New Garbage Stockpile Blocks Pipeline Road

Just a tip of the uncollected garbage that has virtually blocked the Pipeline road in Paynesville Redlight.

On the Pipeline Road of Red-light market, just before reaching the fence of the William Booth High School that is operated by the Salvation Army, stench from uncollected garbage stockpiles is sending visitors away from that part of Monrovia’s suburb, thus leaving some wondering how hundreds of sellers are able to cope with the menace.

Regular clearing of garbage has been a persistent headache for city cleaners over the years. With this situation, some marketeers in the Red-light district have no choice but to continue trading in the stench, while others have raised alarm over a huge stockpile of dirt that has been left in the area for days, if not months.  Marketeers say this is posing a threat to their health and well-being.

In separate interviews, some marketeers expressed fear of serious disease outbreak, as they are forced to eat and drink in this sort of foul-smelling environment as they go about their daily business transactions.

The marketeers feel that the presence of garbage stockpiles is causing serious health problems for them, in addition to preventing some customers from buying their goods amidst the outpouring of flies which spread diseases. Despite their complaints, the garbage stockpiles are yet to be removed.

The question that many are asking is whether any authority would care to intervene by removing the stockpiles of garbage as well as relocating marketeers who sell along that stretch of the tarred road. Due to the irregular presence of Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) workers to get rid of the garbage stockpiles, sellers have virtually blocked the road withpiles of uncollected refuse.


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