NCCC Gets University Status

Nimba County Community College will not be called Nimba County University College

The the National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE) has granted Nimba County Community College a university status to offer bachelor degree.

According to information reaching the Daily Observer from the Communications Department of the college, the letter granting the accreditation was released to the college on Saturday, May 16, 2020, after several years of negotiations with NCHE.

The college will now be awarding bachelor degree in five courses.  The courses include Mining Engineering, Nursing, Primary Education, Secondary Education, and Management respectively.

“Beginning next academic year, this college will be called “Nimba County University College” instead of Nimba County Community College,” said Alastair Zorh, Communications Director.

NCCC is one of the colleges established in 2009 during the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration.

It has held five graduation convocation exercises, granting Associate of Arts Degree to over 1000 students.

The college began pursuing the university status after its first convocation exercise in 2015, which former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai served as the Guest Speaker.

Under the leadership of Dr. Edward Lama Wonkeyor, the administration had continued the work begun by Wonkeyor’s predecessor, Dr. Yar Gono, who was removed in 2018 by President George Weah on recommendation from Senator Prince Johnson.

In order to live up to status the college has gotten now, the administration has a lot of criteria to meet, some of which include recruiting and training of qualified manpower at master’s degree level, and improvement of infrastructures among others.

The granting of a full fledged degree status to the institution is likely to draw a lot of students, both old and new, to enroll for a bachelor degree, since many people cannot commute to the University of Liberia at Fendall and Monrovia, or other private universities.

The NCUC will be the third public university in Liberia after the University of Liberia and the Tubman University in Maryland County.

“We have more instructors with Masters in areas that the NCHE granted to offer bachelor degree,” said Mr. Edwin Kruah, Vice President for Administration.


  1. Thanks for reporting this good story of our country.. Mr. Menkor, if you don’t mind send me your email address so as to share or be in contact..

    People with Bachelor degrees can teach those that are wishing to earn Bachelor degrees..

    It is happening around the world..

    Librarians with Bachelor’s degrees are teaching around the world while earning their master degrees..

    And we are too learnt to not be offering Doctorate programs at this age of our country.. Liberia is too old not to have Doctorate programs… It is a shame on those who led our country without far-sightedness or even vision for this rich country….

    But you know, it is good to be the last and become the first

  2. Another thing I wish to add is that, we need to teach our languages in our schools and Universities because these are our natural identities God gives us as a nation..

    It is time to learn how to read and write: Kpelleh, Gio, Manor, Vai, Dan, Belleh, Kru, Grobowl, Sappoh, Lorna, Gissi..etc..etc.

    We can’t afford to lose our values for someone else’s value… Let our children speak our languages we are made of… And it is time for it..

    I was in Nigeria, while there I saw Nigerians going to take exams in their languages how sweet that was..

    As one travels he or she learns alot, and we learnt from another….And one makes use of the good things and trash the bad ones there…

    This is why the European and European Americans travel all around the world in order to see what the world has..

    I hope someone reads this and make it a priority for the nation..

    Time to transform our nation Liberia..

  3. Dormeyan, your mind is in the the right place. At this time though, the priority should be about shaping up the institution to diversify the curriculum towards more advanced degrees and research programs. Your suggestion can be adress at a later time.


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