New Georgia Commissioner Donates Land for ‘Carwash’


The Commissioner of the township of New Georgia in Montserrado County, Lewis K. Wleh Sr., has donated a parcel of deeded land to a newly established not-for-profit non-governmental organization (NGO), Humble Youth International Incorporated, to construct a modern carwash.

Commissioner Wleh made a formal presentation of the land on Tuesday, October 18, to the leadership of Humble Youth International Inc. in New Georgia Community during a mass meeting with community stakeholders and residents, mainly youth, who will benefit from the project.

Wleh told the residents to undertake community-based projects that would benefit the residents rather than waiting on the government “to do all.”

“Don’t expect all from the government. This is while those of us in local authority often concentrate on community-based development programs, rather than expecting all from the government,” Commissioner Wleh told the jubilant residents.

In response, Humble Youth International executive director Ibrahim S.A. Sankoh expressed gratitude to Commissioner Wleh and the people New Georgia for the land.

Speaking on behalf of his colleagues, Sankoh promised to use the land to construct a modern carwash, which is expected to be the first ever modern carwash in the country, for the benefit and employment of the youth in the community.

The carwash would include a cafeteria, gift shop, a dressing room and toilet facility. Sankoh said that the project started September 1 this year and that residents are happy with the progress made so far.

The land was donated by Commissioner Wleh after he learnt during an interactive forum that Humble Youth International Inc. was in need of land space to construct the carwash, which is meant to create jobs for youths in the community and beyond.

Humble Youth International Inc. with support from the United Nations Peace-building Fund (PBF) concentrates its activities on peace-building, youth and women’s empowerment and rights advocacy. It is located on Peace Land Community, Jah Tondo Town, Brewerville City, outside Monrovia.

The organization was established in 2008 to, among other things, spread the message of peace, unity and prayers, ensuring that the consciousness of peace and stability is attained; to protect female youth from genital mutilation and promote gender equality; to address all forms of armed conflicts, violence against women and girls in Liberia, Sierra Leone, La Cote d’Ivoire and Guinea in particular, and the world in general.


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