New CSO Launched to Explore Children’s Talent

Kids and their parents, including some prominent citizens who attended the official launch of the Amazing Generation Initiatives, Inc in Monrovia

A new Civil Society organization, Amazing Generation Initiatives Inc, whose primary aim is to explore the hidden talents of Liberian kids, has been launched in Monrovia.  

The Amazing Generation Initiatives Inc, which was first initiated during the COVID-19 pandemic to bring kids together from various schools in Paynesville and its environs in order to teach them and better explore their hidden talents, was officially launched on Saturday, November 21, 2020, in Paynesville.

At the official launch, the organization’s Executive Director, Omar R. Sanga, said during the COVID-19 pandemic schools, Churches and Mosques were all closed but books, Bibles and Qurans were not closed.

According to Mr. Sanga, being a classroom teacher was a wise thing to help these kids to develop their hidden talents. “We want Liberian children to be self-conscious to know that they have brilliant talents and if someone top upon these talents they will surface,” he said.

The organization, he said, is involved with training young children, especially girls and to enlighten the minds so that they can see themselves as first providers of their own security.  He said for example, “If a child goes out and someone tries to touch them immorally, the child will not keep it to themselves; but will be able to inform the parents and guidance, that along is a self-security.”

He stated that if these children can follow the organization’s pattern of teaching, they will be responsible and security-minded and be aware while they grow up in their community.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sanga has disclosed that the organization is challenged due to the lack of logistics such as stationery, video cameras among other things.

Mr. Sanga, however, used the occasion to call on Liberia’s First Lady, Madam Clar Marie Weah and other philanthropists to help the organization as they strive to nurture these kids.

“We also want video cameras and other materials to help us do live recordings so that other parents can see and be impressed to bring their kids as well.”

Mr. Sanga is optimistic that a few years from now, these kids will see themselves as amazing and different in terms of behavior change, as well as become the first providers of their own security on their own and also be a role model to other kids who are coming up.

Little Leila Renner, who spoke on behalf of her colleagues during the event

Young Leila Renner, who spoke on behalf of her colleagues during the event valued literacy as a cardinal pillar and see good communication skills as an impetus for expressing feelings.

She said over the past few months the organization has trained her how to talk about issues of interest and concerns regarding rape, domestic violence and other sex-related violence in communities.

She explained that they meet every Saturday as a group, and they are involved with rigorous training in reading and speaking, something she said has helped many of them to be equipped mentally.

She indicated that the Amazing Generation Inc. does not only improve their skills because they are not concerned only about its immediate surroundings but equally worry about other children who live behind the scene and do not have the opportunity to be heard beyond the confine of their community.

“We go out and conduct the interview outside our community, do video recording and speak on the radio regarding issues on the basis of evidence, and by doing this we hope to bring to the attention of every Liberian and the rest of the world the true face of what other underprivileged children are going through rather than to wait for someone to interpret for us.”


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