Nettie Peters’ Alleged Killer Testifies


    Jefferson Dahn, who is accused of stabbing to death Antoinette Nettie Peters, took the witness stand, on Thursday June 5, alleging that the victim was murdered by her boyfriend, Bonfrer Adidee, a Ugandan UNMIL civilian staff.

    Dahn, a private security guard employed by Adidee, was indicted for allegedly murdering Nettie in early January 2013.

    Testifying in the murder case at Criminal Court ‘A’ at the Temple of Justice, defendant Dahn explained that while he was performing his normal duty, his bossman, Adidee, approached him and said he wanted him, Dahn, to do something for him.

    He alleged that Adidee did not tell him what he Adidee wanted him (Dahn) to do during the discussion.

    Instead, he asked him to open the compound gate, got into his vehicle and left that morning for work at the UNMIL head office.

    Following his departure, Dahn further alleged that the victim, Nettie asked him to buy her a Comium scratch card, which, according to him, he did, but was gone for several hours.

    He claimed that before leaving the compound, he left the gate key with the victim.

    He also explained to the court that after he returned with the scratch card, he met the compound locked and he decided to knock on the gate.

    Surprisingly, he claimed, his boss Adidee, who had left for work, opened the gate and asked him to enter the compound.

    When he entered, Dahn alleged Adidee asked him where he was coming from.

    “And I answered him that Nettie sent me to buy her scratch card,” Dahn explained to the Court.

    “He instructed me to follow him into his living room, and I did,” Dahn further narrated.

    When both of them entered the living room, Dahn alleged that Adidee asked him to go in his bed room and bring Nettie outside.

    “I refused to obey his order and asked him since I started work with him, he had never asked us to do such a thing. Why it is that he wants me to do that,” the defendant further alleged.

    Dahn claimed that after he refused to bring Nettie outside of Adidee’s bedroom, his bossman offered a dell laptop, two phones and a bag containing US$600, but he again refused the offer.

    He further claimed that the UNMIL staff also left his bundle of key with him, but could not say what he wanted him to do with the keys.

    While he and Adidee were in the living room, Dahn alleged that his UNMIL bossman said to him, “Dahn go bring two glasses, which I did.”

    The Defendant in his testimony alleged that when brought the two glasses to Adidee, he (Adidee) asked him to open his freezer (ice box) and bring to him a bottle of juice, which he did.

    “Adidee took the bottle of juice and put it into the two glasses and asked both of us to drink.”

    After drinking the juice, Dahn alleged “I fell asleep in his living room, and upon waking up I could not see anyone, neither hear a voice.”

    He added, “While sitting in the living room, it was when I saw blood spreading from Adidee’s room into the living room.”

    “I then took the bundle of key and opened the door, and it was when I saw Nettie lying on the floor dead,” defendant Dahn explained to the court.

    “I hurriedly came outside and called one of my friends, Nickerson Tomah, and I explained everything that had happened in the compound to him.”

    Closing arguments are to follow on a date yet to be announced by the Court, after which the jury will render its verdict.


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