New Grassroots Party Decries ‘Big Book Talk’


The newly elected national chairman of the Liberia People Democratic Party (LPDP) said the party detests “big book talk and mere political slippery languages”.

Instead, the Party wants direct and simple answers to unemployment, poverty, and quality schools for all.

Chairman Moses Y. Kollie made the statement over the weekend at the first national convention of the party, held at the Francis Mitchell Academy in Kakata, Margibi County, and graced by an overwhelming attendance by the party’s supporters and well-wishers.

The LPDP chair is of the opinion that Liberians are desirous of a national leadership that will provide business opportunities and better healthcare for their poverty-stricken families.

According to him, the LPDP stands ready to address or provide answers to those problems when they shall take the helm of the country.

“The LPDP comes with a new idea, an idea that will address the issues of affordable and better healthcare for all, provide good road networks in both urban and rural areas, institute an improved educational system and introduce a strategy that would encourage Liberians to go to the soil for self-sufficiency in food,” the Kollie said.

He said that the party is “a grassroots people- driven political institution”, inspired by the ordinary workers, including teachers, Yana boys, market women, students, and the pem-pem riders.

Mr. Kollie said the LPDP is an initiative of ordinary citizens spanning the whole social and political spectrum of the country, whether rich or poor, educated and unlettered, Americo-Liberians and or the indigenous.

He said his party is different from other political parties, “because many political parties are nothing more than personality cults; parties which mostly revolve around individuals and their ideas alone, aside from their followers.

“They make their ideas rule the day. They don’t accept any other views, but their own. They say, it is my way or the highway,” he told his audience.

Mr. Kollie said the LPDP on the other hand, is centered on core principles, which are not person-specific or personality-driven, rather, its democratic ethos and moral rules involve caring for the poor, lifting the weak, the down-trodden and providing for the less privileged in society.

“LPDP are ordinary citizens who decided that enough is enough. We are now taking matters into our own hands. Our youth and female members are the leading forces behind this unstoppable movement who see victory as the only viable choice,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile the party has elected it officials who will steer affairs up to the 2017 presidential and legislative elections.

Those elected are G. Wesseh Blamo, chairman, National Advisory Council; Fred C. Lamadine, national vice chair for administration; Cllr. Edward K. Goba, national vice chair for legal and policy affairs; Rep. Alex C. Grant, national vice chair for regional and electoral affairs; and Manipakei Domoe, national secretary general.

Other are Yeaner Karter, national vice chair for international affairs; Jerry Roberts, national vice chair for operations; D. Wah Hne, Jr., national vice chair for political affairs; George Woodtor, national vice chair for press and public affairs; and Patrick Nixon, national youth league chairman.

Earlier, the party’s national advisory council chair, G. Wesseh Blamo, said the fact that the party’s convention was violence free is an indication that the LPDP will exhibit a high level of maturity at the national level.


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