NEC Turns Over 23 Vehicles to Magistrates


The National Elections Commission (NEC) on Saturday, December 10, turned over 23 four-door cabin pickups to Election Magistrates assigned in the 15 counties for their field work.

The vehicles which cost a total of US$700,000, were distributed to the counties according to geographical size. Bong, Lofa and Nimba counties received two pickups each, while the rest of the counties were assigned one each. Five were assigned to the central official in Monrovia for official use.

NEC Acting Chair, Commissioner Davidetta Browne Lansanah, during the presentation, said the vehicles were made available by the government to NEC through budgetary appropriation.

Commissioner Lansanah expressed gratitude to the government for the support. She assured the public that the 2017 electoral process remains on course.

“We believe that even though many of our roads are deplorable and crucial times at hand, these vehicles will serve all of us well if only they are taken good care of by those of you who will hereafter be in charge of them,” the Commissioner said.

The deployment of the vehicles begins ahead of the conduct of the voter registration in February next year.

NEC Executive Director Lamin Lighe, who received the symbolic keys to the vehicles, called on the magistrates to recognize that the vehicles were purchased with tax payers’ money and as such, the users should take care of them properly.

Lighe said with vehicles being assigned to the magistrates, NEC will deploy staff to all the county headquarters to conduct a 25-day training session on voter registration for over 500 persons in each county. NEC will also conduct civic education before the start of the voter registration.

He said special technology will be used to clearly demarcate all electoral boundaries to avoid future political confusion on where one should register or vote.

NEC Deputy Executive Director Emma Togba said the Commission is fully prepared to conduct free, fair and transparent elections.

Madam Togba said there is no need for Liberians to fear that the election process will be influenced by anybody or institution.

Madam Deddeh M. Buway, who received the keys for the vehicles from the facility management office, expressed gratitude to the government for the support. She called on the NEC’s partners to help the Commission in the discharge of its duties.

For his part Bomi County Magistrate, Washington Farmah, expressed appreciation to the government and the NEC in particular for allowing the magistrates to have access to vehicles that will enhance their work in the counties. He assured the NEC that the vehicles will be used for their intended purpose.


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