It appears that the NEC is insisting that there is nothing to clean up on the Final Registration Roll (FRR), contrary to a mandate by the Supreme Court.

As preparations for the runoff election get underway, it appears that the National Elections Commission (NEC) seems unwilling to comply with the Supreme Court’s mandate to cleanup the Final Registration Roll (FRR) before the holding of the runoff election. NEC Chairman Korkoya’s continued insistence that the FRR is flawless and needs no cleanup was rebuffed by the Unity Party (UP) as well as the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) according to reliable sources.

Sources say a meeting convened over the weekend by NEC with representatives from the UP and the CDC ended inconclusively as the NEC Chairman had no prepared agenda — as would have been expected — outlining procedures to be agreed and adopted  by both parties for the cleanup of the FRR, as mandated by the Supreme Court of Liberia in its recent ruling.

Further, according to sources, the NEC Chairman, when requested to produce the FRR for scrutiny by the parties, failed to do so insisting outrightly that the FRR was indeed clean and stood in no further need of any cleanup as recommended and mandated by the Supreme Court. Prior to the Supreme Court ruling, NEC Executive Director Lamin Lighe had repeatedly said that despite the public outcry, there was nothing wrong with the FRR.

In his words, “We have respect for the Supreme Court but it is good for us all to firstly establish the fact that there is actually a need to clean up the FRR. Is it not established today that the names of many voters which could not be found on the FRR earlier due to their wrong queuing for the October 10 elections later found? We have said and continue to say that that there is nothing wrong with the FRR.”

Mr. Lighe has further argued that the few lapses the FRR has do not amount to a need for its nullification, more so in the name of a cleanup. He said the same multiple ID numbers used by voters across the country came due to some technical problems but promised that the Commission has put in place mechanism to curtail the many challenges experienced. He noted further that NEC is a law abiding agency and as such it is willing to follow what is right.

But the inclusive results of the meeting held over the weekend with representatives of UP and CDC during which Chairman Korkoya refused to provide for scrutiny, copy of  the FRR which he claims is spotless, clearly contradicts any claims whatsoever by NEC Executive Director Lamin Lighe that NEC is a law abiding agency.

When contacted for comment on the matter, a representative of the UP/Boakai campaign team (name withheld) informed the Daily Observer that the meeting was indeed held but no decisions were reached because the Chairman had no agenda which would have formed the basis for discussion. He said that attempts to convince Chairman Korkoya to produce the FRR in NEC’s possession proved futile as he (Korkoya) refused to accommodate their request.

When contacted for comment, NEC spokesperson, Henry Flomo confirmed that the meeting was indeed held but he refused to divulge details of the meeting for fear of his comments being taken out of context by people he did not name. He suggested instead that the Daily Observer contact others who attended the meeting.

For his part, the CDC national chairman, Nathaniel McGill when contacted said he was not at the meeting but had Moses Kollie, an executive of the party, was represented the CDC there. He declined to submit Kollie’s cell phone number for inquiry and as such the CDC’s official reaction to this latest development could not be addressed.

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen whether the CDC and UP, jointly or singly would again seek the intervention of the Court to have its decision and mandate enforced. Some legal experts believe that any of the parties could elect to exercise such option and, even if the Supreme Court under the circumstances does grant relief, enforcement will ultimately fall on the shoulders of the Executive whose impartiality in this matter has been questioned and in some cases openly chastised.

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David S. Menjor is a Liberian journalist whose work, mainly in the print media has given so much meaning to the world of balanced and credible mass communication. David is married and interestingly he is also knowledgeable in the area of education since he has received some primary teacher training from the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute (KRTTI). David, after leaving Radio Five, a broadcast media outlet, in 2016, he took on the challenge to venture into the print media affairs with the Dailly Observer Newspaper. Since then he has created his own enviable space. He is a student at the University of Liberia.


  1. Elections can be a foundation for peace when held in a free, fair and transparent atmosphere, and the results are tenable, credible and convincing. Or an albatrooss for frustration, confrontation, provocation, violence and chaos when officials appear to be scheming, deceitful, biased and dishonest in any impactful way. For the NEC officials to deny the discrepancies and errors recognized by all and in spite of their “inconsequential” impact on the outcome of the first round election as decreed by the Supreme Court, it is foolhardy for the NEC to ignore and downplay the gravity of this situation by this level of bluff and reckless dismissiveness. President Sirleaf, our legislators and international stakeholders should not sit by idly and let this Korkoya man plunge Liberia into another turmoil, and simply because he does not have the capacity to recognize the danger in his reckless disregard of reality. Mr. Korkoya continues to prove to us everyday by his every action that he is incapable of handling this all-important election. To avoid or preempt another round of protest by any side in the coming election, it will be a stitch in time were president Sirleaf to acknowledge the gathering storm generated by Mr. Korkoya’s demonstrated incompetence, and replace him as chair of the NEC without any further delay. Better we hurt the feeling of one man as a corrective measure in this scenario, than mopping the blood and tears of hundreds of Liberians as a result of this one man’s incompetence and defiance on top of that.

    • H. Snyder; truth-that! The most HONORABLE THING J.G.Korkoya can do at this time, is to separate himself from the Elections Commission. Under current circumstances, J.G.K is no longer trust worthy. The findings of Liberia’s Supreme Court indicate that there were elections irregularities under the watch of Cllr. J.G.Korkoya. That’s enough reason for the Liberian People to lose confidence in JGK’s capability to continue as chairman; Liberia’s Elections Commission. J.G.K; For love of Country-Liberia; step down now. The FISH rots from the HEAD. Haven’t you heard? Thanks! for your service…

  2. Ellen Sirleaf and her cohorts continue to play Russian Roulette with our future. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason for Jerome Korkoya to refuse the Supreme Court’s clean up the FRR; unless doing so will abort the plan that was hatched on September 24th at the private resident of President Sirleaf when the ballot boxes arrived…to preload the FRR with pre-marked ballots in favor of CDC. Korkoya’s refusal to comply with the Court’s order signals a sinister plan to cheat. It is my recommendation that UP petitions the Court to have the FRR placed in the hands of a neutral party or the Court until the date of the Runoff.

  3. What would be their legacy at NEC? If they were to leave today, would they be leaving with a sense of satisfaction that they brought about many transformational changes, both internally and externally, in the management of elections thus making the institution strong. If they left today, would both gentlemen have any sense of pride that they have enhanced NEC’s reputation in winning the trust and confidence of the Liberian people and our international partners. Well, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Liberia pretty much said that both gentlemen were grossly incompetent.

    To say that the Chairman and Executive Director of NEC are incompetent would be an understatement. In the real world, both gentlemen would have been terminated a long time ago, because they lack the courage and dignity to resign for gross incompetent. What a freaking SHAME.

  4. NEC is part of the enforcement and execution of the incumbents 34% power sharing now under the control of the silent majority. It is not the concern or prerogative of any solidarity nation or any individual, party, organization, observer or spy or any interferer to monitor the activities or demand final interpretation of our elections laws, accept the Liberian silent majority 54% wish over sees the active Presidential transition. ECOWAS should report to the Togolese man (leader) now in charge for any ECOWAS observation and stay on their trade side. When our election is over we will talk about guest and friendship from any nation on this planet. We need to eradicate dictatorship in Africa and the world and honor the secrecy of member states cultures once again instead of going around look for states and picking on other states. Liberians Run-off is only for Liberians secret heritage. NEC a Liberian organization is aware of its executive duty and does not have to tell anyone or show any media when the process to complete this run-off will be announced. NEC has received its Jurisprudence interpretation and the Executive branch of the Liberian people can hear and some can read and write. The Executive is moving ahead with its function. The Liberian electoral law has the time. The public plus private should pay them no mind and go ahead with daily activities in peace without trouble, selling their markets, eating your food, playing, reading for yourselves, sleeping good, doing what ever you got to do taking care of health until the time is announced to exercise your freedom of choice (to vote for or not to vote for) in peace and tranquility for prosperity. Our Executive digger and cutlass will protect fully under the control of this silent secret Liberian Presidential majority our pallet NEC until the new factual President is elected and inaugurated, no matter what you try to stir up or do. Do not bring your Legislative or Judicial function here either. The Executive branch of the Liberian Government has its own function. Stay out of executive grounds until we find our new President.
    Contact the people of Liberia to explain to you. Do not answer my box; speak or write in other Liberian languages, if you cannot understand my own.
    Gone in silence.

  5. As Liberian continue to go through the tough times from the impasse created by Brumkins and his friends, it is very important to know the role some of our politicians have played in the CAOS that we find our self in today as Liberian. We have read over and over that VOTING FOR CDC, IS VOTING FOR REBEL PARTY. Because Jowel Taylor is Weah’s running mate. So Boikai is the only clean man? Let us look at Boikai record for a bit.

    Does any Liberian know Francois Massaquoi? He was the Sports Minister during the 5 men Coucil of States 1995 to 1997. It was Francios Massaquoi, Tamba Taylor Jr. ( the elder son of the late kissi Chief, Tamba Taylor), Joseph Boikai ( present VP) and Kerkula Kpoto Jr. who pleaded to Charles Taylor in early 1993 to provide the citizens of Lofa with arms to protect themselves against ULIMO. Out of this plead the LDF ( LOFA DEFENCE FORCE) was created. A New Democrat New Paper of April 09, 1993 had a headline: “Lofa Citizen Request Help From NPFL to Defend County”. There is a photograph of Joseph Boikai, Francoi Massaquoi, Tamba Taylor Jr. and Kerkula Kpoto Jr. The copy of that paper is with me. I m going to DHL it to the Frontpage Africa and The Daily Observer to Monrovia. Let every Liberian see how many SKELLETONS some our “GOOD and CLEAN MEN”, have in closets.

    You can go ahead and vote for your candidate, but do not paint others with a “bloody brush”, only because he/ she is not your favorite candidate.

    My question to Boika and his supporters is, only Lofa should be protected from Caos? The rest of Liberia is not too significant. It is very COMICAL if not SILLY, to see how our so-call politicians play games with the lives of their own citizens. These same so-called politicians will come back and have the nerve to ask citizens to VOTE for them.

    WAKE UP LIBERIAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. OK, now that I remembered…..Francious Massaquoi , he was the head of the Lofa Defense Force (another rebel group). He was also the sports minister at the time.
    WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Perceptions of fairness of results of soccer games, for example, depend on the impartiality of referees; the same, more so, would apply to conducting elections. Hence since elections are thought of to confer legitimacy on governments, it is in the interest of all stakeholders (NEC, political parties, voters, Executive branch, Security sector, and citizens) to ensure that the run – off is seen as fair, free, transparent, and credible.

    Liberia is fast becoming one of the problem members of the ECOWAS and AU, and considering the leading role the country under President Tubman played in the founding of these organizations, we the inheritors of that international distinction should be ashamed of squandering such on internal discord driven by the twin causes of national self – destruction: Insatiable avarice and group supremacy.

    For our own sake, folks, and that of future generations, given the current backdrop of deepening distrust, lack of confidence by the populace in government, contentious partisanship, widening polarizations – all of which exacerbate tensions, let’s approach the coming run – off not as an election to install a UP or CDC government, but rather as a moment all of us must grab towards individual, institutional, and national transformation.

    However, first thing first, NEC must sanitize the Final Registration Roll, FRR. As a matter of fact, factoring in the significance of elections to the legitimacy of the next political leadership and its authority as a popularly elected government, it is incumbent, if they truly care for stability and peace, to make modifying the voters’ roll, and making it public, a precondition for participating in the run – off. This would put added public pressure on NEC to literally clean its act.

    • The Supreme Court should have appointed and oversight committee to report to the Court every step being taken by the Commission in carrying out the mandate from the Court . It is not too late to draw the attention of the Court to the alleged refusal of the Commission to follow through on the Court order . It is time to draw the attention of the Court as to appoint someone from the legal association .

  8. The intransigence at NEC runs amok. The NEC’S boss, Mr. Korkoya, is the identified perpetrator. More importantly, the gentleman is unashamedly defiant! Korkoya believes that no one on earth or in space should tell him how his job ought to be done. The truth must be told. The Liberian people do not want Korkoya’s job. The Liberian people would like a good cleaning job done at NEC in order to avert a major catastrophe.

  9. Oh yes…wow, Joseph Boikai is a Rebel Leader. Now we know how Lofa Defense Force was formed.
    Good news…some of us in Monrovia did not know.

  10. Hi,Gentleman.You guys stop making reckless ,baseless or senseless statements mentioned about Joe Boakai being a member of LDF rebel ,it suggest you guys loss your minds and not ready for stability of the country instead of putting aside and deal with reality of our time or issue of NEC cleaning the mess of final register roll ( FRR) conducting credible election a legacy to pursue of future elections for the Liberian people.


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