New Action Group Vows to Change Liberia

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A newly formed non-political organization, Action for Democracy and Development (ADD), has vowed to change the country’s development and democracy to a practical system.

The group’s agenda, according to its members, is to advocate, consult and take actions that will help change the way of life in Liberia through participation of all.

ADD is comprised of people with no political intent, and will not serve as a campaigner for any politician.

A member of the group, Nathaniel Kwabo, who read the statement of purpose at the launch said, “The founding of the Liberian State posed a multiplicity of tough choices, and since independence, it has continued to be confronted with seemingly insurmountable challenges and missed opportunities.”

Mr. Kwabo noted that like many other nations or states, Liberia has endured a past characterized by good, bad, dangerous and in some cases tragic experiences.

Despite the difficult periods in the country’s history, he said Liberians have made some strides.

“We overcame two politically difficult challenges changing the course of our country in a single generation. We fought a civil war, and as one of a few countries, have managed to keep the peace for more than a decade once we agreed to put an end to war. Then we crashed the glass ceiling of women’s political ascendency in Africa and set the pace for African women,” he pointed out.

He explained further that most recently, Liberians again stood together to combat the deadly Ebola virus disease (EVD). Of the three worst affected countries within the Mano River Basin, Liberia was the first to free itself of the virus for a while; not just once but twice.

“It is out of this spirit of endurance that we must now find the courage to work together, to learn from each other and to build a new Liberia that speaks to our collective needs, aspirations and desires to build a new society.

That society is one in which we are a great humanity challenging ourselves to reverse the difficult past and work for each other. It would promote a new politics of civility and not hostility; and a new dispensation that rejects mediocrity and encourages excellence, dedication and discipline,” he maintained.

Mr. Kwabo said, “We are of diverse backgrounds that share a common concern about the future of our country, and are united in our determination to work together to realize the full potential and endowment of our country and shape its future towards greater achievements and development.”

The ADD group is comprised of members with like minds who intend to provide a credible platform that encourages the promotion of new thinking on which Liberians can express alternative views regarding the country’s future.

ADD also seeks to work in sustaining five major shared values including justice, integrity, responsibility, participation and solidarity.

ADD’s commitment to equality goes beyond mere espousal to ensuring that equality is institutionalized and consistently reflected in making and implementing every law or policy, according to the organization’s statement of objectives.

“We believe that justice without delay, fear or favour is indispensable to rule of law, democracy, peace, and social harmony. Ensuring that justice is done is therefore a critical path to genuine peace, national reconciliation and sustainable development,” Kwabo emphasized.

The president of the Civil Society Organizations of Liberia, Ms. Frances Greaves, urged members of the group to disregard criticisms, undermining and disappointment to forge ahead with their goals if they mean good for Liberia’s future.


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