NEC Begins Announcing Runoff Results Today

Immediately after the polls closed, election officials counted ballots at a polling center in the West Point slum of Monrovia. (December 26, 2017. Carielle Doe, Monrovia, Liberia.)

The National Elections Commission (NEC) says it will today, December 28, begin the announcement of provisional results of the December 26, 2017 presidential runoff election, held between VP Joseph Boakai of the Unity Party (UP) and Senator George Weah of the (CDC).

The NEC says tally of votes started immediately following the close of the polls on the evening of Tuesday, Dec. 26 across the country, and it is continuing.

Meanwhile, the Commission clarifies that it did not schedule a press conference for Wednesday at 11 a.m., as was earlier announced, and regrets the inconvenience the misinformation may have caused.

Meanwhile, some unofficial results indicate the following:
1. Bomi County JNB – 53.89%, Weah – 46.11%.
2. Gbarpolu County JNB – 57.17% Weah – 42.83%.
3. Grand Cape Mount County JNB – 47.34% Weah – 52.66%
4. Lofa County JNB – 83.53% Weah – 16.47%
5. Montserrado County JNB – 37.69% Weah – 62.31%.
6. Nimba County JNB – 57.33% Weah – 42.67% ((more results are trickling in).

Though official results are yet to be released, it is reported that Senator George Weah has been receiving congratulatory messages from several individuals and prominent persons, who are convinced that available reports indicate he is already in the lead and may be declared the winner of the highly contested runoff, when all is done, by the NEC.


  1. “Meanwhile, some unofficial results indicate the following:…” What is the basis of these “unofficial results”? Are these “unofficial results” NEC figures or someone’s personal estimates? Why does the Observer not wait for the NEC to publish their official results? As it is, the “unofficial results” above are meaningless and could be misleading, unless the percentage of the votes counted in each county is also indicated.

  2. You should not have published unofficial results…but, the official results…Your credibility at risk…For future references…

  3. This is why Liberians need to understand politics. Preliminary results are showing that Mr. Boakai is currently winning the election. It is my only hope that we understand the political process. The fact that Individuals congratulating Mr. Weah only shows our ignorance. I am only praying that if, after the final count and Mr. Boakai wins, we do not turn to protest, destruction and mayhem in Liberia. Understand that Ms. Sirleaf has destroyed our country and for us to be mislead, Liberia is only going to suffer the most severe economic, and political destruction in our society. Assistance will be drastically cut, and it is the poor and disadvantaged who are presently suffering will suffer the most. Let’s exercise patience until the final results are in. We cannot begin to assume a winner because if the results is not in our favor, we will only be making ASSES OUT OF YOU AND ME, the ignorant will suffer the most, because they cannot afford to escape Liberia because of their present financial conditions. The corrupt have already secured their “Documents of Escape.”


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