New Direction for Diana E. Davis High


Close to 900 students of the Diana E. Davis elementary, junior and senior high school in Brewerville, outside Monrovia, are offering an educational experience that Liberian parents have always wanted for their children.

Principal Raymond Godfrey said from a low student population of 160, his administration has been able to increase enrollment to 900.
“We have been able to convince the community here and many parents that we are in for serious business,” Godfrey said in an interview last Saturday at the school’s campus.

As part of his encouraging initiatives, the school boasts of instructors with the minimum qualification of Bachelor of Science degree. “We are not doing things like business as usual because we are aware that building Christian virtues of honesty and appreciation for hard work demands consistent enforcement of realistic values in our students,” he said.

It was due to such valued expectations from students that he recently ordered the three-day suspension of 41 12th grade students who did not appreciate the new but improved changes that were taking place in the school.
“We have begun a process to ensure that our students succeed in future examinations, either at the West African Examination Council or elsewhere,” Godfrey said. “As a result, we are making sure that our students are well prepared for any future challenges.”

The school is making learning an exciting experience. There are debating clubs and choir groups and an improved cafeteria is located near the campus.
“We have solar power and the school has light every day,” Principal Godfrey noted. “In addition, we also have well equipped computer and science labs as well as a furnished and stocked library. And I can tell you that our students are having the best of time in their studies.”

He said the school is expecting a consignment of books from a group in Germany. A phone booth is located at the campus for students’ convenience.

According to Principal Godfrey, the school has introduced extracurricular activities, including sports, since mental exercise must be complemented with physical training.
“Our basketball court is almost complete and we have kickball and soccer teams,” he said. “Everything that is done or being developed at the school is supported by the Parent Teachers Association, whose members participate in activities of their children.”

He revealed that a scholarship program is being developed for students who make the Principal’s Honor Roll List. “Such students will be offered one-year scholarships.”
“We are striving to change negative attitudes to positive ones,” Godfrey said, “and we must start to develop attitudes that are measured with godly principles right here in the school.”

These improved ideas are supported by the school’s proprietor, Madam Diana E. Davis, who is actively involved in the improvements and achievements the school is experiencing.
“The Lord Jesus Christ,” she said, “is the real owner of the school.” But when it was pointed out that as the proprietor, she is the Lord’s earthly representative she was beside herself with laughter.
The school is also equipped with reliable security personnel.

A former soccer captain of St. Joseph’s Warriors and Lone Star fame, Principal Raymond Godfrey recently returned home after more than 30 years in the United States. He told the Daily Observe that he has set his sights to lead the Diana E. Davis

Elementary, Junior and Senior High School to help Liberia in its quest to provide better education for its future leaders.
Godfrey holds a PhD degree in human service management and a Master’s in human service administration.


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