New Book on Liberia’s Role in Diplomacy to Be Released Soon

John S. M. Yormie, officer-in-charge of the Gabriel L. Dennis Foreign Service Institute and author, Liberia In The Colorful World of Diplomacy

John Yormie, an emerging Liberian diplomat’s debut book, Liberia In The Colorful World of Diplomacy, is set to be released in about weeks.

The book by Yormie, officer-in-charge of the Gabriel L. Dennis Foreign Service Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, explores Liberia’s roles in the formation of major international organizations such as the United Nations (UN) and the African Union (AU).

The rest of the book explores local policies and how they could be tied into a larger foreign policy framework that works for the improvement of the country.

Mr. Yomie said the book is intended to ignite the desire in scholars to research the most significant roles Liberia played and questions why that narrative is all but forgotten or a sad footnote in history.

“This book seeks to ignite a desire amongst Liberians, especially the youth, to develop an interest in the glorious history of Liberia,” Mr. Yormie said. “Cognizant of the challenges we faced as a nation and people, I still believe that Liberia’s role on the larger stage in the international community must be told, retold and enshrined for posterity.”

Liberia in the Colorful World of Diplomacy is expected to be released on March 15. Subsequently, at least a thousand physical copies should have hit all the major local book vendors and the rest of the literary network.

Mr. Yormie, who is also a the Executive Director of the Liberia Research and Development Network, says the importance of the upcoming book can’t be overemphasized, as most of the country’s youthful population does not have a full understanding or appreciation of Liberia’s place within the sub-regional, continental and international scenes.

“It is important the youth of this country be taught the critical roles Liberia has played in the formation of several international bodies, including the MRU, ECOWAS, OAU (now AU) and League of Nations and now the United Nations. They need to be proud of the successes of their ancestors,” Mr. Yormie added.


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