New FDA MD Reduces Salary by 15 Percent

FDA Managing Director, C. Mike Doryen

– Vows to pursue entity’s full autonomy status

Like President George Weah, who promised to reduce his presidential salary and benefits by 25 percent, the incoming managing director of the Forestry Development Authority (FDA), C. Mike Doryen, has announced reduction in his monthly salary by 15 percent.

Although, the MD’s salary is not disclosed, Doryen, who advanced several key points as pillars upon which the success of the entity would be based, he stressed the importance of the FDA in revenue generation, and because of that, he vowed to keep the torch of the entity uncompromisingly burning, given its relevance in the national economy.

Doryen challenged the employees to remain evermore focused in the spirit of love for country to make FDA an important part of the nation building process. He acknowledged the enormous sacrifices they have made over the years and pledged to ensure that their welfare in terms of good salary schemes and other benefits are prioritized as a way of motivating their spirit towards work.

Doryen made the remarks yesterday, February 1, when he officially took over as the new managing director appointed by President George Weah to steer the wheel of the entity.

As a nationalist and conservationist, Doryen said he believes in people’s welfare and their joy, as well as the sustainable management of the country’s forest resources. As such, he also promised to implement the government’s pro-poor policy, which is intended to see the ‘less privileged’ taking a step away from the poverty line.

“How much money does one need to live?” he asked rhetorically, noting, “I will take the lead by reducing my salary by 15 percent.” He therefore expressed the hope that other presidential appointees would follow suit.

Doryen also promised a succinct community relationship with the neighborhood while urging the employees to develop a sense of national belonging because, according to him, Liberia is all we have, irrespective of political affiliations.

“No one will be penalized for his/her political affiliation,” he assured the employees who gave the new MD a round of applause.

Henceforth, Mr. Doryen stressed that any official of the entity traveling outside the country will be restricted to ordinary class as opposed to business class air travel, as was being practiced by previous administrations. This, he said, would curb wasteful spending and save needed revenue for other tangible projects.

He promised to seek the possibility of reclaiming FDA’s full autonomy status, which was deleted during the 2006 National Forestry Reform process, and re-emphasized that there were lot of works and challenges confronting the entity, which requires an enabling financial capacity without which the desired growth and development would not be realized.

He called on the employees to embrace the new administration with the hope that a new day has dawned, a new vigor should be developed and a renewed sense of duty has commenced. He noted the efforts of his immediate predecessor and hoped to build upon the foundation they have built, while pledging an open arm to all partners in the forest sectors.

Debbie D.D. Moulton, the human resource (HR) manager, welcomed the incoming managing director for and on behalf of the workforce, and pledged their support to ensure a successful drive of the new administration.

The coming of the new MD, she said, excites the employees, “because we want to see tangibles and a truly new page in the life of the entity, which has and continues to give so much to the national economy.”

“Today marks yet another historic event in the life of the FDA and its family. It is historic because another new day has dawned and a new driver to steer the wheel of the entity is about to take the front seat,” she said.

According to HR Moulton, the coming of the new MD signifies that a new day has dawned, which promises to take the entity to another level as far as sustainable forest management is concerned.

“It can be safely pronounced that this day has been made possible and feasible by God almighty. We thank God for being the architect of peace in our land generally. We thank God that FDA has a greater share of the peace in terms of this peaceful transition from one administration the other,” Moulton declared.

It can be recalled that upon assuming the mantle of state power recently, President George Weah immediately mandated all human resource managers in government ministries and agencies to take charge, while new appointments in government were being effected.

“FDA being no exception to this executive directive, we therefore, in our capacity as human resource manager likewise assumed the caretaker responsibility, a task we have performed until this hour where a new corporate driver is about to mount the front seat and take charge. We are honored to extend out thanks and appreciation to President Weah for affording us the opportunity to serve in such capacity,” Moulton added.

In his first Annual Address to members of the 54th Legislature on Monday, January 29, President George Weah received thunderous applause from the lawmakers when he announced that he would reduce his monthly salary and benefits by 25 percent.


  1. Liberia is sick and it’s sad the sick country is not on life support! Where in the world do you have employees determining their own salaries, benefits, job description and when to show up for work and still be in business? The Liberian People are the Boss who elect these politicians. Therefore an independent citizens-led commission, not any politician, not even the president should be in the business of determining salaries & benefits of PUBLIC SERVANTS. The arbitrary salary reduction initiated by the president with absolutely no economic or social justification should never be applauded as a solution to the excessive salaries and benefits because it’s not a solution but a continuation of “business as usual. ” The system of governance in Liberia was designed by politicians for the benefit of politicians. The people need to wake up and go to conference to design a new system of governance that creates security and equal opportunities.

    • Isn’t it sad that most of them are concerned only about what they can grap? But let the not the people be troubled, for what is sowed is later reaped. There is time for everything under this sun.

      Some of them are not bothered or moved by anything. But the days of accountability will surely meet them here. No escaping to America because they will be pursued with the help of the America people. Leave them alone because they feel the power and authority lie in their palms. May God bless Liberia and may her exploiters be troubled.

    • He needs to tell us how much he makes. By reducing his unknown salary by 15% dose not make him a good man. We need to know how much they make. This is a country that does not have running water, sewer system, road network or electricity but officials are claiming to reduce their salary by 25 and 15 % when no one knows how much they make. That is bull shit.

  2. How much is the president salary and benefit? How much ministers and directors and the so-called representatives and senators make? Liberia is the only country I think, that no one knows how much its president, ministers, senators, representatives, and other top officials are paid.

    The president of the United States makes $400,000 a year, gets $50, 000 annual expense account, $100,000 nontaxable travel account and $19,000 for entertainment.
    The vice president makes $277,300, speaker of the house of representatives makes $223,500 and the Secretary of State makes $186,600.
    My question is how much dose the government of Liberia pays its ministers and other top officials? I heard the president saying he is going to reduce his salary and benefits by 25% while the MD at FDA is reducing his salary by 15%. How much do they make. These are public servants therefore the salary and other benefits should be public record as it is in the USA and other developed countries. For example, Theresa May makes 142,500 pound a year. The Chief Justice of the subprime court of the USA make $223,500 while the eight associate justices make $213,900. These are public records and anybody can get his or her hands on it at any time. Why not Liberia?
    Liberians need to know how much these people are paid.


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