NDC Condemns Attacks on Rep. Yekeh Kolubah

NDC Head, Alaric Tokpa

The National Democratic Coalition (NDC) has condemned the recent gun attack on the residence of Montserrado County District #10 Representative, Yekeh Kolubah.

The coalition, through its head, Prof. Alaric Tokpa, also denounced the earlier violence carried out against innocent citizens, most of whom were children, who were called by the tough-talking lawmaker for a children’s party.

Prof. Tokpa, in a release, noted that he believes that “the attack on Rep. Kolubah, who is a lawmaker, is not only sufficient evidence that a dangerous dictatorship has appeared in Liberia, but also a clear sign that citizens of Liberia and opposition politicians have no protection under the George Weah dictatorship.”

Like many others, the NDC Chairman believes that the violent acts were perpetrated by proponents of the ruling establishment as evidenced by confessions of names of top CDCians and officials of government by some of those who were perpetrating the violence.

Assistant Minister for Corrections at the Ministry of Justice, Eddie Tarawali, was even at the scene broadcasting the violence live on social media—while instructing some of his lieutenants to “calm the boys down. Tell them to stop throwing stones.”

Mr. Tarawali also indicated on his live Facebook broadcast that “He had gone to witness the final demise of the political life of Rep. Yekeh Kolubah.”

With help from international partners, the Professor, who is a member of a very few elite class of political scientists the country has, wants a full independent investigation into not just the violence but circumstances leading to such an ugly situation.

“I want to call on all well-meaning Liberians, the leaders and members of political parties, civil society organizations, the ECOWAS Authority and other actors in the international community to conduct a full independent investigation of the situation,” Prof. Tokpa, who is also the founding Chair of the New DEAL Movement (Liberia’s social democratic party), said.

He wants these international bodies to also put the Liberian government on notice that it will bear full responsibility for any breakdown of the peace process that will result from the unprofessional behavior of Liberian security forces and/or government officials.

Residents of Old-Road community were gripped with fear late Sunday afternoon when a children’s party organized by the District#10 Representative turned chaotic where many, especially children got wounded.

According to the lawmaker, his party was disrupted by a group of young people he said were “CDCians.” He accused some top government officials as masterminds of the violence.

“On the Old Road today, I was having a program for the children in my district; while we were gearing up for the program, we saw some CDCians, who I can recognize and identify. They came in and it was only with the help of my security that I was protected.

I called the Director of Police on nine different occasions, in the presence of Hon. Thomas Gosuah, and he refused to come. Only for the Director of Police to tell me that the President had given him instruction not to arrest anyone on the scene because those who had come to disrupt are all CDCians.”

He stated further that he has got video evidence in which one of those who had gone to disrupt his program said Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee allegedly told him “not to calm down.”

Rep. Kolubah’s residence was later attacked that night when several gunshots were fired.
However, the LNP has since arrested at least 12 persons in connection to Sunday’s riot.

The LNP also condemned the act of violence, and in its preliminary investigation, indicated that the violence was triggered by Rep. Kolubah’s security aide, Abu Keita, who had bitten the ear of a resident of District #10, Mohammed Bah. The police also said it has launched an investigation into the shooting incident.

Meanwhile, the NDC Chairman is further concerned that the concentration of wealth and power at the center of the Weah administration as opposed to serious attempts at the implementation of the government’s own “agenda for transformation and development,” in the midst of all the hardship and poverty, is an indication that the Weah government is acting in ways that invite dissatisfaction, disapproval, and condemnation.

As such, critical attitude toward the excesses of the Weah dictatorship should not constitute the basis for the violent attack on citizens who oppose bad government policies, he said.

Prof. Tokpa, who described the Weah administration as a dictatorship that is incurable and unrepentantly corrupt, has also said that he sees the Weah dictatorship moving down a path of self-destruction, as a breakdown from within and mass resistance from without is only a matter of time.


  1. Whenever such a disturbing incident as this with the propensity to plunge the city, and by extension the entire country into chaos and violence occurs in any civilized society, the legislature or its committee on peace and security will cite the director of police immediately to provide explanation or report on what happened, who or what caused it and the police manner of response/intervention to bring the situation under control. The fact that an official of government, a lawmaker at that was even involved should add seriousness to this incident. Because if a lawmaker can be treated like this and those who are responsible for law and order in the country are treating the situation with such abandonment, imagine what will be the case in similar situation or worse with an ordinary Joe blow. Even more scary about this incident as a trend with recent others, is the fact that it appears some elements of the CDC believe because their party is in power, they can do anything in Liberia and go Scott free. This has been the situation with recent disturbances in Monrovia, wherein the CDC and some of its officials have been linked. The next thing after each of those situations is the injunction, “the police is investigating the incident.” Regrettably the results of those “police investigations” are never made known to the public. Perhaps little do our current corps of rulers realize that the semblance of justice, freedom, justice and rule of law in societies such as ours are the glues that bind citizens together. Trusting, believing and hopeful that things will get better for them with time. But when such people lose hope they have nothing to look forward to or even live for. Such realities have provided the perfect fuel in history, for whatever the corrective to reverse the imposing burden. And this is exactly how it always starts, from one small brutality to the next and then to bigger others and the whole nation is in flames. This is not how democracy is built, if such warning is not belated. But civil society organizations, political parties, religious institutions and all well-meaning others need not sit by idly and allow these unwholesome tendencies to fester in Liberia. These are some of the same toxic and disgusting tendencies that erupted into our recent civil war. If we claim we do not want to ever witness a repeat of that mayhem of an experience, then we need to stand up to those vile and despicable tendencies that inevitably leads to chaos and war. These are the times to speak up! Not let the misconduct grow roots, in some cases even start bearing fruits before we begin to attempt to control. By then our chances become 50/50, that is if we are lucky to survive the tendencies ourselves. Hint to the wise!


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