New Election Watchdog of Experts Springs Up

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James M. Fromayan

A group comprising Liberian experts on elections has been set up to provide civic and voter education and monitor electoral activities in Liberia ahead of pending elections.  It is the second election monitoring organization after the Election Coordinating Committee (ECC) and possibly the only one with Liberian election experts including former National Elections Commission Chairman, James M. Fromayan, former NEC Commissioner Jonathan Weedor, as well as others including Lucia Massalee Yallah of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Center for Women and Development; Edwin W. Sarvice of the Program Delivery Unit (PDU) of former President Sirleaf; A. Blamoh Sieh, a former civil society leader and Civic Education Director at the NEC; and Yarsah G. Karmo-Fallah, former Assistant Superintendent for Development in Gbarpolu County.

The Center for Development and Election Management (CEDEM), initially the Edward Wilmot Blyden Center for Research and Development, seeks to liaise with the National Elections Commission (NEC) to achieve the objective of free, fair, and transparent elections.

As a not-for-profit grassroots organization dedicated to addressing challenges and finding real solutions to electoral and development issues, CEDEM is set to participate in the electoral process by focusing in the areas of civic and voter education, election observation and monitoring, consulting services to political parties and independent candidates, electoral law reform, and women’s participation in the electoral process.

CEDEM says it intends to also network with international electoral institutions such as the Electoral Divisions of ECOWAS, the African Union, the United Nations, the United States Agency for International Development and the European Union, in an effort to “Sustain the gains of the Democratic experiment” in Liberia.

With regard to the upcoming special senatorial election, CEDEM’s release issued over the weekend notes that, “… there is a compelling need to intervene in order to ensure the conduct of a viable civic and voter education exercise.  Liberia being a country of more than eighty percent illiteracy rate, the conduct of intensive civic and voter education would enable Liberians to make informed decisions.  With reference to election observation and monitoring, the need is even more urgent.”

For the last two years till now, Liberia’s political environment is volatile with a number of reported incidents of election violence and tense pre-campaign activities.  It may be recalled that in 2018 there was a violent clash in Montserrado District #13 by-election between supporters of the opposition and the ruling CDC that left several people injured.  In the said violence, Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee was accused of masterminding the violence, and Koijee, who had denied any connection with the violence, lambasted Justice Minister Musa Dean for not being effective in investigating the incident.

Also in Montserrado District #15 in 2019, opposition contestant in the by-election of that district, Teila Urey, was attacked by some believed to be supporters of the ruling party and her vehicle was damaged in the process. The incident took place in the presence of officers of the Liberia National Police who were fully clad in riot gear, but refused to intervene in the situation. Meanwhile, none of the violent perpetrators were arrested and investigated by the Justice Ministry.

Recently in Clara Town where Montserrado County Senator Darius Dillon had gone to meet with his supporters, some individuals believed to be loyal to the ruling party attacked the Senator and his supporters with stone throwing, causing pandemonium.  Dillon, a popular Senator expected to contest the upcoming senatorial election against the ruling party, praised the police this time for saving him during the violent attack.

With these incidents characterizing the current political atmosphere in Liberia, CEDEM said: “The prevailing political atmosphere as the country gears up for the pending Senatorial Election is so tense making the eventuality of election-related violence apparent.  To reverse this growing negative trend, there is a dire need for the pending Senatorial Election to be independently observed and monitored.”

CEDEM has written the NEC seeking its indulgence for collaboration to monitor and provide civic education on the election.  While it awaits a response from the NEC now headed by Davidetta Browne-Lasannah, who the opposition community claims is loyal to the ruling party, CEDEM in the mean time says it is vigorously mobilizing resources in support of its civic and election observation programs.

CEDEM’s experts believe that Liberia has a different election history when it comes to civic education and that its involvement in monitoring and civic education would make a significant mark.

“The case pertaining to the Electoral jurisdiction of Liberia is peculiar as it relates to Civic Education. Unlike many countries within the West African sub-region such as Ghana where there is greater attention accorded civic education evidenced by the establishment of a National Commission on Civic Education, the case of Liberia is different.  The Liberian situation regards civic education as a part-time activity of the National Elections Commission, even though resources provided the Election Management Body (EMB) is usually inadequate.”

“Considering the serious time limitation associated with the conduct of the pending Senatorial  Election coupled with the limited level of funding so far provided the NEC, it is obvious that many activities inclusive of Civic education that must be thoroughly executed to ensure that an election is conducted consistent with International Standard will not be achieved.  As a consequence, there is a dire need for CSOs intervention to ensure that the pending Senatorial Election is conducted in a nonsymbolic manner,” said CEDEM.


  1. The remnants of Mrs Sirleaf in Edwin Fromoyan and other died hard Unity party
    protégé are morally incapable of regulating any elections monitoring.

    Mrs Sirleaf and her beneficiaries must give peace a chance !

    Fromoyan should be conscious of his discredited elections legacy that nearly threw Liberia into war and abstain from elections meddling!

    • Very interesting and peculiar, that “Mr. Smith” and breed have nothing to hide about the conduct of the pending election, will abhor another set of eyes to prove them right about any suspected and anticipated impartiality. A monitoring group comprising of experts on elections, ought to be welcomed and appreciated for having the ability to certify and accredit elections, thereby legitimizing the winner(s) and forestalling any potential skirmishes or violence that may have erupted otherwise over unacceptable outcome. So which is preferable “Mr. Smith,” peacemakers to forestall election violence, or peacekeepers after election violence? But thank God, your opinion is meaningless for all that matters, “Mr. Smith.”

  2. Demster Yallah aka Peter Gboyo, you better just close up. What Mr. Smith White is saying is the gospel truth! Is it not not the truth and the fact that James Fromoyan, Weedor and your wife Lucia Massaley Yallah are on record for being stooges and remnants of the Unity Party and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf? That is the gospel truth, you evil fool.

    The fact that because you Dempster Yallah,James Fromoyan, and Lucia Massaley Yallah (who later became your wife) lived in the same shack in Lakpazee on the Airfield before, does not qualify them as any good intentioned people. Is Fromoyan not on record for credibility and integrity problem? He is on record for that! Mr. SMith White´s opinion is meaningful. And yours is useless and selfish.

  3. The Center for Development and Election Management (CEDEM) seeks to liaise with the National Elections Commission (NEC) to achieve the objective of free, fair, and transparent election.

    Corrupt James Fromoyan to “liaise with the NEC”? Davidetta Brown Lansannah and Teeplah Reeves, do not give any credence to this Ellen Johnson Sirleaf CEDEM machination to contaminate the NEC while finding job for Fromoyan and his gang, and ensuring that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf have some leverage over the NEC.

  4. Peter Gboyo

    Liberia is divided and backward mostly because of enduring elitist mentality. The question becomes, why didn’t you guys suggest a “monitoring group” to “certify and accredit elections, thereby legitimizing the winner(s)” before Hon. James Fromoyan escaped after a reportedly election fiasco? Our country has election rules and laws; they governed the 2014 senatorial race and 2019 by-election that got Dillon into the Senate. This proposed “monitoring group” can be a watchdog or whatever within their provisions – rubbish!

  5. That is THE MENACE, Mr. moses!: the elitist mentality!!! Throughout history, privileged and powerful sectors have never liked democracy! This is why this anti CDC is all about!
    And that is because democracy puts power into the hands of the general population and takes it away from the privileged and the powerful.

    Hence, amid the erections and credible organizations as the Carter Foundation, UN Election Observer Missions, those of the AU, EU, ETC. ETC. Ellen Johnson and her gang of their ACDL/NPFL had to destroy Liberia.

    Knowing that the CDC´S electoral power is invincible and is bound to enjoy and triumphant continuity in years or decades , they the elites to give credence to their possible diabolical defeatist cry when beaten by the masses and rejected by the people, must erect such nonsense call CEDEM headed by an Ellen Johnson Sirleaf´s stooge James Fromoyan!

    But this is the same fool James Fromoyan who would have been slaughtered by the electorate for his thievery and lack of integrity, had his behind not been smuggled out of Liberia when he served as a chairman-stooge of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and their anti-democratic so called Unity Party years ago.

    But what happened to these elitist political flunkies, shall be more and more beaten into their empty skulls whether they the elites like it or not! For both the Liberian people and the international community, together with the powerful capitals, the credible election observers across the globe and within the major supranational organizations, etc. as the Carter Foundation, UN Election Observer Missions, those of the AU, EU, ETC. ETC are ever-ready to ensure that democracy puts power into the hands of the general population and take it away from the elites despite their elitist mentality or elitist mindset!

  6. Mr. Moses, besides the fact that James Fromoyan is too much of a criminal and too corrupt to head any entity regarding elections, the multiplications of entities of the same objective and goal beyond necessity (as is the case with the springing up of this nonsense called CEDEM) IS SIMPLY, BESIDES ITS USELESSNESS, A PLOY BY THE LOSERS OF THE LAST ELECTIONS TO CAUSE CONFUSION. But of course, its a DOA. Government and the NEC should simply IGNORE IT.

  7. True Nationalist,

    You hit the nail so hard on the head that Peter Gboya should be suffering from migraines.

    • Suffer not what is left of your one cell atrophied brain Mr. Baghdad Moses, over the wellbeing of Peter Gboyo. He is thriving just fine, notwithstanding the trolling agenda by you and fellow reptilians.

      I can bet you my last $39.21 in my bank account, Mr. Baghdad Moses, there would have been no squealing as you and fellow pathetic pigheads display now, were Mr. Fromayan and team of experts a group of engineers or medical doctors volunteering their services anywhere in Liberia as they do now, including even the executive mansion. And why? Because cheating would not be any factor then to you and your benefactors and irregardless of whether they were all scions of Ellen’s, or any others. So you could care less.

      So the frenzy over the presence of this same group as nothing but extra eyes in an election that promises to be all but free and fair, and by virtue of what we’ve seen thus far, is quite understandable. And never mind the fact none of these people will be in charge of any ballot box, or voting precinct or playing any magisterial role in the election. Theirs will be nothing beyond the same observatory role by the rest of the election monitors from Liberia and elsewhere. But, of course, with what sinister motive and plans are afoot, even a committee comprising religious leaders will be denounced and objected. Bunch of slobbering dolts wanting to be left alone even as they continue to drive Liberia in reverse?

      As for especially you, Mr. Baghdad Moses, you know the alternative when all these open legitimate efforts fail or are thwarted. The government Volvo you failed to sell in Freetown may still be there waiting for you. Need I say more? Thank you.

  8. Dempster Yallah aka Peter Gboyo, you just stop boring people with your disgusting idiocy and smelly elitist hypocrisy. If “Theirs (incompetent Fromoyan and his fellow stooges and opportunists) will be nothing beyond the same observatory role by the rest of the election monitors from Liberia and elsewhere”, THEN WHY MULTIPLY ENTITIES BEYOND NECESSITY??

    You guys have one thing in common: very stupid nihilists and mentally illiterate people who in your selfish elitist mentality display chronic ignorance and disgusting idiocy as made evident in your contradictory disposition here and this lackadaisical CEDEM and as I have pointed out above regarding job seekers multiplying NEEDLESS ENTITIES BEYOND NECESSITY??

    Mr. Moses, these are very boring and ignorant idiots having no idea about their own laws and constitution as they have miserably displayed in discussions on LNBA not knowing it is not an institutional group, but a mere associational group; hence lacks the powers of disbarring anyone from practicing law in Liberia or anywhere in the world.


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