New Face Surfaces in 2017 Presidential Race

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With the 2017 presidential and legislative elections approaching, there are several relatively unknown contenders stepping forward to enter the presidential race.

One such emerging contender for the highest office of the land is Mr. Richard Saye Miller, a Diaspora Liberian and a son of Nimba County.

It was over the weekend that Mr. Miller declared his intention for the presidency at a Press Conference in Monrovia. If he should meet all the requirements set forth by the National Elections Commission (NEC), he would bring to three the number of Nimbaians who are poised to contest for the presidency. He did not say whether he would contest as an independent candidate or which party ticket he would run.

Miller said since the establishment of Liberia, past and present leaders have not been able to seek the welfare of the Liberian people, although they would normally claim to love the nation. Instead, he said, Liberia has been considered a farm where the rulers sometimes look upon the citizens as their slaves.

He believes that if Liberians elect him president in 2017, his administration will ensure that the natural resources of the country will be managed properly for the growth and development of the nation and its people.

He said that the Unity Party (UP) led government has failed the Liberian people, adding: “Despite all the assistance the international community has provided to upgrade the living standards of the people, the people are still living under the poverty line,” adding, “Liberians are breaking rock for their livelihood.”

Mr. Miller, who holds an MBA as well as a master’s degree in environmental protection and safety management, claims to have 25 years of professional leadership experience. He said his administration would engage manufacturing industries that will create millions of jobs for the people.

He pledged that if elected, his leadership will serve the Liberian people and not deprive them of the opportunities to advance their livelihoods. His administration, he said, will ensure that basic social services are provided across the country for developmental purposes.

“It is unfortunate that Liberia has remained underdeveloped over the years as the result of mismanagement and inefficient national policies to enhance the development drive of the nation and its people,” he said.

Mr. Miller added that Liberia is more indebted now than when the UP came to power in 2006 “because of the economic model the government is using.” He said that his administration will position Liberians to engage in more exporting than importing of goods from other parts of the world.

The presidential hopeful said his government will rely mostly on renewable energy, rather than fuel producing energy, that will provide electricity to Liberians across the country. This, he said, will enhance the economic activities of the rural poor.

He vowed to prioritize science and technology in the education sector so Liberian students can be trained and prepared to participate in the manufacturing industries that he hopes to establish in the country “to export ‘Made in Liberia’ products to other parts of the world.”


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