New Hand pumps are ‘Oasis’ for Pipeline Communities

Hand pump.jpg

Residents of several communities in Pipeline have benefited from the erection of new hand pumps by the District #3 Representative, Bill Twehway.

According to residents, although the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation’s (LWSC) pipes run through their communities, they don’t benefit from them, making water very scarce during the dry season. They also said that during the dry season, they have to walk long distances to buy water from the LWSC public reservoirs.

In light of this, the District # 3 Representative, Bill Twehway erected several hand pumps for the people of Pipeline, from the Daniel Chea community to the Whein Town community.

Speaking at one of the hand pump sites, Rep. Twehway said that over twenty hand pumps will be erected in eight Pipeline communities. He described the hand pumps as an oasis in the desert and that the project was a way of identifying with the people of District #3.

Also speaking, the chairman of the Block-C community in Pipeline, Samuel Williams, expressed thanks and appreciation to Rep. Twehway for the donation of the hand pumps to his community, saying that the project came at the time residents needed it the most.

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