Nearly 30 Die of ‘Food Poisoning’ after Repast


As reports of alleged well poisonings continue to make news from communities across the country, a pastor in New Dolo’s Town has told the Daily Observer that amost 30 people recently died from food poisoning at a repast held in that Margibi town.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer in Dolos’s Town recently, Pastor Brown Karngar of the Zion Healing Holy Church of Christ explained that the daughter of a female member of the church he pastors passed out as result of complications she developed during delivery at a hospital in Kakata, Margibi County. She was brought to her mother in Dolo’s Town where she remained until her demise.

Following the funeral service of the deceased on July 23, a repast was held on the church’s premises, where three different courses of meals were served.  

Pastor Karngar, who appeared upset, said  after eating the third meal, the repast was over and they all dispersed.

“The next day when we assembled at the church, we saw some members of our congregation who ate the meal laying about vomiting, while others were lying on their stomachs complaining of an unusual pain.”

The next day, following this unusual development,  Karngar said the first person, a female, became severely ill  and was immediately rushed to a prophet by the name of Coleman. He narrated that Prophet Coleman warned that all that those who ate the last of meal were going to die.

True to the words of the prophet, said Kangar, most of the church members who ate the food began to die one after the other, with the first passing away on July 23.

The Pastor, who at the time of his revelation was weeping, informed our reporter that about 30 persons in total died at different locations as a result of the engineered food poisoning. Among the dead were two boys, aged 16 and 19.

Describing the extent of the devastating death toll, Pastor Karngar said that at one point, a mother, her daughter and granddaughter died as a result of the food they ate at the repast on the same day.

Of the nearly 30 persons who died following the July 23 funeral, Pastor Karngar recalled that most of them showed no symptoms of Ebola. About 17 of those who died were interred at the New Dolo’s Town Cemetery.

Other members of the church also told the Daily Observer that since the sad episode, a team of UNMIL police and Liberia National Police officers visited the church to ascertain some facts; but no officials from the Ministry of Health had gone to make any inquiry in Dolo’s Town.

Shedding light on how the public has confused the Dolo’s Town deaths with the alleged well poisoning news, Karngar said since the hype around the Ebola Virus, many people have visited  Dolo’s Town and asked for the well that was  allegedly poisoned that led to the death of so many people. “But I tell them there was no well poisoned here that I know of.”

He further stated that the confusion emanated from the fact that one of the ladies who ate the third course of the repast left and went to ‘Smell No Taste’ (a nearby town) and got severely ill. She was subsequently taken to ELWA Hospital where she eventually died. The body was diagnosed as being a victim of the Ebola virus. He said it was this singular episode that have boomeranged into this massive confusion spreading across the country that a well was poisoned in Dolo’s Town.

With the alleged poisoning of well in Schieffelin, also not far away from Dolo's Town, and a suspect actually in custody, the unexplained deaths in Dolo's Town may also have automatically been attributed to well poisoning.

But whether a well was poisoned or the food was poisoned, the fact is that nearly 30 people died from poisoning in Dolo's Town, and no arrests have been made in connection with the incident.


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