The circumstances under which these people have passed may be very unclear for the moment, but when we say dubious, it would seem to mean that somebody is trying to impugn something other than sinister motive,” Rennie said. The government has asked the United States Government to conduct an investigation into the deaths of these people after all of the crime scenes have already been contaminated, by the lack of due diligence on the part of the Liberia National Police. “We ourselves as a government do not know exactly what has happened. That is why we have launched a full-scale investigation,” Rennie claims. “In fact, President George Weah has gone a step further by inviting our international partners, especially the Americans through their Embassy here in Monrovia to form a part of an independent investigation that will include also the family members of those who have passed so that we can all derive a conclusion to what really happened to these people that caused their deaths,” he said. Meanwhile, a source told the Daily Observer that unless one of the deceased is a citizen of the United States, the investigators that would be sent to assist the Liberian government would not be US Government investigators, but independent contractors from that country, selected from the private sector. When asked whether the Liberian government has already launched a murder investigation before inviting international partners, mainly the US government, Rennie said that has not happened because preliminary investigative reports are yet to be made. “It will be foolhardy for me to say that the murder investigation has been launched, because, first things first, we have to have some preliminary reports. Remember the investigators have to do their work and come out with the first findings to be able to know exactly whether they can launch any other investigation, criminal or non-criminal,” he said. He added: “We just want to be a little more open and transparent and provide Liberians an opportunity. We live in a very strange society in Liberia. People come up with all these kinds of conspiracy theories and speculations about things when they happened.”
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David S. Menjor is a Liberian journalist whose work, mainly in the print media has given so much meaning to the world of balanced and credible mass communication. David is married and interestingly he is also knowledgeable in the area of education since he has received some primary teacher training from the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute (KRTTI). David, after leaving Radio Five, a broadcast media outlet, in 2016, he took on the challenge to venture into the print media affairs with the Dailly Observer Newspaper. Since then he has created his own enviable space. He is a student at the University of Liberia.


  1. Boooommmmm!!! Ledgerhood takes over MICAT and falls so low.

    Too early to start the lies for Weah, Ledgerhood. We brought the CDC to power. You were supporting Ellen and Robert because they gave you a job. You are a liar. Suddenly, you are now lying for Weah. Be careful!!!

    Stop! It is too early to begin lying.

  2. The information minister’s downplaying of these deaths is unfortunate!

    This is a brutal cover-up by the government!

    Why? Why?

    Why kill innocent people and terrorize an entire nation?

    These deaths were orchestrations of state security actors and the government bears responsibility!

    That’s the plain truth!


    What’s a muderous regime!

    • George Zota, there are always two or more sides to a story or a case!! Hence, judges or courts whether constitutionally mandated or those of public opinion DO NOT JUST JUMP TO CONCLUSION.

      The LBS Boss must set the record straight as he has done vis a vis the people´s right to know the truth!

      If society could go By your basis for reaching conclusion, then there would be no reason for having courts or judges. Sesoned judges will tell you that in 99.9 of criminal cases, what the parties may claim are not usually what the truth of the matter is. Do you not know politics is no child´s play, and opposition or political enemies of the uncumbent usually carry out criminal and wicked acts simply to have people believe that which is false and totally wrong??

      Your jump to conclusion that the government is the perpetrator of these mysterious, when history and current affairs have proven with overwhelming evidence and proof beyond all reasonable doubts that in most cases the opposition or political enemies of the given leader carry out these killings to give the leader and the government a bad public image, SUGGESTS YOU ARE ALLOWING YOUR EMOTIONS TO BECLOUD YOUR REASONIONG!

      Court records have also proven that at times, it could be certain institutions or high profile personalities within a given government which may carry out such dastardly perpetration knowing that giving the leader or the administration a bad public image is to the selfish interest of these perpetrators whether monetary wise or for just raw power

      And with a political enemy of this government recently saying he “can make this administration a one term administration“ despite the fact this very political enemy of the president could not pass the one digit election result nor even win a seat in the legislature, this government, it would not be surprising to serious intelligence authorities that that such mentalities could be possible financiers of these killings,

      notwithstanding, it may not even be such political enemies or mentalities, but probably others with some hidden agenda!

      So, jumping to conclusion that “rain or shine“, the leader or the government is the perpetrator, is absolutely illogical!

    • George Zota was applying for the Minister of Foreign Affairs job but “THEY Meaned” him.
      So, he is coming back to our side again.

      Fun can’t finish in this village

      • What? God forbid! Coming back to no side, though!

        Nobody should be on any side but the truth when innocent Liberians are being murdered!

        Those murdering innocent people should be brought to justice to exonerate the regime otherwise it bears responsibilities for such heinous crimes under its watch.

        That’s a fair argument! That’s my point!

    • Is this the same George Zota, CDC govt staunch supporter, apologist, and defender who attacks anyone who says “fwen” about his god Jorweah? Let people’s ear hear mehn. Keep supporting your incompetent Gbehkugbeh. Nothing he does is wrong in your eyes. Let people’s ear hear!!!

  3. Of course, our homicide investigators must look for motive in determining what moved the killers into committing such heinous crimes. Anyway, that these officials were auditors won’t mean anything without identifying the specific task each was working on about a month or two before being murdered and, more importantly, its relation to that tragic outcome. Therefore, the audible “auditors-auditors” refrain by itself says nothing.

    Motive is all about Cui bono, Latin for “to whom is it a benefit?” The question boils down to: Who killed two highly-regarded Kru men in senior positions at LRA, including two respected professionals, one of whom was a wife and mother? Obviously, the specious motives sold by some hell-bent on pinning these acts on GoL don’t stick. The Weah government has more to lose than gain – Cui bono?

    For instance, first, Political suicide two months prior to a December 8 senatorial race seen as test run for 2023. Second, Creating fear in a capital city GoL lighting up to augment public safety ends. Third, Scaring revenue collectors during economic downturn when meeting Gol’s payroll is difficult. Fourth, Risking sanctions by the international community. Fifth, President Weah seeking assistance of the US embassy to help solve the crimes.

    The fifth point tops all, because the perpetrators of these unconscionable crimes have murdered people before and want to provoke a Civil Conflict. We Liberians aren’t only liars, but deranged murderers, to boot. What a shame that so-called educated guys know the freaking truth, yet writing misinformation to fool the people. It reminds me of the rice rationale to wreck a nation, and a forgery called the Rancy Agenda to sell a war: Crazies!

  4. Mr. David S. Menjor, author of this article,

    Please try to make life easy for us next time by writing in paragraphs or leaving space between ideas. I did not really find it easy reading this article of utmost importance to your readership.

    However, allow me to congratulate you guys at the Daily Observer for your professionalism and to encourage you to never relent in your drive to serving Liberians with quality news. Greetings to all of you this day!

  5. Well, the investigation has begun. The Information Minister, Mr. Rennie, states unequivocally that the recent fallen middle-level employees of the Liberian government were not auditors as everyone has been led to believe. Rennie’s clarification is highly appreciated. The mysterious deaths (as it has been referred to by those in the media) will continue to be investigated. Mr. Weah has made an impassioned request to the US government to help. Hopefully in a short while…… we the people….. will know the truth. Our prayers go to the bereaved families. May the bereaved families be blessed. God’s grace is greater than our sons.

    Be Careful! Stay calm. This is not the opportune time to point fingers. Unsubstantiated statements will not help. This is not the time to incite any kind of violence. Let’s be unflappable. The truth will eventually emerge.

    Thanks for listening.

  6. Should be, “God’s grace is greater than our sins”, not sons. Of course, that is true. His grace is unquestionably greater than our “sons and daughters”. But, that’s not what I intended.

  7. The Beginning of a Cover-up is ALWAYS a BIG LIE…!!!

    The Liberian government just confirmed what all of us have been suspecting:
    George Weah is now commanding a DEATH SQUAD that is killing his own employees who know about his CORRUPT Practices…!!!

    Woe, Woe, Woe unto Liberia.

    The People need to carry out peaceful demonstrations until STUPID STEPS DOWN.
    From “Monkey Step Down” to “Stupid Step Down” and the list keeps on growing.

  8. Where was the government when the media kept referring to these employees as auditors ? Why didn’t it clarify this earlier ? Whatever the case is, it seems like their involvement with some sort of audit/control related financial work might have led to their mysterious deaths (speculation based on pattern and information from various sources, we are still waiting for an official conclusion).There is a pattern here or these are some extremely rare unfortunate probabilistic occurances.

    The families need answers. I hope LNP is using it’s lab and resources to solve the mystery.

  9. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    I did not gasp the air in my laughter 13 times, and so I presume nothing is wrong with me, right?

    It is equally right for James Davis to indent. I have called his attention to it and you have equally done so on many occasions. I vividly remembered him giving the reason why he could not indent. Ever since, I have accepted his writings just as they come.
    Unlike a professional, such style should in NO way be accepted in journalistic writings.

    We are no longer in the 19th and 20th Centuries. We are in the 21st Century and should comport ourselves as 21st Century generation. Stop being like people who would compare budgets in those centuries with barely half a million people with present day 5.5 million inhabitants, yet they call themselves intellectuals wishing to impose their distorted knowledge on others. Thank God for the Internet, or else we could have consumed their imbecilities and revered them as demigods with total impunity over our lives and riches.

    Parents and workmates are saying their belated children and former workmates were all auditors but Mrs. Lama, yet the CDC Information Minister is going on BBC, an internationally renowned news agency, to make remarks that none of them was an auditor, aren’t they dangerous Grand Frere Hney?
    It is like believing Tom Woewiyu when he said Prince Johnson was dead and his body was found at the morgue in Duside Hospital. Could you be man enough to venture at Duside Hospital then to ascertain this fact as a private citizen or even a journalist?
    This is how dangerous CDC is to Liberia.

    You want us to be unflappable with 4 bodies at hand in just 8 days while credible news agencies, including the Daily Observer, are threatened every day?
    You want us to be unflappable while our little children, as young as 2 years, are raped in numbers daily?
    You want us to be unflappable when people disappear every day, and later found without some of their body parts?
    You want us to be unflappable when all opposition figures are practically fleeing the country and / or reduced to silence for fear of their lives?

    I pray for a complete metamorphosis of the CDC for a civilized and God-fearing Liberia!

  10. Sir Defender of the Weak…….
    I totally agree with your frustrations as it relates to the deaths, the rape cases and disappearances of too many of our fellow human beings. Unfortunately, too many deaths are on the rise. Please trust me…..I am not happy! But I have the sense that I am being misconstrued by you. So let me make myself explicit.

    Insofar as the investigation is ongoing,
    I sincerely believe that it’s in our best interest to cool off until the result of the killings and other distasteful issues are settled. As you can see and attest to, some Liberians have drawn their line in the sand already. It is believed by some Liberians that the killings, the rape cases and human disappearances are the direct result of Weah’s actions. But they have no proof! Pure speculations, but how helpful is it?

    Every Liberian has a right to express himself or herself. Liberians have the right to maintain their suspicions. But there’s one thing all of us can do; we can lay low for now while the investigation is in full swing. That’s all I am saying! I am not asking my Liberian brothers and sisters to go to sleep and forget about everything.

    You tried to laugh. But you did not “ha-ha” thirteen times, but only seven times. If you had gone six more times, an ambulance would have been requested for you. Thanks be to God…., you did your “ha-ha” only seven times in your privacy. If you try that “kind of laugh” in public, your frenemies will laugh and dance under the stars forever.

    Sure, Liberians have got to change, but change for the very best. Like you, I am interested in progress across the board. Sadly, the team you’re identified with is an unwinnable team. Your team’s goals, dreams and asperations are antideluvian.

    Tell James Davis to indent. The concept of indenting is something we all learned during our elementary days. His refusal to indent is untenable. Also, tell him to laugh just about the same number of times as you….seven times!

    And you, just watch out for those flies man. You open up too long, by laughing like that those flies could take advantage of you.
    Hang in there partner. Cool off from weakness. Don’t be sanitized by that weak dis-organization.

  11. Very understandable Mr. Rennie can make these kinds of remarks. Why? Because in order for the government to go by the Samuel Tweah blueprint, that a better path for Liberia to take to ensure a one-party dominant rule and transition into a benevolent dictatorship, it must have a spoke-person like he Mr. Rennie, who is able to phrase and rephrase the propaganda narrative (doublespeak), to make Weah look good.

    And of course, even though the phrase “benevolent dictatorship” emanated from Tweah, one of Weah’s diehard supporters and confidante, the situation is sad to note that such serious words have already fallen on deaf ears as Liberians are a very gullible people. They take everything for granted even including situations that may have the potential for wreaking havoc momentarily on their lives.

    They fail to understand that all the robberies and brutal murders of earthquake proportions that are taking place are all part of a grand design by the CDC inner clique. These events are not just some spasmodic occurrences. They have been well planned and given thorough aforethought by Weah’s regime. Mr. Rennie’s appointment did not come by surprise. I am sure he was consulted and apprised of his roles.

    However, the phraseology, “benevolent dictatorship” can be misleading as people get carried away by the adjective, “benevolent” thus failing to realize that even though benevolence may denote kindness and generosity, but when used within the CDC context of a dictatorship, it is still the same old ploy often used by repressive regimes around the world to sugar-coat their brutal oppression of the people and their commission of crimes against humanity as they are occurring in Liberia.

    Weah’s administration has inflicted massive damages to the country, and it is aware of it! And because the leaders of this clique fear future consequences might wrought from their reckless ambitions, they have chosen despotism as the means to prolonging their stay in power and protecting their wealth from confiscation in case another government was to succeed it and embark on a campaign of retrieving stolen wealth, giving redress to those who have been grossly violated, and addressing many other intractable social issues.

    Bye, bye, to the death of democracy in Liberia, welcome to the return of dictatorship!

    • Even if Mr. Rennie weren’t the Minister of Information, it is..

      (1) his patriotic duty and constitutional right as a citizen of the Republic of Liberia to

      (2) educate and inform his fellow compatriots in instances like these where opposition bribed politicized journalism is hellbent on fomenting and inciting confirmation bias in their obvious dissemination of disinformation, hence total disregard of their professional journalistic social responsibility viz their general ethical and moral principles relating to truth and accuracy,




      (C)Such confirmation bias can be seen in a diehard supporter (George Zota) of government’s policies hastily swearing that the government is the perpetrator and no one else. Or, as another commenter MISCONSTRUING Mr. Sylvester Moses, when

      (D) it is clear that Mr. Moses is simply saying with motive been the sine qua non for the discovery, it is more than necessary that the public gets fully informed as to “the task each was working on about a month or two before being murdered and, more importantly, its relation to that tragic outcome.“

      And any intelligent mind can effortlessly see that that is the RAISON DE TERE AND THE SPIRIT AND LETTER OF THE MINISTER’S TIMELY INFORMATION AND CLARIFICATION

  12. Why the Hon. Information Minister would come out and say that the four deceased/victims were not auditors

    is indeed unfortunate. Did he have to talk? Is their deaths any less important because they were not

    auditors? i do know for a fact that Messrs Peters and Nyenuah were seasoned auditors and highly skilled

    individuals in their professions.

    But like Mr. Sylvester G Moses rightly stated, their professions should not be an issue, what is of paramount

    importance now is that their murders should be solved and the culprits to book.

    It is good at times for people to wonder why is it that you did not speak than for people to say, ‘damn, why did

    he have to open his mouth to talk?

    Mr. Hney, you said you had something for me to download. Still waiting.

    Thank you

    • Whether Liberians and Liberia’s international partners like it or not, the questionable and unexplained deaths of Mr. Albert K. Peters, Mrs. Gifty Asmah Lama, Mr. George F. Fahnboto, and Mr. Emmanuel B. Nyesuwa, in and of itself, sends a clear and controlled message to all Liberians and Liberia’s international partners that should any living soul, Liberian or foreign resident, dare to mess with the George Manneh Weah-led Government, that Liberian and/or foreign resident, risks being kidnapped, tortured and murdered.

      In particular, NOTICE goes out to:

      1. Judges, Associate Justices and Chief Justice of Liberia
      2. Heads and leaders of the opposition political parties
      3. President of the Liberian National Bar Association
      4. The Press Union of Liberia and its members
      5. Liberia National Teacher Union
      6. Liberia Medical and Dental Association
      7. National Healthcare Workers Union of Liberia, and
      8. Anyone/male of Female, that dares to stand in the way of President Weah ruling Liberia for Life.

      Mr. George Manneh Weah, Samuel D. Tweah, Nathaniel F. McGill, Jefferson T. Koijee, Mulbah Molu, Lynn Eugene Nagbe and other key members and officers of CDC, know fully well who killers the Auditors.

      Ordering autopsy on the bodies of the murdered Auditors, will certainly and only prove the cause of their deaths, but autopsy will never say who murdered them.

      Why were the auditors abducted, tortured and murdered? Because they auditing the Government finances!


      Sundaygar Davis
      Resident of the USA & and beloved Son of Liberia

  13. The newly appointed minister of Information is a senseless animal denying the fact the the auditors murdered were not auditors but financial professionals. He didn’t tell us which positions are considered as financial professionals. These people were internal auditors. We have not had any patriotic information ministers since the inception of this republic.

  14. Why the bereaves families are in their deepest mourning of their love ones, heartless individuals around here should not use these deaths issue as stepping stone to propagate their stupid political agenda. We are talking about someone lossing their valuable live mysteriously and people are sitting out there idly who do not have any impact to play to ascertain the actual caused of these deaths but making mockery out it thereby setting the pace for their selfish political again.

    Shifting blames on the Weah led government by misconception for the death of these humble servants is not wise enough at this moment but only adding more pains to the bereaved families. It can also be redirected that these deaths were orchestrated by the opposition community in an effort to paint the government ugly to lost popularity as it happened before in the Dillon’s scenario where the oppositions hijacked the exchange rate by bringing out their stolen monies in bulk from the past regime in order to confuse the market. The information minister may be right to his expression because looking at these people positions with the exception of Nyaswua, they are found in the tertiary working class and impose no strong embarrassment for any hierarchy in government and furthermore, their works were more internal within the government setting. The investigation will continue in collaboration with international partners and the truth shall be revealed publicly. But the opposition community this time around should not think that the government will lost voter appeal with any tactic they might employed to gain opportunity. The voters are now strong enough to deal with any political manipulation.

    Publicly abusing the President by making away his pride in the presence of the international community, setting up sedition against the state is enough, Dillon shall be voted out; his days in thr senate are now in number making him the shortest living lawmaker in this country.

  15. Comrade Kimba,
    The name of the video was sent to you the very day I said I’d send it.

    Here it is:
    Zacchaeus [English] meets Jesus.
    It’s very short. After watching the video, tell me whether Jesus laughed.

    More to come.

  16. One key limitation most of you suffer is your chronic ignorance regarding the comprehensive information and education on the work tasks, missions, programs, and activities of the ministries and agencies of the central government.

    And this is inter alia why our ‘Liberian Media, Guard Dog for Highest Bidder’ (if we may quote Leymah Gbowee) hellbent on exploiting such confirmation bias suffered by so many, finds it very easy to shape and control the way you people think.

    Evidencing the aforementioned is your delusion that..

    (1) a very busy senior minister of one of the most strategic ministries of government who is the major policy adviser to the President and with the primary responsibility for recommending domestic and international financial, economic, and tax policy, formulating broad fiscal policies that have general significance for the economy, and managing public debt, while synonymously overseeing the activities of the Ministry in carrying out its major law enforcement responsibility, in serving as the financial agent of the Republic of Liberia, not to mention being the Government’s chief financial officer, would..

    (2) have time to waste on such sites, when there are hundreds of patriots out there as I am TRUE NATIONALIST with the education, intelligence, patriotic urge, and revolutionary life to proffer the needed epistemological and ontological data yearned for by well meaning people whether anti or pro government.


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