‘NEC Leadership Must Resign’

The Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), chaired by Alexander B. Cummings (pictured), believes that the NEC is colluding with the ruling CDC to rig the December 8 senatorial elections.

CPP, Rainbow Coalition demand

Opposition leaders in Liberia have called for the resignation of the National Elections Commission leadership for their “partisan nature, inexperience and ineptitude.”

The opposition community, led by the Collaborating Political Parties and the Rainbow Coalition, are demanding the resignation of the NEC’s entire Board of Commissioners for allegedly marginalizing opposition political parties on elections matters, and the continued refusal of the electoral body to make available copies of the Final Voter Roll (FRR), despite communicating with them.

As a result, the CPP and the Rainbow Coalition said NEC’s action to disrespect them despite been prime elections stakeholders is not just a violation of the country’s election law, particularly Chapter 3.6, but a clear sign of their partisan nature, inexperience, and ineptitude.

“We would like to inform you that, even at the point where ECOWAS stepped in to help us clean the Voter Roll, the National Elections Commission still did not find it prudent to involve political parties in the clean-up process or at least observe the exercise. [This is] utter disrespect of our role as prime elections stakeholders and the fact that it is our complaint that gave rise to the ordering of the clean-up exercise by the court,” the CPP and Rainbow Coalition said in a joint statement issued Wednesday, December 2.

“The NEC has also proceeded in violation of our elections laws, specifically Chapter 3.6, which requires that the FRR be made available to the public through election magistrates across the country,” the statement continued. “Unfortunately, all efforts by the technical team of the CPP and other political parties to have copies of the FRR have yielded no results.”

According to the CPP and Rainbow Coalition, the continued denial by NEC has left them with no time and opportunity to scrutinize the Voter Roll even if they are given it, especially when the election is less than five days away.

‘NEC Colluded’

They further accused NEC of manipulating the Special Senatorial Elections in favor of the ruling party—the Coalition of Democracy Change, instead of conducting or handling the December 8 election in a fair and transparent manner.

The Opposition groups defended its claims with a reference to a decision taken by NEC in May 2020, in which the electoral body requested the government to postpone the Special Senatorial Election outside the constitutional timeframe of October 13, 2020. For the opposition groups, the decision taken by NEC was done with neither their input nor input from other political parties who are key stakeholders in the process, except the ruling party—the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

“This unilateral act of collusion between the NEC and the CDC-led administration was followed by a Joint Resolution of the National Legislature to postpone the elections to December 8, 2020,” the CPP and Rainbow Coalition said, adding that NEC also colluded with the CDC-led administration to launch the Voters Roll Update exercise on a previously failed mobile process, instead of the time-tested standard stationary process, without any reference to the other parties who are equal competitors in our democratic process.

“As feared, the mobile VRU became a massive scheme of fraud, ranging from voters trucking to multiple registrations, to the creation of ghost voters and registration of foreign nationals. The mobile process, which in 2014 during the dry season failed to register a targeted 120,000 voters for five weeks, have now, we are made to understand, magically registered almost 300,000 voters in two weeks during the rainy season, with bad road conditions. The NEC, despite calls and pressure from opposition political parties, refused, neglected, and failed to clean-up the 2017 voters roll, in violation of the November 2017 Supreme Court Ruling, and June 5, 2020, Joint Resolution of the National Legislature mandating that a clean-up process of the 2017 FRR be conducted by the NEC with the involvement of political parties,” the Coalitions argued. 

‘Boycotting referendum’

Meanwhile, the opposition Coalition has planned to boycott the upcoming referendum, which is slated to be held along with the midterm senatorial and legislative by-elections, if the current Board of Commissioners does not resign as demanded.

The CPP and Rainbow Coalition are also demanding for the cancellation and postponement of the referendum, since the ballots on the propositions are being printed without consultation and consensus with political parties on the symbols to represent each proposition on each ballot.

“Should the government insist on proceeding with the referendum, we urged all supporters and well-meaning Liberians to boycott the referendum on December 8, 2020 and vote only Senatorial and Representative Candidates.  We do not rule out possible legal actions if NEC insists on holding the planned illegal referendum.

“We cannot and will not participate in an unconstitutional process. We reserve the right to peacefully assemble and will be doing so over the coming days to call attention to our legitimate demands. Interestingly, the NEC has decided to ascribe unto itself the power to correct and redo the gazette and proceed with the printing of referendum ballot papers in total violation of the laws. There is nowhere in our laws where the NEC can issue a gazette as it has clearly done by operations of its decision,” they said.

Further clarifying its position, the CPP and Rainbow Coalition said that they are not against the amendment of the Liberian Constitution as being portrayed in the public by the ruling establishment. Rather, what they “are against is the unconstitutional manner in which this regime is proceeding with the conduct of the proposed referendum.”

The opposition groups added that they are in support of the move to have the presidential tenure reduced to four years rather than five years, as has been suggested by this regime. However, they cannot participate in a process that the “regime would insist on proceeding with the referendum against the Supreme Court’s decision and calls for postponement from the Liberian National Bar Association, Civil Society Organizations; Youth and Student groups, etcetera, is quite revealing of an underlying motive.”

“We cannot rule out the plan to force an unconstitutional third-term for President Weah, as was revealed by Senator Prince Johnson a couple of months ago and validated by Samuel Tweh’s ill-fated Benevolent Dictator rant,” the opposition joint statement said. “We would also like to warn the CDC and the NEC that we are aware of plans to rig the Senatorial Elections. We have put in place all measures to protect our votes and would resist vehemently any attempts to thwart the will of the people.”


  1. I wish and pray this same effort can be placed on establishing a vibrant agricultural sector in Liberia, on enhancing technical education,etc. Why cannot the opposition party focus on developing the country as opposed to putting politicians into offices while our people,our country cannot feed itself or give jobs toits citizens?

  2. This is nonsense my friends. Why aren’t the CPP building roads, helping the hungry? This commotion is not called for!! Let’s vote for dual citizenship! Why didn’t they protest at the general presidential elections? The same voter role was used? Why did they run for office under the same circumstances? Why was it right then?

    • It’s not the Opposition’s responsibility to build roads. Since you are insinuating that, can you show us the roads built by CDC during their “12 Years of Revolution”, Mr. CDCian?

      The Referendum is being rushed and the Dual Citizenship portion severely limits the rights of Diaspora Liberians. Unfortunately for you, Mr. CDCian, CDC will be humiliated on Dec. 8 (despite their numerous efforts to cheat).

      Liberians are sleeping no more. Pres. Weah lied to the people who loved him so much, has performed dismally, and has resorted to broad daylight stealing. No wonder why he is so unpopular now and the masses have drifted to ADD. CDC’s days are numbered. Muyan! Muyan!

    • Chief Charlie or what ever you called yourself, it’s sad that your ignorance shows in your write up. Do you even understand your own write up? Does the CPP control the national budget of the Nation? Some of you “Stupidicians” do not even understand the concept of governance and usually come in public space with complete absurdity. Maybe, instead of calling your ignorant self, “Chief,” you need to go back to school and learn a thing or two.

  3. we have “good intentioned” Liberians from all over the world that want to come home and develop the country with businesses, productive farms , schools, banking institutions. We can do better things for our country then just have “hungry people” protest . Vote , vote for dual citizenship, elect your officials! Tell the opposition parties and ruling party that you prefer jobs, you want your country rich with good soil to grow food cheaply for its citizens. The Liberians abroad, who send money to help friends and relatives want to do more as citizens! Don’t blindly follow ANY Politician’, CPP or CDC, except if they can DELIVER a more productive life for citizens other than marching “hungry” to put their friends in political office. The voter’s roll was the same during the presidential elections when the opposition party was running for president. Why didn’t they protest then?

  4. If you are a Liberian come but the whole world is right now in a crisis of health and upheavals as you may not think The United States itself is taking precautions and food is not not even made available to Americans themselves as should be because of the virus. Do not give the impression to Liberians that you have when you have nothing in Liberia and the United States will refuse your return because dual citizenship will not help you to get back. How can dual citizenship help you? Are you one of those who sold your land for smoke fish denounced your nationality and think you can bring transportation money from the U.S. to get a gold mine in the billions in question? Your smoke is no longer in Liberia. I still got my smoke fish and one nationality, LIBERIAN. I am satisfied with it. As long as you have sold your land for smoke fish you cannot get it back or be a Liberian again unless you bring that fish back. It looks the call for dual means fish finished and no more land to go to. Dual citizenship was in this nation before. It did not work. Chose one nation or face five nations. Dual citizenship is slave selling. If you take both sides, one will not permit you in. Think about serving two or more masters.

    Tell the Liberian people. Not me. Praying for Liberia.

  5. The Liberian constitution will soon have two masters to get one impeached. The Liberian people will soon have to oust one and take one if things go the way it is going.

  6. What is the need for dual citizenship, when Liberians in America and other parts of the world that are Citizens of other countries can come back and become President or work in key positions in Liberia? I see this as just another form of big politics. If Ellen and Weah (Americans and French citizens) can become President, get Liberians from the US and other parts of the world to be Ministers, what better change this dual citizen ship will bring or benefit to Liberia?

    Dual citizenship is not a law that will make Liberians bring development from other countries to Liberia. Its just another means of Legalization for Liberians or others ( Lebanese and Indians ) from other countries to have right to take resources from Liberia to other country without been question even though it is stay happening anyway.

    why can’t we follow the right procedure to get things done? why rush? why make this dual citizen thing or referendum out of politics. its about Liberia, our future and the unborn. This is just a sign that there is no law in Liberia any more. very soon there will be a complete break down in the justice system that people will start to take laws in their own hands.

    In American and Europe, Liberians become citizen but the laws there make them to work and develop those countries whether they like it or not.

    We need to make laws to help develop Liberia, keep the resource to be use in Liberia and forget about this dual citizenship thing.


  7. The Reverend Jessie L. Jackson of Chicago founded the “Rainbow Coalition” in 1984. In 1996, an earlier civil rights organization that Rev. Jackson had formed, (PUSH) merged with the Rainbow Coalition. Rev. Jackson is an African American civil rights icon.
    PUSH stands for:
    P.. people
    S..save (to save)
    H.. humanity

    Back To Liberia…
    In Liberia, a weak and disunited group of political dis-organizers are begging for recognition. Please understand their plight. The political dis-organizers are on a road to nowhere.

    Adaption of a new label…
    In recent days, perhaps many people have not noticed that the dis-organizers have decided to add a new label as a morale booster. The new label that’s been adapted is called the “CPP Rainbow Coalition”. Now, go back to what has been stipulated above….Rev. Jessie Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition.

    Doesn’t this strike you as a similarity? CPP Rainbow Coalition vs. Jessie Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition.

    Second Strike….
    African National Congress of South Africa and
    Alternative National Congress of Liberia = ANC South Africa & ANC Liberia.

    Third strike…. There are going to be two ANCs in Liberia by 2023! The second ANC will be referred to as “Actual Numbers Coalition” party. The case will be made for your support in the foreseeable future. Because it is ungodly to make one’s opponents shake in their pants like cowards during these days of the Covid-19 pandemic, the second Liberian ANC’s platform will be outlined later.

    The leader of the un-powerful ANC is calling for the NEC staff to resign en masse. That’s unrealistic. It is puzzling because the CPP Rainbow Coalition/ANC people who are calling for a mass resignation do not have a contrast to present to the Liberian people. For instance, if a politician sees something that could be destructive to the development process of his or her country, wouldn’t it make sense for how that destructive element can be addressed? So why should the ANC rainbow coalition people call for a mass resignation without stating how they would do things differently?

    Be encouraged. Be hopeful. The Actual Numbers Coalition party has contrasts.

    Wake up Liberia.

  8. Although I am not a member of the ANC or any party, I agree that the NEC turned (NSC) National Selection Commission leadership should resign. And yes , I can cite tons of reasons why!

  9. I saw this coming. They are coming again. They are regrouping.
    It started with:
    1. The formation of individual political parties.
    2. The formation of “Council of Patriots”(COP)
    3. The formation of “Collaboration Political Patties”(CPP)
    4. The formation of a “RAINBOW” Party
    5. Now comes the “RAINBOW/CPP collaboration.
    Are you thinking what I am thinking???

  10. Dikenah,
    You’re on the ball. It has arrived in their ranks. Before 2023 is ushered in, more labels will be invented by them. So, so talk. No action.

  11. Let Alexander ALICE BUTT BOY Cummings find place to park his GAY BUTT mehn.
    From experience, I can say without a doubt that these CROOKS have something up their sleeves about rigging the Midterm Senatorial Elections. As usual, they are engaging in all of these reckless activities just to divert attention from what they are doing.

  12. Mr. Hney, the CPP has not taken on new a name or a new identity. Here is what has happened:

    The CPP- comprises legally only of Unity Party (UP), Liberty Party (LP), All Liberian Party (ALP) and Alternative National Congress(ANC).

    Rainbow Coalition – legally comprises of United People Party (UPP), the New Deal Moment (New Deal), Liberia People Party (LPP), Liberia Unification Party (LUP) Victory for Change and all other smaller political parties separately registered, known and operating in Liberia.

    Legally, they are separate and distinct from UP, LP, ALP, and ANC and their document of incorporation.

    After the 2017 Representative and Presidential Elections in Liberia, UP, LP, ALP and ANC reached out and submitted and came together to speak with a single Voice on all issues affecting Liberia.

    The UP, LP, ALP, and ANC, came together and formed their distinct and separate political parties into the Collaboration of Opposition of Political Parties (CPP) and they did not invite the other political parties.

    Under their understanding, UP, LP, ALP, and ANC in their formation chose to and excluded UP, LAP, LPP, NEW Deal, MOVIE and all the other smaller political parties registered and operating as political parties in Liberia.

    UPP and the other smaller political parties deeply feeling excluded and concluding that UP, LP, ALP, and ANC chose to and intentionally left them out of CPP, they swiftly came together and organized and legally grouped their separate and distinct political parties into what is today known and styled, RAINBOW COALITION (Rainbow Alliance).

    The UP, LP, ALP and ANC, (the big four) opposition political parties, termed CPP realizing that CPP needed to politically and holistically strengthen itself, the Executive Committee of CPP representing UP, LP, ALP, and ANC, knowing the result and benefit of politically maintaining a cohesive and united group and what unity meant for CPP, it reached out and smartly decided to accept the Rainbow Coalition as a member of CPP.

    Thus, today, UP, LP, ALP, and ANC, the original organizing members of CPP have smartly and politically accepted to have the Rainbow Coalition as a member of CPP to legally speak with a single voice in Liberia on all national issues impacting Liberia and residents.

    So today we have in Liberia, CPP and Rainbow Coalition speaking with one voice to address national issues in Liberia. Whether this political marriage, CPP and Rainbow Coalition marriage will last or not, the future will tell and particularly the December 8, 2020 Senatorial and By-Elections will tell.

    Legally and politically, the CPP and Rainbow Coalition coming together and addressing national issues is good for Liberia and residents. This is farsightedness and a worthy smart move.

    The doctrine of supply and demand as provided for in Economics, if the CPP and the Rainbow Coalition should firmly hold together, Liberia in the end will certainly reap the ultimate benefit of good and better leadership.

    With CPP and the Rainbow Coalition staying together, Liberians abroad and at home can vote and run George Manneh Weah and his gang of Criminals out of power into the Court to face indictment, arrest and tried for Economic, Financial and all other crimes they committed in Liberia after 2023.

    The facts and criminal motives are there for CPP and the Rainbow Coalition Government to indict, arrest and prosecute Mr. George Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government for crimes committed from 2018 to beyond.

    Liberia’s Assets and monies could be truly sought after and recovered from 1970 to 2018 and beyond.

    The CPP and Rainbow Coalition as a unit, could in one accord, publicly challenge all illegal actions of Mr George Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government and swiftly shut Mr. Weah and his CDC-led Government down during a major and much needed massive protest

    ABSOLUTELY, the CPP and the Rainbow Coalition working together, is good for Liberia.

    The Rainbow Coalition, has nothing to do PUSH or Rainbow Coalition of Rev. Jesse Jackson of the USA.

  13. Cllr. Jayweh,
    Once again, I’m delighted to correspond with you. Your latest post is without doubt one of the most explicit posts, although there are areas in which we diverge. So starting from the bottom of your post, let’s play the hardball.

    #1. Please note that I didn’t say neither did I mean to imply that Rev. Jessie Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition is in sync with the splinter parties of Liberia. My point is that all too often, Liberian politicians tend to borrow names from foreign places or America, but in reality, those who carry out such a practice do the most opposite.

    #2. You said that it’s in the best interest of the Rainbow Coalition of Liberia to work in concert with the CPP group. With the lifestyle you talked about, do you think Cummings and the Rainbow Coalition people will work together?

    #3. Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings is calling for a total resignation of the NEC staff. Cummings offers no contrast as to how he would have instructed the NEC staff if he were the president. What’s puzzling most is Cummings’ abrupt call for an immediate resignation when there’s only one week left before the December 8 elections. What happens if the NEC staff goes on a binge and quits before the 8th of December? Will there be a free and fair election?

    #4. Said you in one of your paragraphs, “Liberia’s assets and monies could be truly sought after and recovered from 1970 to 2018 and beyond.”

    Response: It’s been said that Weah was born in 1965. If that is accurate, why should Weah be investigated from 1970 to 2018? In 1970, Weah was 5 years old. Is it fair for him to account for the country’s squandered money when he was a little boy in 1970? Don’t get me wrong. I am interested in development across the board in Liberia. But I am not sure whether Weah is the problem.

    The problems of Liberia are enormous. Weah cannot solve the problems that were caused by his predecessors. By saying that, I am not giving Weah a free pass. I want to see progress in Liberia.

    #5. Cllr Jayweh, I am not trying to discourage you. The Rainbow people as well as the CPP, CoP, ANC, ALP, the MOVIE and all the opposition political parties will never speak for the people. They will speak with one voice for themselves, not for the people. Trust me. Once the politicians get elected, it’s over.

  14. Mr. Hney, I am not asking for Mr. George Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government to face investigation from 1970 to 2018 and beyond. Suspending the Statute of Limitations on the books of Liberia, I am asking that all economic and financial crimes committed from 1970 up to 2018 and beyond, be investigated and punished consistent with our Law. As for Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings, every Liberian know with certain knowledge that Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings, publicly is a GAY.

    The CPP and Rainbow Coalition/Rainbow Alliance is not Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings. CPP/Rainbow Coalition is not the personal property of Mr. Cummings. But to to see and have a united political grouping than 15 to 22 political parties running all over the place and pretending to be advocating for Liberia, MAKES no sense. As far I know and have been reliably informed, Liberty Party, (LP), Unity Party (UP), ALL Liberian Party (ALP) and the Rainbow Coalition, when politics shall have become politics in Liberia, Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings will NEVER be the preferred candidate for the CPP/Rainbow Coalition to contest for the Presidency of Liberia.

    Liberian boys and girls with certainty will be saved and secured from Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings and his Gay supporters. Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, come what may, shall NEVER be President in Liberia.

    Liberia is a traditional country with our fathers and grandfathers soliciting and getting married to many wives.

    Our tradition do not permit men getting marry to men nor women getting marry to women.

    Liberia’s New Penal Cod- title -26, Section 14.71-14.74, prohibit Gay practices whether voluntary or involuntary. Absolutely, GAY PRACTICE, is a CRIMINAL ACT IN LIBERIA.

    The CPP/Rainbow Coalition and its Attorneys clearly know and understand this prohibition.

    GAYS CAN BE INDICTED, ARRESTED, TRIED AND SENTENCED TO 3YRS TO10YRS TO JAIL in Liberia, if the crime is a First, Second or Third degree Felony.

    • Mr. Rendord Walsh, have ever seen and read the foregoing Law before in your life? If not, I encourage you to please take off some time and read Liberia’s New Penal Cod, Title-26- Liberian Code of Laws Revised. This, could possibly help you immensely and perhaps have you to reshape your publication.

      § 14.72. Aggravated involuntary sodomy.

      1. Offense. A person who engages in deviate sexual intercourse with another, or who causes another to engage in deviate sexual intercourse, has committed an offense if:

      (a) He compels the other person to submit by force or by threats of imminent death, serious bodily injury, or kidnapping, to be inflicted on any human being;

      (b) He has substantially impaired the other person’s power to appraise or control his or her conduct by administering or employing without his or her knowledge intoxicants or other means with intent to prevent resistance; or

      (c) The other person is less than sixteen years of age, provided the actor is sixteen years of age or older.

      2. Grading. The offense is a first degree felony if in the course of the offense the actor inflicts serious bodily injury upon the other person, or if his conduct violates paragraph (1) (c) of this section, or if the other person is not a voluntary companion of the actor and has not previously permitted his sexual liberties. Otherwise, the offense is a second degree felony.

      § 14.73. Involuntary sodomy.

      A person who engages in deviate sexual intercourse with another person, or who causes another to engage in deviate sexual intercourse, has committed a third degree felony if:

      (a) He knows that the other person suffers from a mental disease or defect which renders him or her incapable of understanding the nature of his or her conduct;

      (b) He knows that the other person is unaware that a sexual act is being committed upon him or her; or

      (c) He compels the other person to submit by any threat that would render a person of reasonable firmness incapable or resisting.

      § 14.74. Voluntary sodomy.

      A person who engages in deviate sexual intercourse under circumstance not stated in Section 14.72 or 14.73 has committed a first degree misdemeanor.

      Mr. Walsh, you like it or not, Gay and Gay practices in Liberia, violates Title-26, Section 14.72-14.74

  15. Cllr. Jayweh,
    It’s highly unlikely, if not impossible for crimes that were committed in Liberia from the 1970s up to 2018 could ever be investigated. Some of the main actors have died and some have left Liberia. The second part of that equation is that there’s no politician in Liberia who could order an investigation of that magnitude. What you’re saying looks good on the paper. In reality, it is undoable. So stop kidding yourself. To put the same thing another way, maybe a guy named Frederick Jayweh, the future president of Liberia will be the person who could redeem Liberia of its criminal past.

    Alexander Benedict Cummings’ sexual lifestyle…..
    Most of what you said about men marrying many women in Liberia is well-known. My dad got married to my mother and that was enough for him. My dad was a Pentecostal minister. He didn’t play any games. But my grand fathers on both sides were polygamists. In some parts of China, it’s a common practice for a woman to get marry to two men, especially two brothers. Look it up. I am not sure whether there’s a shortage of females in that culture. As matters relate to the Liberian situation, societies in those days were rigid. It would have been impossible (with as many women) for any “ungentleman” to have engaged in a same sex activity.

    In Zimbabwe, there was a clergyman/politician named Canaan Banana. Although he was a clergyman and married, he was exposed as being a gay guy. One of his bodyguards exposed him. During those days in Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe was president. To make a long story short, Banana was taken to court because of his dalliance with his bodyguard and found guilty. Even though the Reverend was found guilty and eventually imprisoned, Banana and his wife denied the charges.

    With regard to Alexander Benedict Cummings, a lot of people will never be convinced one way or the other if in fact he is bisexual. Personally, I am not interested in his politics! I don’t hit him. People who follow me know where I stand. If we ever have a case of Cummings that’s similar to Canaan Banana, some people will definitely be convinced and some people won’t!

    Lastly, if you say that there’ll be an investigation from 1970 up to 2018, when on earth will that investigation commence? Also, why are you starting from 1970? Why not 1969 or 1960 or any other year? I am not sure why 1970 is your starting point?

    The way in your sentence was written left me with no alternative but to assume that you wanted Weah to be tried for squandered money from 1970 up to 2018.


  16. Mr. Call Me John Doe,
    I am convinced that I am reasonable. But I disagree with Cllr. Jayweh based on principle. The truth must be told. I do not totally disagree with him, but I do have a slight disagreement on some issues. Example, Jayweh’s suggestion that Liberia’s missing money should be investigated is okay. But there are serious problems with that concept. Example, our country’s money was squandered before 1970. Why should any reasonable person not have a slight disagreement?


    PART 1 of 2

    Readers of the ‘Daily Observer’ are advised to disregard Cllr. Jayweh’s remarks about Alexander Cummings and the laws of sodomy. The comments posted above are far from the truth.
    Over the last few days, I have been debunking the LIES about Alexander B. Cummings’ alleged gay orientation.


    On November 27, 2020 [ at 4:37 AM Liberian Time], I posted results of my research into the current source of rumors about Cummings. I traced the source to an entity claiming to be “West Africa News Agency” (WANA) which has a Facebook Page and negative “reports” about Cummings on July 3, 2020.

    I provided names of persons claiming to be “reporters” and raised questions about whether they are accredited by the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) and additional questions about the legitimacy of this group called WANA.

    I also raised issues about the email addresses they provided as they tried to appear authentic.



    PART 1 OF 2

    Readers of the ‘Daily Observer’ are advised to disregard Cllr. Jayweh’s remarks about Alexander Cummings and the laws of sodomy. The comments posted above are far from the truth.

    Over the last few days, I have been debunking the LIES about Alexander B. Cummings’ alleged gay orientation.


    On November 27, 2020 [ at 4:37 AM Liberian Time], I posted results of my research into the current source of rumors about Cummings. I traced the source to an entity claiming to be “West Africa News Agency” (WANA) which has a Facebook Page and negative “reports” about Cummings on July 3, 2020.

    I provided names of persons claiming to be “reporters” and raised questions about whether they are accredited by the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) and additional questions about the legitimacy of this group called WANA.

    I also raised issues about the email addresses they provided as they tried to appear authentic.


  19. Mr, Hney, many of those that determinatively and intentionally robbed Liberia happened to have been officials of the Government. Their salaries and benefits are known and provided for by Liberia’s Public and Private Sector Laws. So many of these people though might be dead, their properties referred to as Testate or Intestate Estates, have Executors or Administrators to-date managing those Estates.

    If you have a highly skilled and educated Minister of Justice or Solicitor General of Liberia who knows and clearly understands Liberia’s Criminal and Descendent Laws, the Testate and Intestate Estates represented by their Executors and Administrators could be brought to court under the Special and Criminal Proceedings Laws of Liberia to recover Liberia’s stolen monies invested for private gain and personal interests.

    Liberia may need to have the Legislature pass a law to effectively suspend the time limitations placed on those lawsuits. This will help Liberia to sue and recover its assets and stolen monies.

    Liberia’s assets and monies can be recovered if and when Liberia should put into place a Solicitor General and Minister of Justice who fully and clearly knows and understands the working of Liberia’s Criminal Law and Descendent Estate Laws.

    Under the Laws of Liberia, these things, are possible, but Liberia will need to suspend the time limitations currently in placed on indicting and/or bringing Civil or Criminal cases before our Courts.

    The ill-gotten and stolen properties of Presidents William V.S. Tubman, Willman R. Tolbert and even the Presidents Arthur Barclay and Edwin Barclay are actively around and some key properties of Tubman, Tolbert, Barclay and others are still around and even least to the Government.


    PART 2 OF 2

    On November 30, 2020 [ at 12:43 AM Liberian Time], I posted information about Liberia’s laws on sodomy, particularly sections 14.74 and 14.79 of the penal code. The law encompasses sexual activity involving contact between penis and anus, mouth and penis, and mouth and vulva and prohibits such activity between persons who are NOT LEGALLY MARRIED and NOT RESIDING IN COMMON-LAW MARRIAGE. It affects HETEROSEXUAL people and does not even mention same-sex union.

    In follow-up comments, I provided information about my source and a link to a 93-page PDF on penal code. Pages 52 – 54 of the PDF cover sodomy.


    On December 1, 2020 [at 4:10 AM Liberian Time], I posted information from a Frontpage Africa (FPA) Online September 29, 2017 story which clearly showed that Cummings had addressed the reports about him favoring gay marriage. The FPA story is captioned — “LGBT Rights Are ‘Absolute Nonsense’ For Alexander Cumming”. It is still available online three (3) years later.


    Perhaps the Cumming bashers missed my comments or they simply ran away from the truth. Whatever the reason, my comments were posted in the discussion thread captioned — “Weah : ‘Montserrado Must Be Recaptured’ “ . Readers may view them easily by performing a GOOGLE search of the terms — “Weah Montserrado”. The discussion thread will appear in the result.


  21. P.S. I’m sorry about the duplicate posting of Part 1. The ‘Daily Observer’ apparently had an “Internal Server Error” problem so my comments did not initially appear in the discussion thread queue.

    That led me to repost my comments by COPYING & PASTING from MS Word. When the Daily Observer ‘s problem was resolved, a duplicate submission appeared.

  22. Cllr. Jayweh,
    Your responses are based on a bundle of “ifs”! I am of the opinion that no squandered money of our dirt poor republic from the 1970s up to date, will ever be recovered.

    I would like to conclude by saying this…. maybe, some stolen money by former government officials can be recovered. But I am doubtful because Liberian politicians are spineless and perfidious. Given that scenario, there’s no lawmaker in the republic of Liberia who can call for an investigation into “missing money”.

    Jayweh, on the other hand, I am closely monitoring you. You seem to harbor presidential ambitions in the viens of your heart. You don’t support Alexander Benedict Cummings’ presidential bid, but yet, you are supportive of the CPP-Rainbow merger. Also, you are not a CDCian and you are not politically aligned with any of the political parties. Something is strange about you! Maybe, you are the only Bassa “gar” who can move Liberia forward “after Weah”. In that case, I am okay with it. Just make sure you settle your past confrontation with Mr. True Nationalist, Hon. Gbolvlehn and a few more individuals. If your presidency can recover money from the 1970s, good luck.

    • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
      Everybody ! Listen up ! Did your read to understand that Hney is already giving up on George in favor of Cllr. Jayweh. And kind of seeking support from Mr. True or False Nationalist and others to support his view in favor of Cllr. Jayweh.
      Wow ! Who would had saw that coming from Mr. Hney ? Did George do anything wrong ? Or is he doing things wrong ? Hney ? Mr. True and False Nationalist, just as his name or names are, he himself believes in CDC, but not too much of the George thing as some people do. Just the same, and under the CDC rules, Hney, they can’t trust you anymore. Keeping an eye up for the Cllr. ? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ? Oh Well, that’s it Ooooooooooooo. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! Hney ready to push George under the bus, or in short, throw him under the train. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! Can someone say We Told You So ? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
      Where’s the Jack Daniel’s ? Time to party and celebrate. Hney finally got himself together, and James Davis knows Hney is a changed Man.
      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
      Oh Well.

  23. Mr. James Davis is very good at doing four things:

    1. He writes a lot of rubbish,

    2. He spreads false narratives,

    3. He laughs senselessly and

    4. He writes terrible sentences. In other words, his grammar is bad.

    Readers, as an example of a false narrative, I cordially invite you to look at my second paragraph. Referring to comrade Jayweh, this is what I wrote:

    “Maybe you are the only Bassa gar who can move Liberia forward after Weah”. The key word word that’s contained in that sentence is “after”.

    Does James Davis write rubbish sometimes?
    Yes he does. Example, Davis is calling for his favorite Whiskey or Brandy..James Daniels! Calling for a favorite drink in an area where we are expected to exchange our ideas intellectually amounts to rubbish!

    Bad Grammar?
    Take a listen….
    Says Mr. James Davis, “Who would had saw that coming from Mr. Hney”?

    Correct usage…”who would have seen that coming from Mr. Hney”?

    I think I know why conrade James Davis laughs so much. It’s got to be nothing but the Jack Daniels that he loves to sip. Too much of Jack Daniels in one’s body will do the trick! To laugh as much as Mr. James Davis, you’ve got to be extremely careful with fleas and flies.

    I welcome James Davis’s criticism. I’m resentful of his falsehoods. Nine times out of ten, Mr. James Davis takes my words out of context. I don’t think it’s fair.

  24. The NEC staff should resign? You’re kidding, aren’t you?

    If the staff resigns, who do you expect to name a new NEC staff? Please man up and listen carefully to this important message:

    “A whopping 80% of Liberia’s eligible voters think you should stay away from politics”. Is that understood?

    Another thing you should know…. people who claim to support you are fake. Sooner or later, your back will be thrown in the ditch by the very people who claim to support you.

    Look man, politics is not for everyone. Just do this:
    Enjoy your private life, spend some quality time with your spouse and children, travel and write a book, if the spirit moves you in that direction.


  25. Yes, I am very nervous. In normal situations, I am not a coward. In the case of a private sector gentleman who has had no governmental experience, it’s scary if not sad to grant him wholesale presidential powers. I will have no reason be scared if “he” (you know the proper noun that I am referring to) seeks a cabinet level position. All of us would be at ease if he would abandon his run for the presidency.

    Thanks very much for listening. I wish you well.

  26. If he went that route, he would be a heartbeat away from the presidency. The danger would still be there. Let’s say this on a hypothetical basis….if Boakai became incapacitated, that proper noun would be sworn in. Of course by then, that same guy would have acquired a medicum of presidential experience. But again, the risk would be there. Any cabinet position he asks for should be given to him. No sweat.

  27. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    I beg you, since you are afraid and would like him to gain experience, let him become the VP for Boakai. Nothing will happen to the old man for the next 9 years.
    Do you know that the old man can eat “kanyan pepper”? And he is from Lofa. Our people from that county are known for their longevity. Do you know why it is like that? They respect their cultural heritage; respect for the elders, traditional practices and customs.

    Do not be afraid of the proper name. it is the right name for Liberia right now, until someone better can show up!


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