NEC Delays Sinoe Senatorial By-Elections’ Final Results

NEC chairman, Cllr. Jerome George Korkoya

…Cites ‘vote hiking’

The National Elections Commission (NEC) has with immediate effect quarantined Sinoe County Electoral District #2 precinct #1 polling place 39054 on an allegations of vote hiking.

NEC Chairman Cllr. Jerome George Korkoya told journalists on Friday, November 23, that the Commission has quarantined polling place 39054 and ordered presiding officer Grace Dampson investigated at the nearby magisterial office in the county.

Korkoya said the incident occurred at Japukehn Public School in the district where 377 registered voters should have voted but, at the end of the polls, the record of the count from presiding officer Dampsen showed that 482 votes were cast at the polling center.

“As soon as that investigation is completed, we will announce the final results of the county’s senatorial by-election,” he assured.

Although he did not say when the Commission will complete its investigations into the hiking of votes at the Japukehn Public School, Korkoya said the public should continue to place its trust and confidence in the electoral body as it moves on with its work.

It may be recalled that the NEC on Thursday, November 22, announced preliminary results from 79 of the 136 polling places, with CDC candidate Augustine Chea taking an early lead.

Even though the Commission has said it is investigating the alleged vote hike at the polling place in Sinoe district #2, it has at the same time announced the exception to the Japukehn Public School’s polling place preliminary results from 56 polling places across the county.

Cllr. Korkoya announced that CDC candidate Augustine S. Chea maintains his lead with 5,806 votes or 36.2 percent while Romeo Thomas Quiah of the United People’s Party (UPP) trails with 4,772 or 29.7 percent.

Othello Doe Nagbe of the Coalition for Liberia’s Progress (CLP) has so far obtained 4,736 votes or 29.5 percent while Clark Wolloh Jabba of VOLT followed with 742 votes or 4.6 percent.

Korkoya said the total number of votes cast in the county is 16,677 and of that number 16,477 votes were valid votes while 421 votes were invalid.

He said the number of votes reported amounts to 99.26 percent of the total number of votes cast.


Cllr. Korkoya said the Coalition for Liberia Progress (CLP) has filed a complaint alleging that there were electoral fraud and irregularities that characterized the Senatorial By-elections in Sinoe County.

“The independent hearing office in Sinoe will probe the complaint and whatever the outcome from that exercise will be made public through the respective media outlets in the country,” he promised.

The ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has meanwhile lost the Representative by-elections in Montserrado District #13 to independent candidate Edward Papay Flomo, alias “Color Green.”

Even though there are claims that Flomo is originally a CDcian, his victory as an independent candidate after he was denied the CDC’s support during campaigns only demonstrated that CDC is gradually losing control over Montserrado County.


  1. Comment:I am the spokesperson of the United people’s Party, Sinoe County. It’s unfortunate the the NEC will allowed her independence to be manipulated by the ruling party, and it’s obvious that the CDC candidate lost the election to the UPP candidate Thomas Romeo Quioh.

    • Spokesman, for the CLP, which complaints about fraud in the sinoe by election has failed to speak for his candidate, but instead stands to make baseless and unfounded statements claiming that the election was won by the UPP candidate Hon Thomas Romeo Quioh.
      What a mockery of democracy.
      To see peoples putting their personal interest above the general welfare of the people’s peace and stability, just because they refuse to conceal defeat.This is totally unacceptable and intended to fuel another conflict in a county whose history is underlined by tribal divide.
      I think such politicians are not in the interest of the people they claim to love.
      Let’s watch them with eagle eyes,
      They are truly despots , and complete enemy of the States.
      These are the same types of politicians that created the problems and evacuated their family members_ leaving the majority in the dungeons of crisis.
      They are coming again with that same mentality.
      Why raise an issue when you don’t have substantiate evidence to back your claim?

      Please accept the result when you know you are defeated, and stop acting like you’re a speaker for the others.
      Hon. Quioh is more civilized to detect for himself any act of fruad against him.
      Stop creating problems that you cannot solve!

  2. So Daily observer if CDC is losing control of Montserrado county then which political party is gaining control? Liberian Journalists still need to go back to school. Since the ascendency of the CDC government in January 2018, we had two bye elections in Montserrado one senatorial and one legislative. CDC won the senatorial and lost the legislative. Mr. Yellow Journalist, then where does this report of CDC losing control of montserrado come in?


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