NEC Issues Election Writs

Announces 2,026,446 Voters Registered


The National Elections Commission (NEC) yesterday reported that over two million eligible voters have registered to vote in the October presidential and legislative elections.

The NEC also issued elections writs on the 19 magistrates, mandating them to be conscious of the importance of the upcoming elections.

NEC chairman Jerome Korkoya, while providing updates on the voter registration (VR) process which ended on March 14, said even though the Commission did not meet its target of 2.5 million registrants, he was pleased that over 90 percent of all eligible voters in the country responded to their constitutional call.

“Since our provision of the last update on the VR process, the total number of forms have increased, for which we are grateful to all eligible voters who will decide who will become their leaders after the end of the upcoming elections,” Cllr. Korkoya said.

As of yesterday, May 9, the Commission has received and recorded a total of 2, 023, 972 forms, he confirmed.

“Of this figure,” he said the Commission has completely scanned 1,032,576 forms, noting further that of the over 2 million registrants, 48 percent are women and 52 percent, men.

“Based on these reports, the NEC is confident that the provisional VR roll exhibition will be ready for public viewing from June 12 to 17,” Korkoya said.

He thanked both the contracted and employed NEC staff for their service to the country.

“I am humble to salute you all for your insistence at a job that was marred with many challenges, mainly for recording this number we thought could have been impossible to achieve,” Korkoya said.

In another development, the NEC has issued “Election Writs” provided for by the Constitution preliminarily declaring upcoming vacancies for elected public offices this time, mainly for the House of Representatives and the Presidency.

The writs mandate all the 19 magistrates to take official responsibility for ensuring that there are free, transparent and credible elections in October, and that the results are released in keeping with the time-line of the Commission’s calendar of events.

Article 50 of the 1986 Constitution of Liberia mandates that the President shall be elected for six years while Article 48 states that members of the House of Representatives shall be elected also for a term of six years.

“In keeping with our Supreme Law, the last general elections for the office of President and Members of the House of Representatives were conducted in October 2011 and the winners of those elections assumed office on January 16, 2012,” Korkoya said.


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