NDMA Assessment Team Visits Flood-prone Areas in Margibi District #1

Rep. Tarponweh in blue jeans and shirt with other officials during the tour.

Ahead of the heavy down pour in the country, an assessment team from the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) has paid a courtesy visit to Margibi Electoral District #1 Representative, Tilberosa Summoh Tarponweh in an effort to partner with his office in assessing the means to curtail the flood that usually affects some residents of the district.

Hundreds of people in Lower Margibi are victims of annual flood, mainly along some parts of Monrovia/Robertsfield highway.

The NDMA Boss, Henry O. Williams, led the assessment team to the district on Wednesday, April 17, 2019, and traveled to the towns of Lorkpor, Monclay, Duazon, and a few other villages that are usually affected by flood during heavy rainfall.

Having listened to the residents as they narrated their frustration for lack of will power to mitigate the flooding, Williams said, “with the intervention of Rep. Tarponweh, he called a meeting so that we (the relevant authorities) can work with the community dwellers to find a solution in mitigating this disaster if it occurs.”

The assessment team identified, through an on site investigation, that most of the communities usually affected are situated on low land.

“Most of those houses along the Monrovia/Robertsfield highway are constructed in swampy land with inadequate surface water drainage system, and many of the towns and villages along the route are surrounded by watercourses,” Williams said.

Williams, whose delegation also included representatives from the ministries of of Mines and Energy, Public Works, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), said there are no set formulas to avert the flood situation.

However, he said, the residents’ cooperation with government to see to it that some houses built on waterways are removed and built in areas more conducive and that the drainages of the usually affected areas are properly dug and kept clean, are measures that can help mitigate the negative impact of flooding.

He assured the locals of the support from his office, and from other ministries and agencies in curtailing the huge flood that usually displaces them and makes even the main RIA highway impassable every year.

Rep. Tarponweh (standing, third from right) with officials from the EPA, MME NDMA, and others in the District.

“We have challenges at all levels but, with your Representative’s commitment to help you live decent lives, we will do all in our capacities to fight against the flood. We pray that you will not be displaced this year as it has been in the past years,” Williams assured the residents.

He added that to mitigate the effects of the flood, there is a need for effective coordination, timely information-sharing, awareness and the implementation of various comprehensive mechanisms to be put into place.

Representative Tilberosa Tarponweh, said he will never be happy, when the constituents do not get the needed redress to a number of their challenges, among which are natural disasters.

“It is not about you glorifying me for what I do. Mine is to ably represent you. I have nothing much even for myself, but when you are happy, I too will be happy,” Tarponweh said amid applause from the people of Monclay Town.

Tarponweh (far left) with others on one of the roads that become impassable due to flood.

It may be recalled that on April 11, 2019, Tarponweh convened a meeting with the NDMA to ascertain mechanisms that will be put in place to curtail the devastating flood always haunting the people of Margibi and elsewhere in the country.

It was at that meeting that Mr. Williams, promised to visit Margibi District #1 and assess the situation and realities on ground.

Rep. Tarponweh spoke of the lack of safe drinking water in many villages and towns that also lack good road connectivity.


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