New Apostolic Church Identifies with 3 Orphanages

Selley Town Orphanage Home was happy to have received the gift items.

The New Apostolic Church has donated gifts comprising foodstuffs, toiletries and copy books valued US$5,000 to three orphanages in Upper Montserrado County.

The homes are Selly Town Orphanage Home, the Clay Ashland Children’s Home, and Jartu Town Orphanage and Educational Center.

Alexander Wreh, who made the presentation, expressed happiness for being able to identifying with the administrations of the orphanages. He said the mission of the church is to propagate the word of God and sometimes through giving.

Apostle Wreh added that, although the church is registered as a religious institution, it is also the will of God for one to help his neighbor, especially if the neighbors are less fortunate.

He revealed to beneficiaries that the donations were sponsored by the Jorg Wolf Foundation (JWF), a German-based entity, as its way of identifying with underprivileged people throughout the world.

The Apostle emphasized that the donations were meant for the hungry and needy; and after realizing that most children are suffering in this part of the world, this is made the church to assist.

He added that the church does not receive funds from government, but from members of the congregation and the Jorg Wolf as humanitarians.

The Apostle implored the beneficiaries to be grateful to God, the creator of and provider for all, stressing “that God will remain to be generous to humans if they continue to be grateful to him.”

He also admonished the beneficiaries to be grateful to the founders of the orphanages, as it is not easy to see people making such sacrifices, especially to assist children who they are not related to.

The foundation has, for over three years through the church, been identifying with the needy, making specific reference to underprivileged children, Wreh said.

He reminded the homes about their annual donation to orphanages throughout the country, naming Grand Bassa, Margibi, Nimba, Montserrado and Bong as some of the counties where people have earlier benefited.

The Apostle climaxed the handing-over with prayers for the beneficiaries.

Upon receiving the donations, in separate remarks, the caretaker of the Selly Town Orphanage Home, Madam Mary Sinnatuah expressed appreciation to the New Apostolic Church.

Madam Sinnatuah revealed that the Selly Town Orphanage houses over 50 children, who are within the ages of 0-18, and that the donations were highly important and timely.

Madam Sinnatuah recounted with dismay that, on several occasions, people had visited the orphanage and taken photos of the children with the promise of helping them, but they never returned, nor did she hear from them again.

She called on government and other donors to copy the good thing done by New Apostolic Church.

In other remarks, the heads of the Clay Ashland Children Home and the Jartu Town Orphanage and Educational Center thanked the New Apostolic Church for the donations, and they added that it was as a result of God’s blessing that they were chosen to be among the beneficiaries.

Both recipients promised utilizing the gifts for their required purposes.


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