NCCC Honors Dr. Norkeh For Services As Board Chair

Dr. Norkeh being presented a sample butterfly from Dr. Gono, center, VPI Tozay looks on

On June 2, 2018, The Nimba County Community College honored Dr. Fredrick Norkeh for the many contributions made during the establishment of the college.

The President of the college, Dr. Yar Dunlah Gonway Gono and her entire staffs praised Dr. Norkeh for making the college what is it today. She said during the though times at the college, Dr. Norkeh as board chairman stood firm and ensured that there is peace among the faculty and students.

Dr. Norkeh was appointed by then President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as chairman of NCCC Board of Trustees in 2012 to ensure effective execution of the mandate of the institution, the position he held up to the coming of the CDC led government.

Dr. and Mrs. Fredrick Norkeh were heavily received by the entire school body with dancing and praising, parading with him from the main entrance of the auditorium, where the occasion was held. They were both gowned by all the departments of the institution as sign of appreciation for his services he rendered as board chairman.

NCCC Class of 2016 post with Dr. Gono near the newly dedicated monument eracted in honer of Dr. Gono

In response to the honoring and appreciation, Dr. Norkeh thanked Madam Sirleaf for calling upon him to serve his people. He also thanked the college for remembering his efforts or services to the college.

Reflecting on how hard he had to work to get to where he is today, Dr. Norkeh said “education was hard to achieve in those days, especially for those from the poor background.”

“If leadership was something that one were born with, then some of us will never become a leader due to the background we came from,” he said. “Some of us came from a poor background that could not permit us to become a leader, if leadership was something you were born with,” he added.

The honoring and appreciation program was climaxed with an unveiling of a giant statue that was built in honor of Madam Yar Gono, President of the college. The statue was an initiative of the Class of 2016 known as “Class of Korkia”.

The student council leader of the class, Williamson S. Walee, praised Dr. Gono for making the college the best among all the community colleges established under former President Sirleaf.

Rep Larry Younquoi, representing the County Legislative Caucus, also praised both Dr. Norkeh and Dr. Yar Gono for their countless services, saying, “it is good to give a person a flower, while he/she is still alive”.


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