New Hope Academy Proprietor Explains Why Malachi York Foundation’s Support Keeps Coming

New Hope Academy's new campus under construction.

-Received yet another financial support from the Foundation as he builds his new campus

Mr. Lester Wehyee, Proprietor of the New Hope Academy in Paynesville has again risen up to further express his gratitude to the Malachi York Foundation’s family for continuously supporting him in his mission to educate as many children as possible in Liberia.

At his ongoing campus construction ground in the Outland neighborhood, at the back of Benson Hospital in Paynesville, Wehyee disclosed that in addition to many other donations done over time, MYF has again given to his project US$1,500.

“As I said in an interview before, I am receiving all of the support because I have demonstrated my worth as a good and true friend to the Malachi York Foundation’s family.

“I was there with them when it was not just simple for someone not of my mind to do so. I allowed the Liberian Embassy in the United States and the United States Embassy in Liberia to have records on me as the principal host for the friends from the Malachi York Foundation who came to Liberia and others who continue to come, even in the future,” Wehyee explained.

He added: “One thing I like about this friendship is that we are all in the business of humanitarianism. We have the same goals when it comes to educating the less privileged children and even more, the orphans at no cost to them, guardians or whosoever.”

Wehyee further said that his Day-care up to 9th grade education facility is estimated at US$70,000 to be completed.

“By the grace of God, through Whose guidance all of the support for the construction of this facility is coming, we have already secured and committed US$50,000 to it and we need US$20,000 more to give it the state of the art or truly modern standard education facility’s look we envisioned eversince,” he said.

He called on the Liberian government to see reasons and revisit the circumstances that led to the incarceration of Dr. Malachi Z. York and take relevant diplomatic actions that would ensure that Dr. York is freed from imprisonment and repatriated to Liberia, the country to which his citizenship is unquestioned and his then diplomatic status to the U.S. on behalf of Liberia, is unarguable.

“I may not have all of the detailed information but from what I have so far followed over the years, I think it is about time the U.S. government considers having clemency on Dr. York and allow him to decide where he wants to live. I believe that he was harmless to America and is still more harmless to the U.S. and the entire world,” the educator said.

Wehyee said the Malachi York Foundation with its auxiliaries, including The Mothers’ Image, The Eastern Stars, Sabean Grand Lodges World-wide continue to push the agenda of Dr. Malachi Z. York but in good faith as demonstrated in Liberia, since the arrival of the delegation from the Foundation and all its supporting auxiliaries.

“When we appreciate diversity in good faith and allow society to operate freely without intimidation, prejudice or estrangement, we will always have a peaceful and prosperous world.

Going against people because of what they wear as their clothing, how they walk, talk or eat is not in line with what all of us have learnt from our respective Holy scriptures. I don’t think it is a good idea,” he emphasized.

Wehyee further noted: “I am not a member of the Malachi York foundation but they have accepted me based on my contribution to society from right here in Liberia. I too, knowing that they are human beings like me and God has asked me to love my fellow human beings, I exert effort all through to love them and prove my worth by being sincere in whatever I do with their involvement.”

He also took the time to appreciate all other donors who continue to support his agenda.

Den Tut Rayay, the Vice President of the Malachi Z. York Foundation, in handing over to Mr. Lester Wehyee the U$1,500, said the Foundation and all of its auxiliaries are proud of Wehyee for all of his accomplishments over the years and assure him that he remains a true friend to all of the members of the foundation.

“Our brother, sisters, wives and mothers in the United States and other parts of the world want you to succeed in your quest to educate the poor people’s children here in Liberia. We are in it together and we will win. We will one day celebrate Liberia from several dimensions, including better healthcare, better and quality education and many others,” Rayay said.


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