NEC Condemns ‘Fake Leaked Email’

Mr. Flomo reads the press statement categorically condemning the alleged email sent to Cllr. Jerome Korkoya

The National Elections Commission (NEC), through its director of communications, Mr. S. Henry Flomo has sharply reacted to an email said to have come from one of its staffers, regarding the voter roll which is aimed at bringing NEC into public disrepute.

Addressing the media at an unusual and impromptu press conference yesterday, Mr. Flomo said the alleged email was illegally generated and has been circulated to harm the reputation and credibility of the electoral process.

“The Commission clarifies that the alleged email was never written nor circulated by the Chairman of the Commission, Cllr. Jerome George Korkoya and the contents therein are false and only designed to cause confusion in the country,” he said. The alleged email, a copy of which is in the possession of the Daily Observer, has ‘’ as its source while the recipient is Jerome Korkoya (

It is said to have been sent to Korkoya on Wednesday, July 28, 2017, at 9:19 p.m., with the subject, “Unknown Database Changes”.

The alleged email reads:

“Good morning, chairman, I hope all is well with you. Last night while backing up the system database and folders, I noticed that there are changes and additions being made to the parent folder of the final voter roster. The most significant changes of concern to me is the creation of new voters file with same exact name as the previous, and the addition of numbers that were not included on the listing we all signed on a few weeks ago. 

“Most interestingly, the new folder being created mimics some of the same information in the initial parent folder listing. Going through the new folder, the names, ages, location, sex and location of voters have changed. Furthermore, the pictures of voters on the new listing do not match what is on the compiled final file of those that registered to vote. I am looking through this more and will provide you with additional information.”

A subsequent email, which was later alleged to have come from Cllr. Korkoya, was dated Thursday, November 9, 2017, at 9:33 a.m. and addressed to all members of the Board of Commissioners. The alleged email concluded and admonished all of its recipients not to speak to the media or anyone concerning fingerprint inaccuracy.

“I have not seen this from any of the complainants as part of their evidence and we need to make no mention of that. We will discuss this in our emergency meeting later today,” it read. 

Flomo said the email is false because the senders used which does not exist on the Commission’s server.

“For all official mails, internal and external, the NEC uses the first letter of first names and then the last names plus the domain address. Therefore, the sender is fake,” he stated.

He added that the voter roll database is strictly controlled by the NEC Data Center and not the IT section at the NEC.

“The IT section does not control infrastructure, is not able to comment on database changes as mentioned in the concocted email and the NEC uses Microsoft Outlook for all official mails, internal and external,” he explained.

He pointed out that the NEC does not have fingerprint folders as mentioned by the alleged fake emails and that all documents are saved in the Commission’s database and not in folders.

“The fake email from Chairman Korkoya to fellow commissioners, regarding the subject, does not exist on our mail server. It is not just strange but fake and in fact, the Chairman in particular normally uses his AOL account for email purposes,” he said.

Flomo noted that the Commission is urging all citizens, mainly voters and partners to remain calm and await the opinion of the Supreme Court and that the Commission remains transparent and credible. The head of the IT section at the NEC, Mr. James Dogbey also noted that his department knows nothing about that email and it has been verified as a fake email from an unidentified source with the intent to damage the good reputation of the Commission.

Meanwhile, Rodney Sieh, publisher of Frontpage Africa, who received the purported email and published it on his newspaper’s website said he called on the NEC to give a quick response, but the Commission said it could give a response only through a press conference as it did yesterday. Responding on the Bumper Show yesterday as to how he got the alleged email and whether it is authentic, Sieh said he received it from an insider from the NEC and whether it is true or not lies in the hands of the Commission to clarify.

With a few more days to the ruling of the Supreme Court in the LP, UP vs NEC’s ongoing October 10 representative and presidential elections alleged irregularities and fraud case, the alleged email appears to be generating more tension and bringing the electoral body under further scrutiny.


  1. “Responding on the Bumper Show yesterday as to how he got the alleged email and whether it is authentic, Sieh said he received it from an insider form the NEC and whether it is true or not lies in the hands of the Commission to clarify.”
    Nonsense. NO Sieh, it is your responsibility to clarify your false report. You should be ashamed of yourself for engaging in such a childish and irresponsible act, which could result in chaos in the country.
    This is why I agreed with the U.S Ambassador, when she said, “with rights come responsibilities.” Your rights to freedom of the press does not give you the right to publish lies that has the potential to cause instability in Liberia.
    Let me remind you that it is because of the alleged elections irregularities that the people of Liberia have been suffering since 1985.

  2. All designed to discredit the election process. Even if the supreme court decides on a re-run, you will still get the same results. I will boil now to Weah and Boakai again because it’s the will of the people.

  3. The email is a fraud. Look at the digital signature. The date Wednesday, July 28,2017 does not exist. July 28, 2017 is a Friday. The email contents are not credible.

  4. Some of us aren’t suprised that some desperate politicians and partisans would manipulate dishonest surrogates to somehow prove that there were not only “irregularities” during the elections, but also “massive fraud”, approved and enabled by Chairman Korkoya, himself. Yeah right, a forged email is the so – called “slam dunk” all over Facebook to justify the unnecessary delaying of a run – off election. It reminds me of a similar desperate, but more dangerous attempt to provoke a consequential reaction.

    One of first cases NSA investigated when I headed it in late 1980 concerned a guy who used a True Whip Party (TWP) memo pad, wrote that a solution to the “PRC Country assess problem” was to eliminate them, and forged the signatures of some officials of the party. To round up his plot, at midnight, the fellow placed a stone the size of an egg inside an envelope with the memo, and threw it through the window of the Gbarnga official residence of then Bong County Superintendent Captain Zayzay, or another name. Well, as one would expect, the poor man was scared, and drove straight to Monrovia with what he thought was explosive evidence of a “Congua” plot. Anyway, the culprit was unmasked and a government newspaper carried the story in a report captioned “Notorious Liar Sent to Belle Yallah”. Motive: Revenge for acres of land belonging to few names in the memo who had kindly permitted his grandfather to plant crops proceeds of which benefitted him and family members. The guy simply wanted the land, and didn’t give a fiddle about untoward outcome of his actions.

    Of course, there were other odious lies told on others for all sorts of motives; favors, envy, jealousy, revenge – you name it. And just two weeks ago, for political purposes, few Liberians deviously manufactured a lie which was fanned on Facebook that President Koroma of Sierra Leone said at a Friday Muslim prayer service that Liberians love to be ruled by killers and the country is a “disgrace to the Mano River Union. Unbelievably, we’re unique in the sub – region for the habit of falsely berating our own country simply to gain some fleeting political advantage. Yet, we get mad when others tell us about lacking patriotism.

    The forged email, then, is emblematic of a wider societal defect which surprisingly is diagnosed as normal, and, hence, acceptable. No it is not. Call it change, transformation, or whatever, our nation need an urgent reversal of attitude towards civic responsibility, public service, accountability, governance, and truth. Not to mention that journalists ought to maintain professional scepticsm towards newsworthy stories regardless of how credible they might seem or how reliable the source. Hold the run – off election soon, folks, there is so much to do.

    Our country is really in need of a complete makeover; call it change, or transformation, but it should come now, and must start with doing our way with the us and them divisive mentality. Just theFolks, we can’t continue to bury our head in the sand and pretend that politicians alone can fix all of the problems, many need fixing too.

  5. Hmmmmmmmmm… Mr. Moses. I hope CDC will consider you for a position (That is, if God gets so angry with Liberia that he gives them a Weah leadership)!

  6. Well, Sesay Baadi, or whomsoever, come on, look at your Security Sector principals, if “big eye” was our portion, we would’ve had a “position” nine years ago.

    It can’t be a coincidence that since the start in 2011 of impartial public engagement with myriad challenges facing Liberia, the first time accused of partisanship could be traced to Facebook comments rejecting the concerted anti –Weah vitriol that he is a nondescript nobody from nowhere.

    Because, frankly, in a rational world, our thoughtful contribution to an issue of “faked email” allegedly sent by the NEC Chairman doesn’t deserve such downright sarcasm. Anyway, at least, we now know where the push for deadlock coming from – politicos petrified of the people’s democratic decision.

  7. Before letting you off the hook, alias Sesay Bady, after Ebola, in 2014 EJS’s most competent aide and Governance Commission Chairman Dr. Amos Sawyer invited me to Maryland and said with UNMIL leaving I should return home to help with the Security Sector. Summary of reply: Poverty is the threat to stability in Liberia, not humans, or dearth of security presence; reduce poverty, and public discontent will be lessened. By the way, my wife came along on the trip, and that response was also in an advanced email sent to the former Interim President whom I once served as National Security Advisor.

    The Krios in Freetown say, “Respect pass belful”: Some of us are well – known professionals, not unprincipled belly – crawlers, alias Sesay Bady.

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