NEC Certificates New Political Party

NEC Chairperson Lansanah (left) presents certificate of accreditation to People's Restoration Party (PRP) organizing chairman, Richmond D.K. Yarkpah.

The National Elections Commission (NEC) on Friday, April 2, accredited and certificated a new political party known as the People’s Restoration Party (PRP) as a registered political entity in the country.

Presenting the certificate to PRP chairman, the Chairperson of the NEC, Davidetta Browne Lansanah, urged the newly organized political party to work for the growth of Liberia’s democracy as guaranteed by the law of Liberia.

Cllr. Lansanah cautioned the PRP against acts that will undermine the political structure of the country’s democracy.

She said, “As Chairperson of the NEC, I hereby declared and certificate the People’s Restoration Party (PRP) as duly registered political party with all rights and privileges that are pertained there to.”

In response, PRP organizing Chairman, Richmond D.K. Yarkpah, thanked the NEC commissioners for the professional services they continue to provide for the people of Liberia and the support to enhance the multiparty democracy in the country, which has given them the opportunity to be duly registered and accredited to operate in Liberia as a political party.

“I want to begin by saying today, that history has been made. The PRP is being certificated here in Liberia during the time Christ was crucified and resurrected. Oh, what the divine favor that God has bestowed upon this great party that has come to carry on total restoration in our country!” He said. 

Chairman Yarkpah told the NEC commissioners that the certification of the People’s Restoration Party, with motto: “Hope for Liberia, Think Change and Act Now to Rebuild,” will work tirelessly to ensure that Liberia is free from political bondage.

“We want to assure you at NEC that the People’s Restoration Party will uphold the Constitution of Liberia and the NEC’s regulations, and will work closely with the electoral body in keeping with the rule of Law,” he vowed.

This party, chairman Yarkpah said will be different from the other political parties because PRP is getting her inspiration from God, “And we have come so that we can restore the dignity of our people.”

Meanwhile, political commentators say it is highly unlikely that most of these parties will put out candidates across the country due to capacity issues, while a number of them may enter alliances with the major parties and field aspirants in areas they see as their strongholds.


  1. Which Political Party in Liberia gets her inspiration from God? Total nonsense and absolute falsehood. Politics and socio-economic engagement in Liberia have simply been reduced to electing one group of professional thieves after one group of professional thieves, year-in-year-out in Liberia. The National Patriotic Party (NPP) came in 1997 and informed our people that they were here to elect Mr. Charles G. Taylor to uplift and improve the lives of the Liberian people. In the end, NPP and its associates massively stole from Liberia and our people. Next came Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her Unity Party (UP) and took to the stage and promised to bring comfort and satisfaction to Liberia and our people. Mrs. Sirleaf and UP boasted of having encouraged foreign companies to invest US$19,000,000,000 in Liberia. In the end, Liberia was left into the hands of Mr. George Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government to devotedly protect Mrs. Sirleaf and the entire Sirleaf’s Kingdom.

    Today, Mr. Weah and his CDC-led Government have accused Mrs. Johnson Sirleaf of reportedly robbing Liberia and our people of US$5,000,000,000. But, not a single Sirleaf’s family member has been indicted, arrested, and placed on trial by Mr. Weah and his CDC-led Government. Come to think about it, US$ 5,000,000,000 could help build roads to connect the 15 counties of Liberia. We encourage Mr. Weah and his CDC-led Government to indict, arrest and swiftly prosecute Mrs. Sirleaf and the Sirleafs or leave Mrs. Sirleaf and the Sirleafs alone to face actual indictment, arrest and real prosecution before our courts by a thoughtful Government and independent and reformed judiciary.

    Politicians in Liberia, need to stop referencing God as they plan to take power and senselessly loot Liberia and drive Liberians under ground.

    Looting Liberia and leaving our people poor and needy, God, absolutely plays no role!


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