NCSCL Frowns on Kemeyah’s Confirmation

Mrs. Loretta Pope-Kai, chairperson, National Civil Society Council of Liberia

The National Civil Society Council of Liberia is seriously concerned with the confirmation of Amb. Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr., former Head of Mission, Liberia Permanent Mission to the United Nations and Minister Designate for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who was officially accused of Sexual Harassment.

It is highly regrettable, that in the absence of due process, which we believed could have been obtained via the establishment of an Independent Investigative Committee by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs.

“These independent probes and its accompanying reports should have verified and provided further substantiated evidence to determine the truth or falsehood of the alleged sexual harassment complaint. The absence of these probes undermined the integrity of the confirmation, and further worsen Liberian global image. Fellow-citizens, let it be known in history that the National Civil Society of Liberia has been deeply involved with this matter from the on-set,” the NCSCL said in a release.

In keeping with the Council’s neutral engagement strategy, the Council did write to Madam Cummings, Amb. Kemayah and the Liberian Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs. These processes were intended to ensure all parties are given due process and the matter sufficiently resolved before continuation of the confirmation process.

The NCSCL also made several recommendations both with the Senate, calling on the Senate to make full disclosure of the procedure and outcomes of the special Investigative committee and to publish its findings in order to proceed with the confirmation of the appointee,” the release added.

The rather hasty confirmation of Amb. Kemayah without the sufficient adjudication of the matter cast a dent on the image of the National Legislature and the entire country, especially our President who is regarded as the feminist in Chief.

“This is indeed regrettable, and we condemn this action by the Senate in no uncertain terms. We call for justice for all parties and hope that everything will be done to resolve this issue so that all parties’ interests can be fairly served. We do call on the newly confirm Foreign Minister to do all in his power in pursuit of the timely and expedient resolution of this matter especially now he is our national and international face to the entire world,” the NCSCL release added.

The NCSCL will continue to engage relevant stakeholders until this matter is brought to rest — adherent to the rule of law, securing Liberia’s image, and ensuring that all acts of SGBV are overwhelmingly abolished at home and abroad.


  1. Peart Brown Bull is now whitewashing or advocating for Kamayah, so what will come out of it, she was given a fat envelope to do just that.She is the best product that money can buy, while Ms. Cummings will be victimized twice: No job and suffered trauma.
    Sexual exploitation is the name of the game in Liberia.

  2. Daily Observer,
    National Civil Society Council of Liberia???
    Hehehehehehehehe kekekekekekekeke
    Fun will never end in LIBERIA.

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