NCYAB-Liberia Seeks Justice for 12 Year-old Burnt in Her Private Part


    A local advocacy group, the National Children and Youth Advisory Board of Liberia (NCYAB), is calling on the government to help provide justice for a 12-year-old girl who was burnt in her private part by her foster mother in the Red Hill Field community outside Monrovia.

    Making the disclosure recently at a press conference in Sinkor, the NCYAB national chairman, Henry B. Garneo II, said they had been religiously following the case and felt it was important to acquaint the public and the government with the girl’s plight in order to seek justice for her and to reduce or stop such cruel acts.

    According to the NCYAB chairman, the foster mother of the girl burnt her at her private part for urinating in bed.   He described the act as cruel and called for prompt legal action to be taken against this foster mother.

    “We are tired of seeing the rights of children being continually violated. The government must do something now in order to halt such dreadful acts against children and that all their rights are fully respected,” he stressed.

     “This barbaric act is inhumane and tantamount to posing a negative psychological threat to the life of that young child and we as an institution being fully supported by Defence for Children International, Liberia, have vowed to combat all forms of violence against children and disabled people in Liberia,” declared Garneo.

    He said they witnessed the case of Angel Togba, Shaki Kamara, Titus Nuah and many other children whose names cannot be called.  These innocent children suffered without fair treatment or justice.  The NCYAB is determined that such impunity will not be allowed in the case of this 12-year-old girl.

    He stressed that the government has the responsibility to protect its citizens, most especially the vulnerable ones that include the children and women. It is important that such responsibility be exercised at this time.

    Quoting Article 21 section 1 of the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child, Mr. Garneo stated that parties to the present Charter shall take all measures to eliminate harmful social and cultural practices affecting the welfare, dignity, normal growth and development of the child.

    He disclosed that the case is currently being heard at the Brewerville Magisterial Court outside Monrovia, adding that, “We hope that a fair verdict void of any form of sentiment or bias will, be rendered in this case.”


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