NEC Rejects 182 VR Cards As Evidence

Muana S. Ville (NEC Hearing officer).

The chief hearing officer at the National Elections Commission (NEC), Cllr. Muana Sando Ville, yesterday denied the ruling Unity Party’s request to mark into evidence 182 voter registration cards testified to by one of its witnesses.

Cllr. Ville’s action followed the NEC legal team’s argument that the witness, Neboe Kenneth, was wrong for collecting other people’s cards that he claimed did not vote on October 10 because their names were not found on the Final Registration Roll (FRR).

“Were this hearing not an administrative sitting intended only in fact finding the witness on the stand should have been arrested and charged with criminally having in his possession other people’s voting cards. He has provided no affidavit granting him the right to submit into evidence at this hearing these voters’ cards,” Cllr. Alexander Zoe of NEC said.

Cllr. Zoe, who supported his colleague Frank Musa Dean’s vehement objection to the marking and placement into evidence the 182 VR cards, noted that Kenneth, who was part of the campaign team of defeated incumbent representative candidate Sekou Kanneh of Montserrado Electoral District #2, knows that his boss Rep. Kanneh was accused of buying voters’ cards during the voter registration process.

“It was widely reported by the media during the VR process that Rep. Sekou Kanneh was one of those candidates who trucked voters from other geographical locations and bought VR cards so as to amass more votes on the day of elections. But unfortunately for him and God being a just God, allowed him to suffer defeat,” he noted.
Kenneth said he got the VR cards from their legitimate owners and his action came following the voters’ disenchantment over the NEC staff’s refusal to allow them to vote on October 10 at the Ma Bendu Sheriff School in Jacob Town because their names were not found on the FRR.

“After I got through voting and came out, I saw a group of voters shouting and seriously disturbed because they did not vote due to their names not being found on the FRR. I did a video recording and took photos of them and their VR cards and photocopied the VR cards as well so as to one day present into evidence irregularities and fraud should the opportunity such as today’s date provides,” he said.
He, meanwhile, presented a flash drive containing the video of those who were disallowed and it was tentatively marked by the hearing clerk on the mandate of the hearing officer.
Cllr. Varney Sherman took exception to the denial of his witness’s material evidence. He called on the hearing officer to give his team a chance so they could make available all the 182 persons said to be the owners of the VR cards to testify, but again Cllr. Ville rejected his application.
Honoring Cllrs. Dean and Zoe’s objections against the placement of the VR cards into evidence, Cllr. Ville said the owners of the VR cards should have come before the NEC with a complaint, or if desired, to give a concrete affidavit worth honoring by the hearing office.
UP’s remaining witnesses, who among others are former Foreign Affairs Minister Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan and former NEC chairman James Fromoyan, are yet to testify even though today has been set aside by the hearing office for the intervening party to complete the production of its witnesses and pieces of evidence.
Former NEC chairperson and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Cllr. Frances Johnson Allison, was among four witnesses who testified against NEC on Wednesday. Her testimony was, however, derived from speculations and media reports.
The hearing continues today at 11 a.m. even though the Supreme Court is expected to rule at 2 p.m. in UP’s bill of information on the NEC.


  1. On another site the Unity Party Chairman complained that his name was not found on the voters roll, but NEC allowed him to vote on October 10, 2017. After enjoying his right to vote, then he claimed that the NEC action was illegal. Meanwhile, he was not forced to vote. Why did he vote knowing fully well that the action was illegal?
    Here comes Mr.Neboe Kenneth illegally in possession of 182 VR Cards.
    Another star witness for the Unity Party: former NEC Chairman and former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Liberia; Cllr. Frances Johnson-Allison took the stand, but “her testimony was, however, derived from speculations and media reports.” Wow!!! Madam Chief Justice.
    Are these the kinds of evidence that LP and UP are relying on to call for the nullification of the entire October 10, 2017 elections? I wonder who is paying for the rerun that they requesting?
    Some of us expected that there would be some irregularities here and there, but out of 5,390 polling centers in 2080 precincts within the fifteen counties, how many were so affected in order to determine the nullification of the entire electoral process?

  2. Isaac, the Chairman of Unity Party did not testify that his name was not on the FRR as you indicated in your comment.
    The printing of voter’s registration card by two individuals unwholesomely has the propensity to influence the results of the elections.
    NEC blundered totally by not putting Vulnerability Assessment into place that could have prevented or mitigated any unwholesomely acts.

  3. Liberians need to come together and must weed out any and all irregularities and
    fraud in their electoral process. That is a serious challenge facing them now.

    United States interest in Liberia has always been political : while at the same time
    accepting the nation as a sovereign one. While then will the U.S want to pressure
    the country to go her way when, in fact, Liberia is doing cleaning up of its electoral
    irregularities and fraud? At least, the cleaning up of the electoral process has no
    external collusion as that of the United States that is investigating collusion between
    Donald Trump campaign versus Hillary Clinton in which Russia’s involvement is still
    being investigated and fact of Russia collusion are being unearthed.


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