NDI Deploys 34 International Observers


US Senator Gary Peters Heads Delegation; Ghana’s Mahama Heads ECOWAS Observer Mission, Arrives Today

The National Democratic Institute (NDI) is fielding an international delegation from today, Thursday, October 5 to Thursday, October 12 to observe the October 10 presidential and legislative elections.

According to the NDI, the delegation includes 34 political leaders, civic leaders and election experts from Africa, Europe, and North America.

The NDI’s international delegation will be led by U.S. Senator Gary Peters (MI); Senator Ken Nnamani, former President of the Nigerian Senate; and Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh, Regional Director, NDI.

“In this election, Liberians have an opportunity for a historic peaceful transfer of power from one democratically-elected president to another,” said Senator Peters. “I am honored to be joining an international delegation to observe the process and to support transparent and peaceful elections.”

NDI’s delegation will observe polling places on Election Day, and hold high-level meetings with the National Elections Commission, government officials, political party leaders and civil society representatives. NDI conducted two pre-election assessment missions prior to the polls and provided recommendations to key stakeholders in statements issued in February and September.

In addition, NDI has deployed six long-term observers and four long-term analysts in Liberia since July.

“Liberia has come a long way to consolidate its democracy, and Liberians can take great pride in their accomplishments to date,” said Dr. Fomunyoh.

The delegation will present its mission findings at a press conference in Monrovia on Thursday, October 12th, 2017, at 11:30 am at the Royal Grand Hotel. Over the last 25 years, NDI has conducted more than 150 election observation missions in 62countries.

NDI first worked in Liberia in 1997, providing technical assistance to Liberian voter education and election monitoring efforts. The Institute has maintained an in-country office in Liberia since 2003.

The National Democratic Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working to support and strengthen democratic institutions worldwide through citizen participation, openness and accountability in government.

The critical nature of the October 10 elections, Liberians believe, will determine the country’s future for the next six years. The next government, many say, has the responsibility to work with the expectations of Liberians, including improved infrastructure, healthcare, education, security and the economy.

Meanwhile, Ghana’s immediate-past President John Dramani Mahama, Head of the 71-member ECOWAS Election Observation Mission to Liberia will be arriving in Monrovia today Thursday, 5th October.

Twenty-one (21) ECOWAS Long-Term Observers are already deployed across Liberia’s 15 administrative Counties. The Long-term team will be joined this week by 50 Short-term observers, and both teams are headed by former President Mahama for the observation of the pre-election, the Election-Day (October 10), and post-election processes.

The Head of the ECOWAS Election Observation Mission on his arrival at the Roberts International Airport will be expected to meet with the media.



  1. When concerned followers of public anxiety leading to the October 10 D-day reflect on the Ivorian civil war which was caused by disputes over presidential elections, they are extremely grateful to the founders, funders, and leadership of NDI for taking these significant proactive steps of sending out thirty – four observers. There is no truer expression of friendship than in assisting a “fragile, fraught, and factional” state summons the better angels of its nature, in this case, by allowing integrity to underpin the electoral process. Once again, thanks to USAID, the US State Department, the President Trump administration and the very giving American people; our citizens surely would need this help.

  2. The Oct 10,election is a good start to peace and development I take this time to speak to election commission and his team of workers 95% is to you Liberians are watching your decision I pray that our good God will lead you to do the right things because Liberia is about to cross the water you are the one Liberia start with it you let us down so be let God guide you

  3. The United States interest this time cannot be compared with the past when votes were casted at war intervals without full but few counties in the election process, while few centers and international organizations came with observational faces with prior predictions and self interest. This time, the U.S. comes on par with other nations to present their findings after the election is factually tallied. The United States of America has indicated that it has no special sides. All candidates are equal in sight. In other words, all observers are spying the election process while Liberians are checking their own ballots with abstinences. We see also Nigerian Niger river solidarity steps to help explain the African concept but our silent majority will insure no interference in the Liberian people secret heritage. So this election has to be actual and factual in count. Exercise your freedom of choice. Vote or abstain as we look forward to a smooth transition. Let the Republic of Liberia know.
    Do not reply me.

  4. Thanks! To the International Observers. Liberians are looking forward to a fair and free; peaceful election. Under Lady Sirleaf’s Leadership, Liberia have been at peace. Most importantly, EJS have given us a “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”; never before known in Liberia. That’s the foundation of a TRUTH DEMOCRACY.We hope to continue building on that momentum

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