New Hope Foundation Assures Partners of Transparency, Accountability


-As friends continue supporting his foundation in its drive to educate less fortunate Liberian children

“Little is much when God is in it, and gratitude elevates man and creates more opportunities for his soaring into higher heights,” a saying goes, and this is now the case with Mr. Lester Wehyee, founder and Chief Executive Officer of New Hope Foundation in Paynesville.

Mr. Wehyee, who runs the New Hope Academy, has assured his trusted diaspora friends transparency and accountability in the use of their money as he constructs his school for the education of many less fortunate students in Paynesville and its environs.

In an interview with the Daily Observer recently, Wehyee said although he is yet to meet in person most of the friends supporting his school, his connection to each of them through social media has established a strong bond between them. He is, therefore, committed to doing all that is right to maintain their trust.

He congratulated his friends, particularly those in the United States of America, Canada, and other parts of the world for selflessly contributing to the construction of his school’s new edifice in order to educate at a minimum cost more Liberian children whose parents or guardians do not have much to send them to schools that are costly.

Wehyee said it is God who continues to lead him through and open doors for him to meet the right individuals who have the passion to serve their fellow human beings without putting their own benefits foremost, and his foundation will do all it can to remain transparent in its use of the funding.

“While the Malachi York Foundation has been a long time partner to the New Hope Academy and has been immensely contributing too to our projects, some individuals abroad are also doing so much for us as we strive to build this school in order to provide affordable education for grade school students in Paynesville,” Wehyee told the Daily Observer.

He said he is grateful that Warren Corbett, Annette Lloweicki and Dr. Myron Golden, all Americans, have so much contributed to his foundation and continue to make their impact felt.

It can be recalled that recently Wehyee told the Daily Observer that his foundation was evicted from a property once leased and that action prompted the need to secure a plot of land and build as quickly as possible a new edifice for the running of the school should COVID-19 slowdown and health authorities advise that schools across the country can resume normal educational activities.

He also named Sean Mize, Ronald Storms, David Trimmer, Curtis Blanchet of the same USA as important contributors to the over US$50,000 construction project, which is still ongoing around the Benson Hospital in Paynesville.

“Marla Chernoff from Canada, Jeanne Beemer Kolenda and Debbie Siebach from the U.S. are also my friends who continue to make their impact on our operations. They too send us money without any precondition, except that we are aware that we have to be transparent in using their money for the benefit of the poor people’s children,” Wehyee said.

He said his foundation is doing it can to remain in good standing with all partners who contribute to its programs and projects.


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