NCSCC Encourages Cassava Consumption


The National Cassava Sector Coordinating Committee of Liberia (NCSCC) has embarked on a one-year media promotion which will include the promotion of cassava consumption on a much larger scale in Liberia.

The media campaign, under the theme, “Lifting Cassava through Value Addition,” is expected to be carried out across the country.

The NCSCC promotion seeks to encourage the consumption of cassava as well as increase the market for the sale of cassava and its products.

It is implementing the cassava component of a European Union-funded project that is carried out through ZOA/ADRA.

Speaking with this paper yesterday, the National Coordinator of the private-public partnership, Joseph Morris, said the promotion is aimed at showcasing the different cassava value added products, including bread, cake, flour and chips.

Morris further stated that the addition of cassava as Liberia’s second stable food is that many other foods can be made from it besides fufu while its value chain depends on its production, processing and marketing strategy. He also stated that their intervention in the cassava sector began one year ago by working with partners in the sector.

“Farmers were trained on how to carry out new methods of cassava planting to increase their yield,” he said.

According to him, from the traditional five to 10 tons, farmers began producing 25 to 30 tons per hector while the processing aspect witnessed the new technologies resulting into varieties of products.  He explained how the marketing strategy had also helped processors to package their final produce better.

The NCSCC National Coordinator said this marketing strategy has showcased products in supermarkets and currently has some of the cassava products at the Liberia Market Place in Sinkor.

Meanwhile, the promotion is intended to cut across media institutions in the country.


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