“New Day for Liberia”


The former Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia, Dr. J. Mills Jones, on Saturday said there is a new day for Liberia and Liberians must stand firm together to be able to achieve what they want for the country.

He made the statement last Saturday at his residence in Marshall, Margibi County, after he received a petition from thousands of Liberians under the banner, United Liberians Concerned about the Future (ULCAF), to contest for the 2017 presidential elections.

He spoke about equal opportunities for all Liberians and said his faith is in the hands of the Almighty and so “I am not going to live without any anxiety.”

“We are where we are because failed leadership; failed leadership of the political class, traditional politicians and business as usual; politicians got us where we are today, but we can tell them that enough is enough,” he said.

He pointed out that it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that every citizen is provided the chance to develop his or her capabilities.

Presenting the petition to him, the group’s spokesperson, Ms. Susan Dahnkuon, urged him not to turn down their request, because “You have performed well as one of Liberia’s patriotic sons; and therefore, we call on you to accept our call to contest for the presidency during the pending 2017 general and presidential elections.”

Dr. Jones has demonstrated a high level of commitment and he has the ability to solve problems, including corruption that continues to stall Liberia’s progress, said Ms. Dahnkuon.

She explained that Dr. Jones showed exemplary leadership at the CBL by initiating and championing a financial inclusion policy to benefit the country.

The microloan program under his leadership at the bank, she said, contributed immensely to ordinary Liberians, including but not limited to market women and poor people.

“Your good work at the CBL speaks for you because you want to see all Liberians lifted from economic slavery that has troubled the Liberian people for too long,” she declared.

Ms. Dahnkuon said ULCAF does not want to be part of a generation that does not refer to history or be a people that “(does not) believe in a better future and will not exhibit personal and moral responsibility to make it so.”

The 2017 election will be about credible and responsible change in the national leadership of Liberia, she said, pointing out that for a long time, “Negligible but powerful individuals have opposed change.”

Dr. Jones’s visionary leadership is well reflected in the availability of banking services in all parts of the country, with at least one financial institution in each of the 15 counties; and the courage to complete the erection of the new CBL headquarters, which is the most modern building in Liberia, she added.

If he could accomplish these landmark achievements just as head of the banking sector, “We hold no doubt that you can lead a real transformative agenda to improve Liberia and Liberians to take a realistic foothold in owning and controlling their economy,” contended Dahnkuon.

She expressed dissatisfaction with the state of affairs in Liberia and pointed out that Liberians need a president with ideas and not the one that will inundate them with slogans, jingles and adverts.

The jubilant citizens at the ceremony said Dr. Jones is the right man to lead Liberia after the tenure of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

The program, which was held under the theme, “Dr. J. Mills Jones, come out from your home and retirement; Liberians need you for service,” brought together people from grassroots and community based organizations across the country.

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