NDMA to Take Immediate Action on Fire Disasters

Henry O. Williams, Director, National Disaster Management

By Tina S. Mehnpaine

In the wake of series of fire incidents in Monrovia and its environs, the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) has assured the public of its commitment to take immediate action to put in place technical mechanism to curtail the huge number of fire outbreaks in the Country.

It may be recalled that since January this year, there have been several reports about fire disasters in Montserrado County. It was based on the array of incidents that the management thought it was important to take precautions of further occurrence.

NDMA Director Henry O. Williams told reporters at a news conference held in Monrovia that the government is concerned about the several fire incidents in the country, and is doing everything in its power to address the constant fire outbreak in Monrovia, adding, “From last year to date, we have experienced close to 200 plus fire cases that had caused so many deaths in our country.”

Mr. Williams has further assured that they will begin an awareness program to sensitize community dwellers on fire. The awareness program, he said, will be taken to various communities in Monrovia and its environs. “We will establish a disaster management task force that will be able to effectively respond to fire cases,” he added.

He named the affected Communities as include, Paynesville Block D, Town Hall, where a 4- bedroom house was recently destroyed leaving 10 persons affected and 3 dead, Plumkor, 5th street where a 28-bedroom house was destroyed with 104 persons affected, and VOA (Opposite Bethesda), where a 13-bedroom house got burned leaving 42 persons homeless.

Others include Clara Town where a 7-bedroom house got destroyed with 17 persons affected, Congo town\R.C Lawson Community where a 3-bedroom house got burned leaving 4 persons dead and another four badly affected, and Diggsville, Upper Caldwell where a bedroom house was also destroyed with 14 persons affected.

He noted that in less than a month, the country has lost over nine persons, and experienced huge property damage from fire outbreaks, recalling that quite recently the Love a Child Orphanage home that hosted the 42 children on the Robert Field Highway got burnt.  “From last year to date, we have experienced close to 200 plus fire cases that have caused so many deaths in our country,” he said.

Meanwhile, the NDMA Director further called on international partners including the United Nations (UN), USA Embassy near Monrovia and the Swedish Embassy among others to help aid the government in order to fight and curtail the fire disaster that continues to confront the country, “Our warehouse is empty; it’s time for our partners to help the government fight this fire issue, as it has now become an emergency in the country,” Williams said.


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