NEC Climaxes Burning of 2017 Elections Materials


The National Elections Commission (NEC) on Monday, July 13, climaxed the burning of the 2017 elections materials at the Upper Montserrado Magisterial Office in Bensonville.

According to a NEC release, the exercise is in keeping with the New Elections Law of 1986. Section 4.16, of the new election laws states that, “the Commission shall preserve all writs issued for election, and all ballots cast and register of voters made in an election until the validity of such election and its result can no longer be disputed. The ballot papers may then be destroyed.

NEC’s Acting Chairperson, Davidetta Browne Lansanah, led the burning exercise. She said the ceremony demonstrates that the Commission is now in election mode, with reference to the ongoing 2020 Special Senatorial Elections and Constitutional Referendum.

A pile of 2017 election materials from the NEC warehouse in Monrovia, disposed of by burning in Bensonville

Hon. Lansanah said, “used elections materials that are no more needed must be removed from the warehouses to make way for incoming new election materials.” She appreciated the senior magistrate and staff for their hard work, and others who graced the occasion.

Earlier, the Senior Magistrate of Upper Montserrado County, James Cordor, said the burning of the used elections materials puts him on par with other magisterial offices whose warehouses are already cleared of 2017 elections materials.

The Commission, a few months ago, commenced the burning exercise throughout the 19 Magisterial Offices in Liberia, clearing all the warehouses of used materials. Today’s burning exercise saw used 2017 elections materials, where were kept at the Commission’s warehouse at the Monrovia Headquarters, being burned.

The materials were taken from the NEC Headquarters Monrovia to Bensonville for the exercise.


  1. so there is no shredding machine for the whole NEC or in Liberia to discard Liberians lets wait the Fuck up.

  2. These are possible pedagogical (teaching & research) materials you are discarding. NEC must be able to archived for at least 50 years before discarding!


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