NEC Takes Civic Voter Education to Intellectual Centers, Streets

Chairperson Davidetta Browne Lansanah admonished her audience to take ownership of the electoral process by helping to inform others who are yet to understand what is required of them on election day.

Following many complaints from civil society organizations (CSOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs), the religious community and many other high persons on the low or lack of sufficient public awareness, the National Elections Commission (NEC) has taken to intellectual centers and streets of Monrovia its civic voter education (CVE) campaign ahead of the Special Senatorial Election scheduled to take place on Tuesday December 8, 2020.

Yesterday, Wednesday December 2, 2020, NEC chairperson, Davidetta Browne Lansanah led an array of the Commission’s staffers to the Center for the Exchange of Intellectual Opinions (CEIO) on Carey Street and discussed with the audience present, most of whom were young men and women, the basic facts to consider when casting their votes for both the elections and the national referendum.

In December, there will also be held simultaneously the Representative by-elections in Montserrado Electoral District #9 and Sinoe District #2.

Madam Lansanah told the group of intellectuals that the NEC is not a political institution and as such the Commission is not in the business of taking side with any political party or a politician.

“We are here to make sure that we share with you the requisite information on what the elections are about and the importance of knowing how to go about voting not only for Legislators but also the national referendum’s propositions,” she said.

She added: “We will not tell vote yes or no as a political party would tell you but ours is to tell you that there are two options, “yes,” or “no” and you are at liberty to decide which of the two answers is good for you.”

Lansanah admonished her audience to take ownership of the electoral process by helping to inform others who are yet to understand what is required of them on election day.

In response to the NEC chairperson, CEIO’s executive chairman, Adolphus Ernest Weah said his intellectual center is for everyone and institution who seeks interest in ensuring that the larger population is informed adequately on its operations and how aht it it involved into helps improve society.

“CEIO is not a political group but an embodiment of a group of people from diverse political social and economic spectra. We come here and share ideas. We disagree to agree and our main objective is to contribute to public interest by telling the truth,” Weah said.

He called on the NEC to do its utmost best and conduct free, fair and transparent elections as well as the national referendum.

“We know that you will endeavor to deliver a fair and credible result for each of the polls. Do your best not only to inform us and the millions out there on how to vote but also make available the actual results from the poeplw who will be going to the polling centers and make the determinations on December 8,” Weah said further.

He said his intellectual center, which is situated on Carey Street is the mother intellectual center in the country because it possesses the tenets of true democracy.

“This is true because we respect the opinion of everybody. We don not discreminate here. We are not respecters of people because of the political, religious or finacial standings. We are equal here when it comes to the doctrine of  beign heard,” he said.

Weah explained that his Center for the Exchange of Intellectual Opinions was established in 2009 and since then, many persons, including national leaders have visited and shared their thoughts on issues of relevance.

“Election is crucial to the survival of our country. This is why we are here almost everyday discussing issues of importance to our country. Be a good messenger and creddible judge,” he concluded.

After the speeches, there were toasts with tea/ataye and onward the NEC delegation moved to the streets of Monrovia providing civic voter education.


  1. very unserious group of people called NEC. but time will tell.

    what about the counties, villages, towns, districts, Blind, cripple, sick elderly, homeless, educated and uneducated people ( the most important brothers and sister, the ZoGos).

    what is happen in this country for God seek. stop the the referendum for God seek. Even the elections need to be stop. all is these are not going right. many thought a female would do better. this is a shame, the guys has put fear in the lady and she’s confused. this may end up very bad for us.

    I guess we should all get prepare to run for safety, pack out loads again if this goes wrong only becuz the commission don’t have the ability to say no to a process that they can do next year or 2023 when they will have more time to educate us on what it means to have the referendum done. this is a big shame.

    I pray that every thing goes well in Jesus name.

    if its doesn’t go well, we will blame the elections commission board.

  2. The NEC has actually confirmed that, Monrovia is Liberia. We have a serious problem in Liberia and if this continues on its path, election will be meaningless since the people did not totally engage in the process of electing their leaders. What good will this 2 days education workshop brings to the upcoming elections? What about the rest of the country? This is a joke and bad for our democratic process to start with.

  3. Officers and members of CPP and Rainbow Coalition, under the leadership of Mr. George Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government, there are too many critical and red-hot issues associated with good governance, transparency and accountability impacting Liberia and residents on the line that need to claim the immediate and keen attention of CPP and Rainbow Coalition. Liberia and residents first and foremost need security, stability, and peace to make Liberia and residents stable and governable. Although free, fair and transparent elections happen to be one of those compelling and countless issues, Liberia’s environment must be secured and stable to hold free, fair and transparent elections anywhere in Liberia.

    Healthcare, Education, Roads, Safe drinking Water, Light, and Sustainability are amongst the many social and economic issues today impacting Liberia and residents notwithstanding, for registered and eligible Liberian voters to go to the polls and vote in and to power, a CPP and Rainbow Coalition-led Government, the environment to vote and bring about needed change in Liberia must be saved and secured. That means that the CPP and Rainbow Coalition-led Government in waiting must first and foremost re-structure its socio, economic, and political agenda and prioritize Liberia and residents’ safety and security. Come December 8, 2020, not a single Liberian knows where and who Mr. George Manneh Weah and his violent pruned oriented

    CDC-led Government operating in Liberia will target and insanely attack next.
    So a CPP and Rainbow Coalition as a Government must prioritize the safety and security of the people. Instead of standing by and helplessly watch Mr. Weah and his CDC-led Government attack, shoot at, and burn down the homes of officials and members of CPP and Rainbow Coalition with impunity, the leadership CPP and Rainbow Coalition needs to revisit its document of incorporation and immediately prioritize the safety and security of Liberia and residents first and foremost. In November 2020, major newspapers in Liberia reported that Mr. Weah and his CDC-led Government recruited and scheduled about 150 members of CDC for training at Liberia National Police’s headquarters in Paynesville Montserrado County. The 150 men are trained, armed, and posted in five counties in Liberia. They are to disrupt and sabotage the upcoming December 8, 2020 Election in Montserrado, Bomi, Bong, Nimba, and Grand Bassa in favor of Mr. George Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government with impunity.

    To protect the safety and security of officials and members of CPP and Rainbow Coalition the leadership of CPP and Rainbow Coalition needs to re-visit its document of incorporation, restructure, and bring about a clearly defined security structure and network to protect their safety and security which includes the safety and security of members of CPP and Coalition. The CPP and Rainbow Coalition needs to starting January 2021, charges US$120 per year as due and membership fees to apply for and become a member of CPP and Rainbow Coalition. If we should assume that CPP and Rainbow Coalition registered and have 500,000 members on its books, CPP and Rainbow Coalition could raise US$60,000,000 per year as membership fees covering 2021. And so come December 2023, CPP and Rainbow Coalition could possibly raise and deposit US$180,000,000 into its Account. With this amount of money on hands, coupled other good will support and assistance, CPP and Rainbow Coalition will be on its way to provide safety and security of its members and officers and the election environment in the Republic.

    CPP and Rainbow Coalition cannot afford to stand by helplessly and watch its officers and members shot and killed in cold-blood and their properties burned down with impunity. There are so many TRAINIED AND MILITARILY ready but downsized and retired members of Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) and Liberia National Police (LNP) that could be recruited, re-trained and hired by CPP and Rainbow Coalition to help provide safety and security of life and property of its members consistent with Section 22.73 (b) of National Police Act of 2015.

    Absolutely, Liberia and residents deserve peace, security and stability and not violence and NEC, must act.


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